Is Anti-Homosexuality ever compatible with Leftism?

As you know, there are TERFS, smurfs and other "allies", but there is also a rising of Economically Left-leaning/Socially Right-Leaning groups (almost like a mixture of Slavoj Zizek and Tucker Carlson). Have you encountered these people? What is the final solution?

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Homosexuality is a mental illness lol. People are so delusional.(USER WAS FUCKED IN THE ASS BY A MAN FOR THIS POST)

No, destroy rightists

all those people are gay, user.

What does sexual orientation and the belief in the nuclear family do to inhibit the liberation of the proletariat through labor law reform?

If you don’t care about liberating all proles you are not a communist and I’d fight any fucking communist to the death if their utopia still oppresses my people I shit you not

Some would say you are an infiltrator used to discredit Left-Wing Ideology. They would say you are promoting a hivemind. Who decides what is Right and what is Wrong? To a Christian, homosexuality is wrong. That same Christian does not need to be a staunch capitalist who thinks corporations should be free from government regulation.

Either way, you rhetoric to "destroy him, reee" could be seen as infiltrate&discredit.

They would be reactionary faggots, so pathetic as to attempt smuggling their idpol into more successful political tendencies in the hope it get nodded through

Who determines Right and Wrong? You?

It doesn't matter, its not a question of right and wrong.

Who determines Detrimental vs Beneficial? You?

"I am a marxist with a materialist worldview but for some reason I hate gays lmao they go gulag."

Part of being a communist is not being a fucking idiot. Why would any communist be against gays? It's stupid.


So to answer my question, You decide what is Detrimental or Beneficial? The idea behind communism is a utopia.

Why are you faggots obsessed with the nuclear family when it's literally a degenerate structure that goes against your MUH TRIBE autism.

Who the fuck are you talking to lol

1 man, 1 woman, life partners. Radical notion.

What does 'anti-homosexuality' mean?

Religion is bad dumbfuck


It sounds like you guys are the only trying to push idpol into Left-Wing ideology. No, someone against Corporations and for Communal Regulation does NOT need to think the same as you about Homosexuality. It is entirely possible to be anti-Capitalist and simultaneously believe Homosexuality is Detrimental to the good of society.

fuck off


It is possible for someone to believe that and not be a Capitalist. Stop trying to change the discourse.

You can think whatever retarded shit you want faggot, no one is stopping you. But if you talk shit you get hit and if you try to restrict people's liberty you're getting put in the labour camp. Simple.




Politics is violence, get used to it debate club nerd.


How about you goofballs stop giving these freaks even more power by using these corrupted terms? It's called sodomy, it always was called sodomy, and it always will be called sodomy. It's a sin, it's suicidal, it's contagious, it's absolutely disgusting, and it's been weaponized as a political, religious and biological weapon against the future of the human species.

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Well I need to know why it's bad for society. If it actually happens to be then I need to take it into consideration instead of ignoring sexuality.

So hateful.

i win

sorry faggot, facts don't care about your feelings :^)

I was shown this.

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Seriously what's so bad about butt fucking?



What of it faggot?

Correlation =/= causation
Gonna need some more concrete evidence.

Stop making Left-Wing look bad.

You're saying being a faggot is a bad thing, fool.

This isn't a matter of dissecting Correlation/Causation, it's probability. Try again.

I'm calling you a faggot because you're a faggot, faggot. Gays are cool.

Mentally ill.

No freedom for the enemies of freedom.

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no u

As in why are those stats like that?
May as well say we should ban blacks bc of the whole 13% argument.
Will banning homosexuality even have an impact?

I need evidence that being gay somehow makes you a molster.


Show me how the conclusion follows from the premises. There is no reason why a child molester targeting male children has to identify or self-report as homosexual


Do you believe that child molestation is purely gender based and not a result of a sick piece of shit raping whoever is available?

Interesting field of study. I highly doubt you actually care for the answer.

It's a perverse corruption of the most crucial act of survival…procreation. It creates deadly diseases, it's creates mental problems,it destroys the natural attraction to the opposite sex (which means suicide), it creates victim and perpetrator mentalities, it encourages pedophilia, and it's been used to attack the natural order. It's sterile sex based on lust and domination, it's entirely hedonistic, it degrades the sexual act into butt pumping, and the consequences are getting worse and worse depending on how often you do it.

I would actually.
Being gay myself, I need to see if I have some gene or something that will make me rape kids.

I'm not playing games with anyone about the homosexuality image I posted. It says what it says. Rather than address what it says, I see many of you are trying to counter-question with nonsense you heard effectively applied in other arguments. It's embarassing to see so many people who can't into basic math.

Furthermore, I said I was shown that image. Attack the issue, not me, or the structure of the delivery.

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Even if you're straight, sex can be reduced to hedonism. I don't think there's anything special about gays that makes them any more peverse than anyone else.


The graph shows data that implies gays rape children.
The question is what about gays makes them more prone to do so?
We need some fuckin studies on homosexual psychology lad. Liking men somehow makes you rape kids? It's gonna need an explination.

No. You don't have to like them but "homosexuality is bourgeois decadence" is just a leftist dressing on "faggots are degenerate."

You're literally a "commies don't understand basic economics" tier dumbass.

You have brain damage if you think any of that retarded shit is true.

Research has overwhelmingly shown there is no correlation between homosexuality and child molestation, pedophiles who molest young boys are overwhelmingly not homosexual but either solely heterosexual in their adult relationships or solely attracted to kids.
(Freund et al., 1989).
(Jenny et al., 1994).
(Groth and Birnbaum, 1978)

Take your religious bullshit and fuck off

We don’t need this tradcath nonsense

Religion is a false consciousness

You realise that paedophiles don't target on their gender preferences? Also you have to be a fucking brainlet to think 50%+ of gays are child molesters. Knowing that they aren't, and also knowing that the math itself here isn't wrong means that a parameter used is the problem (that being the fact that pedo of boys =/= gay)

They still haven't found the homosexuality gene. There are spiritual answers, but I'm sure those don't interest you. Therefore, all we are left with are cold, clear statistical probability.

Is not the end state of the Socialist ideology to create the most ideal society possible? Based on math, science, and the study of what is Detrimental to humanity?

This isn't a matter of dissection Correlation/Causation. You are strawmanning/intentionally changing the discourse.

The fact is that 1/3 of molested children who come forward are boys.

What are the spiritual answers explaining why male penguins have gay sex and raise chicks together?

No it isn't. Its to create a universal free association. Whether you consider that ideal or not is irrelevant.

delusional tbqh

…I don't think you want to hear the spiritual explanation. The Bible says they are animals, so your analogy fits…

Nonsense text that contains talking animals and justifies incest and genocide, next

The fact is also that extensive research has shown that homosexuals aren't the ones molesting young boys and that homosexuals aren't any more likely to be attracted to or to molest young boys.
You will of of course ignore these facts because you're not interested in the truth.

Then why was Anti-Semitism the 1st law enacted by Bolshevism & punishable by death?

Ironically priests are some of the world’s biggest kiddy-diddlers

Priests and bishops

Didn't I just say you didn't want to hear it?

It's amazing that you believe that.

Except that statistically atheists and jewish people are.

Its amazing that you ignore the research that has shown this to be true.

Sex is about two opposites reacting with each other. That is according to natural laws. The way you see sex is not natural, it's part of social engineering being done to you. Birth control, pornography, deviancy, sexual freedom, the destruction of arranged marriages, feminism, homosexuality, transsexualism etc. These are all attacks against the natural order, which will lead to death. You were given the illusion of accepting freedom, but you will only self destruct following it.

Sex should always lead to procreation, because children will give you the responsibility to stop fucking around like a deranged monkey. Instead of a stable future you were sold a hedonistic lifestyle were nothing matters, and were you can self destruct to your hearts desire until you run out of options.

What you need to understand here is that it needs a healthy environment (family, race, culture, country, nation) to create the freedom that self destructive hedonists like you need to chase after their vices. And they use you to destroy that healthy environment to create a world full of hedonistic slaves…slaves to materialism, slaves that self destruct and that can easily be displaced like any commodity.

Are you insane?

The first Bolshevik law was the decree on peace calling for armistice in WW1 what the fuck are you talking about?


Not an argument, either address the facts or fuck off

Yes, it's called National Bolshevism

Trying to change the discourse again. Let's assume the antisemitism law was the 20th law passed. Now answer my question.

Here I was expecting actual data and studies but all I got was a schitzo.
The lesson here is:

Are you an idiot?

Lmao what ass did you pull that one from?

Do you understand per capita?


Homosexuality is just an anxiety disorder caused by men who want to experiment with their ass but are too afraid to do so. Homosexuality wouldn't exist if prostate massages weren't looked down upon. Ideally, women would do the massaging.

Sorry, you're the one bringing antisemitism up out of nowhere and making false statements about history.
What question? Why the bolsheviks made antisemitism illegal? Maybe because genocidal anti-jewish pogroms were happening and killing innocent people en masse and had to be stopped?

Ah, so a dork, got it. Why not find some mind-numbing Cath board where you can all circlejerk about boring missionary sex solely for creation and never having enjoyment in life? Because communism isn’t about controlling what people do with their dicks and pussies.

Fucking lmao

It's all based on nature and any hedonistic act is an act against nature, which will be punished by death.

I'm not religious at all, but the crux of "homosexuality" is not the the attraction to the same gender, it's the natural crime of sodomy that comes with a plethora of negative consequences. There is no excuse for the inhumane act of simulating intercourse by fucking an asshole. And religion got that one right…it's a deadly sin.

Nice mental acrobatics.

Sorry bub, facts don't care about your feelings, extensive scientific research debunks all your claims, acting incredulous about it is not an argument bucko

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You seem to have a very strange idea of freedom

You are special.