Why isn't Norway, a nation with nationalized oil, getting the same treatment as Venezuela or Iran...

Why isn't Norway, a nation with nationalized oil, getting the same treatment as Venezuela or Iran? why don't we hear on cable news how the Norwegian prime minister is a baby-eating tyrant, whose country needs to be liberated?

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they are owned by neo-liberal politicians that are privatizing its state institutions

Norway isn't in state of economic crisis.

Neither is China or Cuba, and yet…

But they aren't accused of a bad economy. China is feared in western media while Cuba is mostly attacked because of their politics.

Whites stick together.

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yes, I bet all the white people who lived in the USSR and eastern block felt real solidarity with cappie governments who slandered and tried to undermine their whole way of life.

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Zig Forumsyps actually believe this, must be because none of them are actually from Europe or white, so they like to live in fantasy land

Norway isn't a country of 83 Autism Level reggaton people. they actually invest their oil profits instead of buying tvs and beer for the favelados like Chavez did

Because Norway does not oppose US imperialism in any meaningful way and even bows down to their masters while countries like China Cuba Venezuela Iran Russia Syria have the balls to stand up to US imperialists

This. Norway is a thoroughly capitalist country that fundamentally floats on imperialist value theft.

This. Norway fully endorses Western imperialism. Besides, the imperialists powers won’t turn on themselves. Not yet. They’d rather use there power as they have done so for the past century in exploiting the third world.

And also they are in NATO

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Europe is allowed limited SocDem governments because they're American puppets or at the least in the American imperial sphere and implicit in upholding that order, and many of them were able to compromise on social reforms following WW2 and during the Cold War largely to bolster up social cohesion and avoid sympathies with the communist blocs. In this way just the presence of the USSR and Eastern Bloc countries provided positive pressure that increased Western European living conditions. Same is true in the US, the more certain US supremacy became the more social programs and wealth taxes were stripped away. Notice that since the end of the USSR both Western Europe and the US have been at various speeds implementing austerity that strips their social security and privatizes huge portions of the economy previously nationalized.

Notice that Social Democracy is only considered safe and reasonable in the first world, anywhere in the third world it is immediately attacked and undermined. Which I actually think is to the credit of Social Democracy and lends it some validity, considering imperial capitalist hegemony treats anyone attempting basic social reforms outside of their puppet states to be a genuine threat to their order.

how anti-dialectical

White privilege

But in reality Norway is imperialist state that has small labor aristocratic population siting on tons of oil and gas



Because Norway is a NATO member.

Came here to say exactly this.


It's simpler than you think. America can get away with bombing Venezuela, but they can't get away with bombing Norway.

If a psychopath in a position of power (CEO, banker, president, prime minister, etc. etc.) can get away with something that'll benefit him or her, he'll do it. No one in America, Europe, Canada or Australia cares about Venezuelans. If the US started bombing Venezuelans right now because they refuse to privatize everything, nobody would give a shit. If the US started bombing Norwegians right now, all hell would break loose and NATO would disintegrate.

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It clearly was a rhetorical question dumbass

Its a close ally to USA. European countries get special treatment to keep them in American leash.

Venezuela messed up their aspirational curve and was too corrupt. Norway hasn’t (made that error).

I wonder if something about hot, wet climates makes humans less capable of distinguishing between sincere honesty and fake honesty. Maybe excessively good weather makes humans tend to be all equally stinking and irritable, and yet also equally inclined to unpredictably veer towards disarming contentment. Maybe warm weather makes people’s brains overheat, and they grow unwilling to look very closely at each other.