"Spencer rapone" type cases

What are other cases of censorship of the left? I know a couple of leftist YouTubers got censored like batko but I don't know any other sphere where this has happened

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Google has been soft censoring loads of progressive and leftist news and analysis sites since the summer of 2017.


looking this up and it's absolutely pathetic the reactions this got for the right. It's like that picture of Brazilian feminists screaming at some guy.

was there something that happened with this guy other than him getting discharged?

He got reinstated because of free speech backlash

If the US Military is deploying Communists that DOESN'T mean that Communists have taken over the US Military. It means that they've found a means of using it to further their agenda.

He is now being sent to Iran.

The US military IS communist. The CIA is communist. The FBI is communist. DARPA is communist. Every single Government Employe, Every Cabinet Member, Every Congressman, Every Bureaucrat, Every soldier is a communist. Communism is when the government owns stuff. The US military is owned by the government. Therefore it’s communist. The only way to make the US military free would be to privatize it. This would also make in more efficient.

soon we will hopefully

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COUNTERPROL is communist


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They were just weeding out revisionists.


All that’s coming up for me is shit about him being discharged.

He was discharged, reinstated, then kicked out again. Pretty wild overall.

do you think he converted anyone while there?

Likely, especially since he's seems to want to genuinely turn the military.
He's also moved past his awkward years where he thought the IWW is somehow Anarchist, while dressing up like a vampire when giving a speech abbout exactly that. Not below average anymore in charisma, I'd say.

You aren’t going to convince many people by being upfront and open about being a commie. And you don’t have to. Your goal isn’t to get people to praise Mao, but to get the gears in their head rolling. Point out how nationalization of Industry isn’t a failure, but historically is pretty successful. Once people are freed from the free market mindset it’s only a matter of time before they join us.

The IWW managed to make the constitution socialist enough to allow them to exist until the feds burnt down union halls and straight up declared war on themstill couldn't crush the union after all that

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Is… is this a joke?

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Hook a struggle buddy up dayum

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Chomsky's entire career lmao.
Also I read about Pro-israeli groups harassing pro-palestine professors and speakers at universities.

His dick pics got posted on the internet (they weren’t very impressive)

Zig Forums is communist, Churchill was communist and nazbol, your mom is communist, your cells are communist, Jesus was communist, Saint Nicolas is communits.

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So how did this happen? Have they broken into his phone or did he sent it to someone and they leaked it?

Not even that bad looking tbh, way better than whatever rainbow-haired "leftist" you see at rallies.

Jesus Christ I thought that was a joke.

What's with this weird compulsion to take dick pics?

He’s got to many tats. If someone wants a tat with a socialist symbol just get one or two, small, and just in black inc. Non-black tats look awful, especially on white niggas.

The best, though, is no tattoos at all.

one or two tats are fine

I thought the red and black star looks decent.

No you dumbass that's how you get confused liberals. Take that fucking 4 off and read some trotsky.

Because liberals advocate for nationalization, no they don’t.

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This is true though

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Most soldiers have tattoos

Check out this shit

Honestly the way I look at it, Spencer outing himself like that was the worst thing he could've done. Had he remained clandestine or converted some other officers or guys he would have commanded, he or his group could've been an incredibly useful asset for any revolutionary force should shit really hit the fan.

Congrats, someone screenshotted this post and now you're the laughingstock of leftbook

I’m pretty sure that post was meant to be ironic.


The Spencer Rapone deal had nothing to do with censoring the left at all. West Point has always tried to hold itself above politics, and severely punishes anyone who associates anything political with their uniform. He would've gotten the same punishment had anything else political been written in the hat.

He's got a podcast
It's called eyes left
Pretty good anti imperialist content

No politics when acting as the arm of a political army that litterally attacks nations because of their politics

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