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I have an idea for a meme comrades, it goes like this: just mention Yuri Gargarin in everything.

A parkour video
Just comment: that's amazing, but you know what's more amazing? Yuri Gargarin the first man in space he jumped through every obstacle to get through space etc. Then throw in an article about him or an image.

Another example:
A sad post:
That's sad OP, you know what will cheer you up? The fascinating achievement of Yuri Gargarin etc.

This idea sounds a little shitty for me but maybe that's because of my low self esteem, but i'll let you guysbe the judge

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this meme will bring us communism by 2030

Why not make it about the whole USSR? "Wow this video was cool! Want to know what else was cool? According to the CIA the USSR stopped famines sense the 1950s." or some shit like that.

That could also work btw.

Just hide it under the guise of a meme or a joke comrades

I mean we might as well clear up missinformation so that whole meme
is done away with

Dunno about misinformation, we could try to avert the people's attention away from the bad things and show them the good things, by then they'll question everything they knew and maybe and hopefully become a comrade.

Like how the USSR literally came out of a backwards feudal nation and became a worldwide superpower in under 100 years as compared to any of the capitalist nations?

We should be more subtle like basic world changing shit, like the world's first space station, treatments for diseases, nuclear power and the latter.

Nuclear power could be a meme also, we could just shout "NUUUUCCLEAR POWWWWEER!" Everywhere.

Every time I try and sneak basic information about the USSR the burgers get all pissy and say "yeah well you gommies were starving so we win!" Thats what I mean about the whole getting rid of the starving communist meme.

I see, well we could go with "according to the CIA" meme.

one other idea is to make fun of libs and then when the trump cucks try to get to know us we hit them with that dank gommie knowledge


Should we put these things in motion?

Fuck yeah man, just find some libs and dunk on their retarded world view. Then show your power level once you get conservatives to open up to you. Maybe explain to them how the liberals version of socialism is cucked and how it actually works or somthing

Let the rest of leftypol know, we're gonna show the right that we're not fucking around anymore.

I can post this song around, if that's enough

Go for it comrade

Count me in. I'm all about centrally planned memes.


not this

As soon as we passed the threshold of all funny internet jokes being memes they all became forced, one of the best (and one of very few) things Zig Forums has actually contributed to the left is a massive amount of OC used widely by every commie on every platform, including plenty of idpoler red-liberals who hate us.

Holy shit,lefties really cant meme. Its actually true lol

What a normalfag, reddit memes aren't memes edgy kid.

It's not that we can't meme, it's just that memes have never been implemented properly.

Maybe we'll be able to meme if we read more.

holy shit, that's so gay

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