Marxism-Leninism is the Way

Friendly reminder that the most successful Marxist movement in human history was Marxism-Leninism, known pejoratively as "Stalinism". Friendly Reminder that Marxism-Leninism in its fully developed, "mature" form:

Any Marxist who does not embrace Marxism-Leninism, which is not only the most successful but also the most internally logical form of Marxism, is a defeatist and a Social Fascist. Modern "Marxists" are nothing but Capitalist spies, boosters, and supporters.

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these are just made up tho

Uhh, look up the 1936 Family Code sweetums :):)

What's your beef with dada and absurdism?

ok i concede my error.
i had heard from people who said abortion was a common form of birth control and children were thrown in nurseries to let mothers work.

its a sickness

Hey, you illiterate. During WW2 women took the jobs of men since they were sent to slaugherhouse. There was also a larger percentage of women working in STEM in USSR than in western world today. All of those things you named are only because of the extreme backwardness of these places and shouldn't be, in most cases, replicated.

Fair enough buddy. It was legal until 1936 which is why I specified "mature" Marxist-Leninism.

Defeatist. Counter-productive. Indulgent. Do not portray the realities of the working class in any way. Etc.

Pretty much this. For instance the majority of young doctors in the USSR after WWII were women, but only because the young male population had been completely decimated by the war.

i dont get it. whats backwards?
most women would much rather raise their children than work. if we were still in the days where it was economically possible.
its no good for a leftist of all people to believe the neoliberal progress myth.

I get that they tend towards empty bourgeois individualism. But at the same time, both dada and absurdism can be excellent vehicles for social critique, as well as just aesthetically pleasing. We should learn from them.

Such excellent vehicles of social critique that wealthy financiers now pay millions of dollars to hang them on their walls!

They'll do that with anything.

Not with Socialist Realism. In fact Jordan Peterson, notorious anti-Stalinist, could go to Russia in the 1990s and buy them for cents on the dollar. There's a reason that rich Capitalists choose degenerate trash for their money laundering schemes (all that the modern art market is).

why are there so many retarded social conservatism threads lately

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Which is why we need to make sure we mass produce art in the future. Keep it cheap. Even better, make it entirely digital.

Banned pederasty, read the actual law
Read the reasons why
Providing support for woman to raise children does not mean they were only relegated to being at home. If they decided to then that was fine, but woman were more than allowed to take up an occupation.
They were purged those individuals not because they were Jewish or because they were Non-Russian but because they had committed criminal actions or engaged in counter-revolutionary activity
Define tradition in this regard
Yes, this was good. Unfortunately, later developments allowed these groups to fester.
Read about socialist art before you make this comment
Trotsky's problem wasn't internationalism, both him and Stalin were internationalists. Internationalism does not mean globalism btw.
For reasons, and not out of some racial prerogative against those nationalities. The internal passport system was done for valid security reasons and also was not done out of some national mythology.

Actually read Stalin before you come here wax off to the USSR like some political window shopper.

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you mean critique the lack of meaning which is our lot under liberal individualism?

i think that would drive people into reactionary movements more than anything else. idk why i just feel that fascism is better able to provide the 'meaning' nihilist people lack.

Article 121 defines all homosexual activity as "pederasty". Why don't you read the law? For a more practical example refer to the trial of Yezhov, where his homosexual activities were labeled as such.

Btw here's what Stalin thought of you homos:

I'd like to respond to the rest of your points but the fact that you started off with a blatant misrepresentation makes me think you are being disingenuous.

I disagree. Fascism is escapism from the meaninglessness. They try to return to a mythical sense of community that never really existed.
Absurdism faces the meaninglessness head on. It demands that we revolt against it in true revolutionary spirit.

Mods can we please ban literal fascists?

Refer to "Tabelle 3" my friend.

I’m not gonna lie, once the fash are taken care of I’d happily eradicate “commies” like you too

But seriously comrades, when the fash are dead we gulag fake red fascist fucks like this motherfucker, right?

Weird, then, that Fascism appealed to the working class while Absurdism repulsed them.

Face it, only the positive, pragmatic, constructive art of Socialist Realism ever had any appeal to the working classes. They don't want anything to do with your indulgent smut.

Which is why Stalin had to put you Trotskyist scumbags to the sword.

The only people that'll be sent to the camps are "former people" (ie Trotskyists) such as yourselves.

fascists use the symbolism of a revolt against meaninglessness too, they talk about finding their meaning in the struggle, etc.
its no coincidence fascism grew in the 20s when absurdism was at its height.

If you read why the law existed, it was done purely to reduce the crime of pederasty. It was more or less enforced in cases of pedophilia with about 800 to 1000 prosecutions annually. That isn't to say bias or persecution against homosexuals didn't exist, but the actions against it are largely over-exaggerated. And Yezhov was accused of much more than simply being gay,
Not a homosexual, and regardless it matters little. Marxist-Leninism is a science and it is not something that stays dormant undeveloped with the times. Regardless of Stalin's personal proclivities, even he would agree with such a statement. Here is a good analysis of homosexuality and the USSR.

Jokes aside, what's with the threads today? It's like the board quality dropped like the market.

Read the history of art in the USSR.

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saying most women want to raise their children is perfectly consistent with being a communist. if that offends you its your problem. you must hate the idea of women being mothers.

I’m a Stalinist you fucking retard

You are all cunts

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