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Thanks guys.

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I hope you have quit porn entirely.


good now actually read a book. Read Marx, Read Cockshott

Never understood cuck fetishes, but good on you user.

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nice blogpost faggot

Can you earnestly explain the BBC cuck thing? I've always found it funny but I would like to know the underlying pathology.

I wish it would be always that easy. Welcome aboard!

Serious question, how much Zig Forums racial angst and anger comes from pathological insecurities?

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I've seen people explain it online as a way to give maximum satisfaction to your significant other. Basically using a guy as a live dildo. Yet, if you go to the online cuck communities, you'll hear stories of the cuck "sucking master's cock" frequently. There's some kind of submission and inferiority complex at play. It's sure a bizarre fetish to have. being the bull, minus the gay part, is kinda hot though

Well you do have to keep in mind that they are perfectly fine with being cucks if the bull has the same skin colour.

Honestly I'm very thankful for Zig Forums because if not for them I probably would have given up on left-wing politics considering the kinda of people you usually meet

Indeed, and in regard to other online leftist-communities, I've made by far the best experience here.

Unironically same here. Used to be a Zig Forumsfag who fapped to that shit once every week or so because of some racial Freudian psychology and now i just don't fap to it anymore. I wonder how many Zig Forumsfags stopped being cucks once they read Marx.

When you base your entire ideology on whites being the "master race", but also that "whites are too empathetic and other races walk all over them", what more do you expect than that the "master race" gets used sexually to pump out non-white babies?
Whites are the master race, but jews control the world and use their power to push a racemixing agenda, meanwhile black people are stronger, more dominant, and more animalistic than your typical white male, who has been brainwashed all his life to be a cuck. Black people overpower white people in this way, and rape their women.
That's as simply as it can be explained, really. Once you stop being racist, this ideological framework no longer amounts to anything, so being Marxist unironically helps you get out of the nazi cuck fetish.
Americans are the biggest cucks i've ever met. It's most likely because of their hyper-capitalist society.

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So what's exactly wrong with America's white petit bourgs?

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get gud scrub

You are right, goyim. We, the bolsheviks Jewish bankers will rule over the white man and there's nothing you can do about it.

Jewish leadership of the world will come to an end most likely from Jewish genetic diseases alone

enjoy your tay Saks schlomo

Screencapped for posterity. Now whenever leftists will say there is no conspiracy we can prove otherwise.

Very cool user.

Is it really common for right-wing people to turn to the left? I honestly hear a lot more of middle class leftists or liberals turning over to the right after they got a good job. Did you happen to lose a good position or something OP?
Not that I'm judging if you did. I just kind of find it incredulous that someone would change their political opinion. I never heard that happening that much unless it's the above example.

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Not before whites die out due to the ongoing genocide that is keeping them from getting a white boyfriend-free girl to make into a sweetheart from the ground up.

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History has shown who's the master race.

we'll see okay?

Almost if I was making fun out of you.

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Damn near this entire board is populated by them.

A liberal is a liberal regardless of whether he calls himself "conservative" or "traditionalist." If he keeps believing in lockean rights and nationalities then he is by definition a liberal. Feel free to use that gotcha on the ancap retards back on Zig Forums.

Kek. Amazing things happen when a person begins to read.

Is this proportioned? There are more white people, so they make up larger portions of the cuckold population.

We already have seen. Your virginity and shameful secret cuckolding fetish are proof.

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I'm guessing mostly yes. It isn't like roughly 90% of US is white.

i'm not a virgin nor do I have a cuck fetish. I don't really watch porn any more but when j did I usually watched white on PoC women porn. ive even had jungle baboon reggaton sex with several PoC wimminz.

you mad PoC boy? I'm taking yo jungle wimminz

Holy shit, I'm guessing Zig Forumsyps from 4ch somehow found their way here.

been here longer than you I guarantee it. go back to whatever cringey subreddit you crawled out of

Ha! I've been on 8ch since 2004. Go back to redd newfag.



Do you have something to tell us, Nazianon?

It's proportioned among internet using, english speaking people. Non-english speakers and people that don't watch a lot of porn didn't respond quite as much.
Among white, english-speaking, internet using americans who already consider themselves cucks, the white petite bourgeoisie was overwhelmingly the highest proportion of cuckolds.

Stop using my flag.

Poor whites turn to the left more often than other varieties of right-wingers because they realize it's in their best interests to do so.

Dude, just read Marx, your shameful secret will go away.
When rightists call leftists cucks, it's simply projection to deny their own shame. Prove me wrong.

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Yes us Nazianons have to say that you are faggot and Marxism sucks, the end.

Also, using a computer is a bourgeoisie activity you stupid nigger.

Killing Nazis is an inherently merciful action.

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what will marx tell me i that I don't already know? labor theory of value, commodity exchange, tendency of rate of profit to fall blah blah blah

what does marx have to say about the decreased cranial volumes of poc and their constant savagery and inability to even run a Starbucks or subway restaurant in an efficient manner?

No mercy for fags like you period.

Maybe I'll be Tracer?

You can still believe in racial distinctions without wanting genocide or infanticide or whatever. If you truly believe black people are no different to animals, then you must also believe that their lives are worth at least that of an animal's life.
Fun fact; the first people who wanted rights for slaves in the USA were animal rights activists.
Still, being racist only perpetuates situations like that of OP's. It's better to abandon that spookery altogether.

C'mon guys, this is just sad. Abandon your racial supremacism and you'll be much happier. There's no reason to be ashamed, just move on. It gets better, I promise.

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i just don't want to live among black people, I don't even want them as pets, if you want to adopt them as pets that is okay just dont do it anywhere in my vicinity mmmmkkkkk

I guess I just hang out with two many middle class weeaboos and nerds then.

Same thing happened to me user.

Thanks guys.

Liberals are right-wing, btw.

i watched three contra points videos and I am now taking estrogen therapy, am a proud tranny, and adopted three chilluns from Africa and donate all of my money to the splc

thank you contra points for de radio living me

what's your dosage? i'm thinking about increasing mine but i don't know much about it

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go dilate your axe wound you disgusting freak

me neither I just follow what dr. Greenblatt tells me to do

so you don't deny you are a tranny with aids.

same, though mine is doctor schlongstein

Hail Satan

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I love how they think we are ebil SJW trannies. It's not that lurking few minutes on a board is that hard.

Can't you people understand when someone writes with sarcasm? I have autistic friend and he's better at it than you.

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Idc about "animal lives," or the lives of people I do not care about.

When Nazibro started speaking to you imbeciles, I had to chip in. Sieg Heil.


He ☭TANKIE☭s wanna team-up with us an kill the Jeβ€” *ahem*β€” elites?

Now we know where you from, go back.

I don't care about elites, I only hate bankers and rich people.

Opinion discarded. Permanently.

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Those are literally elites.

Holy shit, of course you sperg he was sarcastic. My god are you people that stupid?

me neither, so why am i a communist and you're still stuck in political kindergarten?

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Because while there are people I do not care about including whites, it doesn't make me a retarded egalitarian.

samefag is obvious

nice tinfoil hat you have on.

Well idc, I am fine with killing bankers.

Industrial booj get the bullet too

Did I ever deny that?

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then why were you talking about "elites".

so you were double posting. what a thing to admit.

You really don't think that there is consolidated power?

Greedy people didn't go to the top of the food chain by sharing, try using some logic.

How do people like you function in real life? I'm completely serious about this question.

No man is an island, and you admit that there is a "food chain," so take the next logical step that there is power/control connected from the top.

There are no greedy people just as there is no "muh indivijul free market competition."

Poor thing.

hey whatever floats your boat. see you when the bullets start flying

You can't really see when blindfolded, that's the point.

You mean when the milkshakes start flying? lol.

You have no sustainability like ethnic identitarians do. You have nothing to go off of and are absolutely no threat.

some day you'll realize that the silent majority you thought you had isn't ready for the bloodshed.

milkshakes are a great demoralizer, unlike your adolescent memes. milkshakes today, bullets tomorrow. i have no illusions about the type of animals you are and look forward to the day it's open season

A lot if not all. That's how wypipo are supposed to react to white supremacy.

Cuck insecurities have been a thing for centuries. A/the major justification for lynching was that a black man raped a white woman (and sometimes a white woman with jungle fever would claim it was rape to avoid being called a niggerlover). Honestly I'm kind of surprised that it took as long as it did for cuck insecurities to enter more mainstream discussion, especially when you have blatant shit like this song:

Uh, guys? Can you use flags please? It's impossible to tell who's who right now.
Nazism is nothing but an excuse to fap to IR porn on the weekends.

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This is your brain on emotion.

Go back to Zig Forums.

The cuck thing was always pure projection the lady that doth protest too much indeed

You need a girlfriend to actually be a cuck tho. Zig Forums is not even capable of getting cucked they can only fantasize about being cucked vicariously

Respect. It's easy to tell which board is the intellectual board.

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man they really fucked your generation by not teaching you proper reading comprehension huh.

Is it the same thing with leftists and their obsession with nazis?

So you don't deny it.


Horseshoe theory in action?

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A person in who's perfect society people wouldn't read.

Good for you i guess, but i still fail to understand people linking their politics and their fetishes.

You're on a fetish-based board.