Fascists/Nazis are trying to make the hashtag into a hate symbol, I've been seeing these images everywhere on Zig Forums, what do you think about this?

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Zig Forums showing its true colors by being a bunch of feckless normies as always

bunch of fucking redditors

I think it's a bit retarded tbh, that worked on the 'ok upsidedown' thing because it was relatively obscure but this is never gonna happen.

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they're exposing their game with this one, biting off way more than they can chew and will totally blow it

Is this another one of those "lol isn't Nazi, what a bunch of hysterical lefties :^)" things?

I don't know if OP is some Zig Forumsyp trying to start this as a thing, but either way it's dumb and is correct.

this seems like op is trying to meme this into existence, just drop it, its not a thing, never was.

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Times the fash have turned something I to a hate symbol: maybe twice

Times they've failed: I think it's in double digits now.


The absolute state of these neo-Goebbels

This is fucking retarded if true. At least the iron guard one here works because that's its the actual fucking symbol. To have an ideology allegedly rooted in "traditionalism and spirituality" and then associate it with something as soulless and corporate as the hashtag to "BTFO the liberals" is retarded. For us its fine because to us Fascists are already corporate and at worst this just makes twitter seem equivalent to fascists which works in our favor, but for fascists this is just dumb.

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Tim Pool is most likely on a higher tier of autism than most centrists.

who the fuck uses "hokum" in the year 2019

Someone who has white robes in his closet I'm guessing.

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if this shit goes mainstream im going to be so mad, the low quality shit they put out always seems to get popularized yet our own high quality content rarely gets posted outside of here, it's genuinely infuriating.

why don't we stop fucking larping organize then?

memes work on nazis because thats literally the closest they will get to reading a book outside halfchan /lit

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What a bunch of pathetic losers. Jesus Christ. Anyways, this will probably go the way of them trying to co-opt the Pride flag. In a stunning genius move by waving the Pride flag around, they could snatch it away from the LGBT community which is … still flying those flags and is entirely unaware the alt-right even considered this a good idea.

There's also the clown thing. The original concept of “clown world” is babby’s first nihilism about how we live in a world dominated by noisy clowns doing meaningless clown things to the detriment of everyone else, so how did they get their wires crossed and decide that they wanted to be the clowns in that analogy. I get that the intention is to "reflect the insanity of the world back at it" but this is such a basic bitch move, and they're fucking with symbolic structures that won't budge as easily. Frogs… okay that was easier, as there's no real universal Western connotation for the frog beyond "lucky" and "chill." Clowns = ridiculous and creepy.

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