Union salting

How well known is the practice of union salting?


Do you think this is the best way to rebuild a labor movement? Or are there more effective ways?

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It's pretty hard to salt when it's close to impossible to get a job in the first place. You'd need dedicated people with good work histories, and a union with enough funds to support them when they get fired for agitating. So no, I don't think salting is a starting point for building unions, it's a tactic for further down the road.

From wikipedia: "under US law unions may be prohibited from talking with workers in the workplace"
Utterly disgusting, and obvious contempt for working class people.
your pic unrelated sure is blast from the past, not that I was ever a big trinket-fag

What are some good tactics for the here and now, then? I'm kinda in depressed NEET hell right now, and my doomer ass wants to help save others if it can't save itself.
And do you think salting gets redeemed a bit for the here and now if it's utilized in unskilled, easy to get jobs? Though I guess those kinds of jobs are easier to scab, so it's just harder to unionize them in general.

Yeah, but what else can you expect from the ruling class?
Also yeah I remember my older sister had some of those cards when I was growing up and they felt so good to hold, they were like, weighty, or something.

god those bring back memories

I'll go to one of those iww meetings to learn how one of these days. I'm asocial so it'll be hard for me, but someone has to do it.

I still have my charizard one.

And it's a good way to do it but it does, as others have pointed out, have issues.

that's baby tier
our workplace let people talk about unionizing and hold meetings, then kept track of who went, then fired them all over the next few months for stuff like

Any labor movement is either going to serve the interest of the ruling class or fail

Having a "labor" movement is useless

That's basically how things go down. What's the solution to this? Keeping the discussions on the low sounds good but then the message won't be spread as effectively.

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Listen to brace belden on chapo trap house "so you want to start a union"

That's not what utopianism means.

so you just delete posts you don't like here? what a joke, no wonder all of your ideas and philosophies are so weak, you can't even be slightly challenged in your own house without folding.

Butthurt capitalist liberal detected

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then how do you bring about the revolution(tm)?

Why not find disenfranchised people and speak with them? Instead of them going to self help retards you can teach them about alienation.

Mass support in combination with a weakened capitalist order

If we couldn't handle being challenged we wouldn't be on Zig Forums. Posts that are just trying to start shit get deleted. Fuck off.

In what ways can individual people help to rally mass support and weaken capitalism? Or does it just happen naturally?
Sorry, i'm not trying to be coy or anything, I just wanna help the revolution happen cause i'm a doomer that's too far gone to enjoy life so I got nothing better to do, i'm trying to read more too so maybe i'll just naturally find out strategies from that…

What people can do to weaken capitalism if possible no one can know for certain, however people can improve themselves and the people around them to be better fit to handle a revolution if it were to occur.

Don't listen to that user. Labour unions are fine, as are worker cooperatives and other shit like that.
Beyond that, get involved in leftist organisations, and try to educate people.

Its just capitalism though.

I WOULD KILL FOR A JOB. salting would just be a bonus

im american btw

It gets workers organised. You have to be critical of them, know their limitations, but nevertheless increased union/cooperative power will help in creating a revolutionary moment and making it successful.

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