Alabama Abortion Law

Do people think that when you have an abortion you just take a pill and some cells in your body just go away?

I am a leftists but I still value human life, what is antileftist about not ripping humans limb from limb? Seems like since I care about women's rights i should want women not to be killed like this

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On one hand, I oppose the necessity of abortions and the environments that make abortion favourable to having a child.

On the other hand it's not like the fetus even has a nervous system developed enough to realise whats happening or is even really alive so idgaf.

Fuck babies, this is just reactionary anti-materialist garbage. Fuck off back to /fascist/

are you kidding? They squirm and writhe in pain, they react to just being touched. watch the OP video

Kill it quicker then.


why are there so many rightists on Zig Forums


what is it about killing humans that is "leftist"?

How do you know they squirm and writhe in pain? Maybe they secretly like it and you just don't know it.

that video is horrible and indefensible

>>>Zig Forums

not an argument

Fuck off Nazi

I bet open heart surgery looks pretty gross too, clearly it should be illegal

goreposting is not an argument

not an argument

I am not a "nazi" I just think humans should not be killed

one problem with abortion is that these kind of ridiculous arguments are all people can come up with to justify murder. "This life saving operation is just like ripping a human being limb from limb and ending her life"


A gore video isn't an argument. That's just the truth of it.

Fetuses aren't meaningfully alive in the sense that a person is, they have no ability to think or perceive in a sapient way.

Isn’t talking about the material reality of the pain felt by babies much more materialist than moralfagging about muh women’s rights?

yes the medical video of what abortion actually is is the truth of it, and the truth can be an argument!

They're not babies
They can't feel pain like a human
You are 'moralfagging' just as much dumb fuck.
Just like every """"""pro lifer"""""" you just hate women, what a shock.

'it looks grotesque and horrifying' isn't an argument, fuck off

I sure as shit hope you're a vegan cause I could find some videos that would make you puke your fucking guts out.

It was the nazis that did vicious human experimentation that resembled abortions on the innocent

it seems to me that allowing a medical procedure that kills a human being and disposes of her corpse is more nazi like than saving lives!

not sure what veganism has to do with killing human beings

Are you really this unable to connect the dots in your head?

I can show you… videos of… bad gore things happening… to animals that actually have feelings and thoughts unlike a fucking fetus… yet that wouldn't keep you from your McHeartfuck… so shut the fuck up christ-spooked cuck.

fetuses have feelings and respond to stimuli and pain

you are wrong

Damn you’re really upset. Let’s say for the sake of argument that a fetus at no point in the pregnancy can feel pain like a human. It can obviously feel pain in some capacity at some point in it’s development since it develops a nervous system. Should we do away with any concerns about violence and pain done to “non-human” life as you’re suggesting we do with abortion?

Anyone with a flag shouldn’t be accusing others of being spooked 😕

What the fuck is wrong is liberals?

For very early abortions using the Day After Pill, yes, that's what happens

Even plants react to being touched. Doesn't mean they are aware in any sort of human level sense.

Your eugenic fantasies have no place here

A pig has vastly more cognitive capacity than a fetus, like by magnitudes. Even a chicken has more sentience than a fetus. What other standard is there to judge how much life means by other than some spooky shit like a soul?

PS: If Christianity is real, killing a fetus and sending it straight to heaven is a morally good act, birthing it is just infecting it with mankind's sin.

It depends what stage of development you mean but realistically, they don't, in any way we would recognise, until very late

Yeah because you're a disingenuous fuck. Argue honestly, stand and fight like a man.

Proletarian liberation is not a spook

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Yeah, this video made me anti late-abortion. Well done OP.

Abortion can be life saving as well.

You understand abortion is eugenics right

There is probably a difference between a plant and a human being with a brain and nervous system reacting to pain. For a human to wince from pain applied to the hand the signal must go to the brain the brain must process the pain and the move the hand to get away from the pain you are causing the human

what is with all these retarded analogies?

It's just like touching a plant!

do you think this is helping you look good?

Please read the ego and it’s own
Never mind you’re a lost cause

not for the human you are killing, abortion should be like separating Siamese twins, a last resort when the mother might die, not just something to do for birth control

Clearly newborns are humans who fell pain etc. This applies to those who are born early as well. so where do the feminists put the point where the baby is not a human yet? We all know that they want to kill it even late stages of development because it ism ore convenient to the mother.

Says the fuggg :^DDDD poster

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Abortion should be mandatory if the baby will have a genetic disorder.

Glad someone in this thread knows what abortion is for

Epic critical thinking skills right there.

That is a doctor explaining what happens, what do you think it looks like when you rip a human limb from limb with forceps?

If killing a fetus is fine because it doesn't have enough cognitive capacity then killing a baby is more ethical than killing an adult.

There are plenty of cases other than killing a baby because you don't want it and killing a baby because it will kill you that need answering for, tho. Whenever you should let people kill babies or not should be more of a pragmatic question rather than an ethical one.

End of second trimester seems to be a sensible cut-off for non-medical abortions.
But honestly I wouldn't even be opposed to euthanizing babies that are already born. Personhood takes time to develop. I'd say shit's really fucked if you kill a baby after it has learned to smile at you.
How the fuck does that make sense? "Hey I'm gonna wait for this fetus to be huge before I get rid of it because that's so much more convenient for me."

Abortion should be mandatory if the baby will be a fucking trot.

how did it make you feel to know you were out there googling "how much pain can humans feel when I kill them" to bolster your argument?

You realise they can pay doctors to say anything right?

Don't look it up. Trust me.

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so what if he's a doctor, mengele was a doctor too


I know a girl can lie about being a virgin and it's hard to tell, but is there a way to tell if she has had an abortion? I never want to date a girl who would do this>

Fucking atheist materialist scum, actually trying to find facts to support their argument

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Are you actually retarded. That poster was referring to something that indicates fetuses are extremely sensitive to pain early on in the pregnancy

Yeah I saw that, but clearly the guy I'm responding to didn't realise and responded instinctively to something that looked like science


I am an atheist and I know killing is wrong.

Bro I think you’re just retarded

for you

There is nothing wrong with taking away abortion

Abortion should only exist for these reasons: genetic,rape baby,incest baby

How do the women who do this sleep at night?

How can you pay a man and then go sit in stirrups with your legs spread while he dismembers your baby and throws away the corpse and then just go about normal life with no fucks given?

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Killing human lives is necessitated by material conditions. You can't be in favor of revolution and also fall for libcucked "killing is always wrong" arguments. Marxist feminism supports abortion rights as well as public childcare and healthcare. Most Communist regimes legalized abortion. If you criminalize abortion then the working class suffers the most, especially in somewhere as fucked as the US.

If you can’t make ethical judgements outside the narrow metric of “what’s good for the working class” (a historically transient phenomenon anyway) then you’re a pretty sorry person

More like a subversive liberal adopting leftist terminology and rhetoric to co-opt a movement to push her own agenda. Nobody arguing against abortion talked about how this is real Communism (TM), contrary to the dishonest feminist.

You know when you stimulate a limb freshly amputated, it twitches too! That must means it is conscious…


How can """pro-life""" people sleep at night?

They want to force unwanted children to live through terrible lives full of neglect and pain. They want people who make a mistake to be dragged down by it for the rest of their existence. They care more about the rights of hypothetical people rather than actually existing people.

dont click

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fuck off retards

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most states its illegal to get a 3rd trimester abortion.

how can people who are against murder sleep at night lol

That only apply to persons.
Embryos aren't persons deal with. Do you flagellate yourself everytime you eat meat too?

You just define the unborn as not human to justify your selfish cruelty. The Nazis did the same by defining people as untermenschen.

That is what happens in the vast majority of cases. The more readily women can get an abortion, the higher the percentage of abortions will be like this. A major cause of late term abortions is the amount of time it takes to get one in some places, where you're made to jump through hoops on an attempt to force the woman to give birth.
Late term abortion is usually the result of medical problems for the mother or baby. You should want babies born to have the best chance at life. If there's an abortion over medical issues, the mother can likely try again before too long, which isn't likely if she's busy caring for a deformed baby with its organs on the outside or if the mother suffers a serious medical problem.

How do you respond?

In alabama humans are persons when they have a heartbeat. Your relying on semantics to murder won't work in Alabama

I would never respond to such a retarded non-argument. Watch the video in the OP and tell me how much it resembles "jacking off"

Sperm isn't a human life. If "life begins at conception" then it begins at the moment the sperm fertilizes the egg. I'm pro-choice and I'd never make a retarded disingenuous argument.

*such as that

Why not, thoses are still living cells. Furthermore the life begin at conception meme is highly retarded. Wouldn't it basically homozygous twins are one single perosn since they come from the same life?

Except the Nazis did it with people with developed brain with emotion and feelings. You can't put pure reflexes on the same level as cognition.

you would probably be more okay with unplugging someones life support then you would aborting a fetus which in of itself is ironic.

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Old people are not human and are often reactionary. Fuck them

other animals are people then so killing animals for food is the equivalent to murdering someone under law according to that logic.

most people in Alabama don't even have enough brain cells to be considered alive anyways. What makes you think they can define life?

You are really stretching, why do you want to rip humans limb from limb and dispose of their copses so bad?

is it so wrong to let your son or daughter continue to live?

Letting a child be born into this neoliberal hell world is evil

what the hell are you talking about

Being against murdering humans has never stopped anyone from eating cows. Is this the best you can do "well you eat chicken so it's ok to for me to kill humans"

what the actual fuck? why is the pro killing argument so weak?

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So they can breath the same air you inspire with your mouth? Yes holy fuck yes!

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not an argument

If a pregnant woman gets murdered. The murderer would be charged with double homicide.

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That is a future communist revolutionary in that picture.

I agree that life beginning at conception is retarded. A sperm is perhaps a "living cell" but it is not a "living organism" in the same way that we are. There isn't a consensus on the definition of what a life even is, partly why abortion debates are stupid as fuck.

I'm aware, i'm just pointing out hypocrisy

no one is forcing you to kill your kid, no one has that authority over you. you're trying to take away someone else's right to choose. It really doesn't matter what I think about it because I try to keep feelings argument away from politics.

fuck off autist

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The argument is you're making a very arbitral distinction because materially speaking, the level of spirit in the meat is equivalent, no actually it's even higher in the animals who were killed to fil your stomach.
The feel>real is absolutely off the fucking charts here.


Happens all the time

In california the law is literally that if you were to punch or otherwise while committing a crime cause a woman to miscarry you will be charged with MURDER for killing her fetus.

However if the woman kills her own fetus there is an exception and she can't be charged.

It is pure insanity, they literally want to have it both ways. It's murder or not murder LITERALLY depending on the mood the mother was in at the time, if she was in the mood to kill it's not murder, if she was not it's literally murder

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i never said that what is wrong with you

oh shit, sent that response to the wrong user, sorry about that. read this

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im sorry im being so autistic. I linked the wrong post yet again. read