Americans are less than human

Just a theory I’m working on for why the burgers in Burgerland are such stupid, blubbery, cowardly, worthless piece of shit. I think it all comes down to how this country began, with some smelly inbred fucks coming here and committing genocide against people with infinitely less powerful weaponry. This history of always waging wars with weaker populations led to a civilian populace of blubber cowards and a paper tiger state.

Not to mention 70 fucking years of anti-communist propaganda so thoroughly degraded the American brain that the cheddar-brained fucks are somewhere now somewhere comparable Homo Erectus or Homo Habilis.

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Here's another theory for you: America isn't particularly different from any other country with the exception that its capitalism is far more advanced than any other country's. America is precisely what your country will look like in a few decades if the march of neoliberalism is allowed to continue.

I am an American. Specifically a New Yorker. Specifically from Brooklyn.

I live in the core of the core of neoliberalism.

I still fucking hate the people here.

So you're saying you're less than human?

America is the richest, most advanced nation on the planet. The leadership of America is sometimes corrupt and sometimes incompetent, but the people are an amazing resource.

The biggest problem with America is the finance-sociopaths whose barely tamed emotional regulation issues don’t permit them to offer forgivenesses, apologies, honesty, or even really normal interpersonal bonds. They live in a deep pit of laughing, raging misery, and because the pit tells them they’re powerful, they don’t see their way to better options. Pity them, for they are the nation’s dear pets.

Why would I pity the most powerful ruling class in history?

The culprit for obesity and mind-rot in America is capitalism.

And since it's currently the imperial centre of capitalism, that means it's getting the a higher exposure than the most of the rest of the world

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Because they’re impotent before even their own selves and live in a vast vortex of people trying to take their money? If they weren’t submitted to being pets, they wouldn’t survive in this system.

O a class cuck aight

Don't worry, I live in Germany and I despise my fellow compatriots as much as you do.

No the culprit is Americans, dumbshit. The true seed of Capitalism came from rich factory owners who rigged up the Unions in America as a false dichotomy between the struggle of scabs and unionists while porky pulled their strings.

Did you read about that American billionaire who murdered a few homeless people by packing concrete into their spines? What a waste of willing test subjects! Yet the willingness to hold the elite to the rule of law is part of what stabilizes America.

The national wealth-pets get to do neat things as long as they stay on the leash when going for walkies and always do their business outside in the sunlight.

Well, the non-white ones certainly are. The FAT have succumbed to gluttony and should also be dealt with.

That's because they're Jewish.

holy shit what? How is that legal?

Aren't most homeless people proven to be right-wingers and/or reactionaries though when push comes to shove?

America’s superwealthy are a cultural showcase, not a ruling class. They’re to show off how stuperior our system of government is, and they’re not doing the best job of it.

It wasn’t, the guy got arrested. His wealth didn’t stop him from losing in court.

Ironically enough, non-white Americans are the few that actually deserve to live

Bootlickers out.

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What do we do with the cumskins that are still alive after all is said and done?

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Cumskins around the world have a homelessness rate of around 20%+, use drugs, alcohol, racists, genocide non-whites, etc. Proof is the world you live in with everyone poor and wh*toids on the top.

Just call ‘em beigites like I do, at least then you can take on the voice that rules you. Cumskin is a word only an aryan could seriously use.

Look, if you seriously want to shift policy? Talk about truth. Speak in regular manners without the laughing scream in your tone. Trust me, it carries in text just fine.

Rich people ARE pets. Society shifts them to preferred policy structures and lets them think they came up with their ideas themselves. The operation of this pattern is why you don’t usually see billionaires flaming out on expensive, loud, questionable ideas. If they rebel against being pets they’re petty, because that’s all they can get away with.

There was a wealthy black celebrity not too long ago who got too uppity only to discover his accounts had been raped open by his business partners. Pets who try to slip their leashes aren’t useful anymore.

Force them to eat a fuggn salad and stop being a whiny bitch.

Why not just kill the ones that are no longer useful or welcome? Whites have their uses, but in the end population control that includes their death will benefit us and create a more diverse and uniform pool of people to share the wealth, no? You aren't cowards are you?

I want Zig Forums to stop false flagging.

Honestly what makes Americans so sickening isn’t even how fat they are, it’s how fucking stupid they are, they worship their own oppressors like gods

This isn’t a false flag, I just genuinely hate the other people in this country because I think they’re pathetic

When do we get to kill the rich ppl tho? It gets divided equally right?

Wish my grandparents never moved to this hell hole.

You'll hate people outside the city even more.

burger blacks are just as shitty. The only decent black people are those from nearly everywhere else. Then you have the petit-bourgeois gusano hispanics and their fellow Chinese classcucks.

burgervillagers all fucking suck.

Capitalism brings out the human in humans.

Oh no, yeah, I definitely will.

as bad as the city is, I’m not in dumbfuck chud land

Now that’s a hopeless wish. My sympathies, but there’s just no way to do it. By the time people run their undies up the Zig Forums, they’re never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you.

Why live in that kike infested shithole?
You're probably a kike yourself, you just don't know it yet. Jews believe that only they are human and that everyone elese is an animal or less than human.
You deffinitely sound like one being a nuerotic, destructive, self-deprecating, hateful and spiteful piece of shit.

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racist cunt tbh fam

GTFO nazi

pity, not mercy

I was just thinkan about dis wtf

this pushed past the limit of board satire into bait territory - you're either fed or some faggot from pol

Most American baby boomers have brain damage from all the exhaust fumes they inhaled

What makes American society particularly evil is the hypocrisy and lies at every level of government media social and foreign policy its litteraly a society run on doublethink and bullshit to the point where even standard social interactions boil down to lies and posturing I think even the elites aren't even mostly machiavellian but also exist in some false paradigm

I got framed as “The Weather” by people who couldn’t understand the idea of opposing harms to their outgroup and building bridges to the excluded. American antitribalism went to shit because the “anti”tribals couldn’t understand that phylogenizing their opposing tribes and then mistreating them revealed them as tribal. The American left launched into inquisition against people they framed as purifiers. It was sick. Worse, it was goddamned ineffectual, and lead to a decline in the rhetorical competency of the left, as well as a shadowed space in which actual bigots could enact their slave-rites and drive themselves into obeisant warrior frenzies.


This post is correct but I would add that the reason for it is because the United States is a unique nation. Unlike other Western countries, the United States was literally a project by the bourgeoise to create a Nation which worked specifically in their interest. This might seem counter intuitive since the members of American revolutionaries who advocated for a sort of new monarchy were shot down, but it's because the more clever sectors knew this would lead to too much dissent. So they concocted this narrative of everyone having freedom even if they were poor and institutionalized the Protestant work ethic and pursuee aggressively imprinting this on citicizens for the next hundred years in a concerted and organized top down fashion.

Compare this to france, which was also predominately a bourgeoise revolution, but whereas the American bourgeoise revolutionaries were about 20-30 percent genuine democrats who were legitimately concerned with freedom and the rest cynical landowmers, lawyers, artisans and so on who just wanted the British ruling class out so they could rule the country and organize it's economy to better suit their class, it was pretty much the opposite in France. Therefore when peasants and the nascent proletariat in France joined forces with the most conscious segments of the bourheoise, it led to a truly radical revolution.

You also have to take into account that in France there were groups like the Jacobins, who were essentially an entire party of Thomas Paines, which simply didn't exist in America and anything similar was smashed by the State even before revolution really took off (see the Regulators).

To be sure, after Robespierre's death when the revolution was on the wane, many of the most radical reforms were rolled back. But the invitation to participate that the French radicals gave to the citizens, from the national assembly all the way up to the death of King Louise, embedded in French people a sense of involvement and care that was actively discouraged in America.

There's much more to how the State has actively dissuaded and attacked Americans who care from actually having an impact over the decades but this is the root cause of it. The United States was a project to create an entire nation which was an investment. It essentially is no different from Disneyworld, just on a larger scale

Porky in general is a disease but American porky might literally be Satan

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scapegoating a group of people defined by a geographic category.

I actually did know all this, lmao

I just hate Americans because i know they'll literally never have class consciousness

These people would happily give Bill Gates a gun and let him blow their brains out

Hello Schlomo

Why are these sectarian and nationalist threads even allowed?