Flatearth and youtube

suprise suprises hes a fucking GAMER…

For all the whining people here do about muh ecelebs the fact is youtube is literally the future of where people get their news. Not even just edgy teens like with the altright, but middle aged boomer normies like pic related.


The socialist left has been sleeping on youtube and its hurting. While literal galaxy-brainlet tier theories like fucking FLAT EARTH are 'flatpilling' people because of the all powerful autoplay+recommendation algorithm. Yes, intellectualism, reading, and theory are important. But your average prole is a brainlet who isnt going to slog through 500+ pages of CAPITAL. We need a huge mass of socialist videos attacking capitalism and promoting socialism and getting it into the algorithm. High production values, livestreams, funny memes/jokes etc. The best thing you could do for promoting the left is unironically making a youtube channel, and cross promoting it until left+breadtube dominate the charts.
shilling is needed for promotion, get over it. shilling a left tuber is no problem and a good thing, if you dont like it sage and move on. Imagine if cockshott was never shilled here, literally thousands of people would never have read this theories

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Maybe Zig Forums could arrange something? Truth is a good youtube channel isn't a work of one person.

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To anyone with a brain it’s clear that it’s not a sphere. Read the Bible and take the flatpill. Even if you’re not religious from empirical observation the truth is soon revealed

yeah like a prageru of the left


That's the problem with e celeb reps online, they can't do shit without interweaving personal shit like face reveals and personal drama. Not even going to mention the ebin me mes of Bat'shit's channel.
The solution would be a more jazzy Prager U like platform (without sounding like condescending cock nibblers though), while putting shitposts in the current leftypol channel.

aka get free shill money from big oil.

Not gonna happen, we have to find our own path.

the ebin memes are a good thing, memes convert edgy teens who are too stupid to read.
Theres room for a diversity of tactics, the leftist prager u can also be done

Prager U is just a glorified slideshow, it's not hard to make something better than that.

I can smell you Bat'kuntseriously, there's enough edgelord communists online, we need to give extra fuel to that conversion train by adding a clear theoretical basis for crucifying a scab

we just don't have the cash the right does for that sort of psyop.

You say that but the money doesn't only go into the videos themselves, it goes into direct advertising for those videos, probably paying other websites to promote and link it, et cetera.

yeah was about to say this the majority of money for prageru goes into advertising their videos on literally every other political youtube channel

I always knew christcucks were all schizos

If you wanted to avoid people being "flatpilled" by flat-earthers, you have to recognize they still are going to be drawn to flatness, and you should recommend actual science, because space-time is actually flat.

As far as producing good quality socialist content goes, well high production value takes money for stuff like a powerful computers for rendering fancy videos, a decent camera microphone etc. And that locks you into a the system in terms of having to recoup the costs in terms of social media platform ad-money for viable economics. And if you manage to get traction and viewership the algorithms are going to be tuned to divert people away from you. In corporate social media you are supposed to be an influencer for their interests afterall.

You would probably have to aim at creating a streamlined shared asset production line, where you can minimize your cost time and effort per video because you can recombine already created stuff, for new videos. Since you will get max view locked to a few thausend views and grey-listed in search engines where people can only find you if you by directly searching for you, but cannot be stumbled upon by people who did not search specifically for you. You have to rely on a mass of people doing this and drag other people into as well.

And you have to have a titanic grasp on linguistics and to some extend philosophy to be able to outmanoeuvre the neo-liberal co-optation mechanism, where everything gets an anti-class wash, before being reproduced in a form where it is compatible with neo-liberal economic doctrine.

Lastly you will have to realize that presence on corporate social media platforms can only be a point of entry for people and draw people away to a platform that isn't ideologically biased against you, which will put you ad odds with attention maximization algorithms, which are sensitive to patterns where content induces people to leave the platform.

You also have to be cognisant of the systemic pressure on people that nudges them to conform to wishes of concentrated sources of money. You cannot just rely on people being ideologically pure and motivationally principled enough to be able to withstand the nudging, that takes a stress resistance that not enough people possess. You have to structurally understand how to parasitise the system, where it keeps doing your bidding even-though your are not serving it's interests. (growing at the expense of your opponent)

I'm not saying this can't be done I'm saying it has to be very well thought out before you drive people to invest a lot of time and effort into it. You want to avoid the pattern of activism-mills that basically are in an infinite loop of milking the enthusiasm of newcomers, that after a while realise that it's a treadmill that goes nowhere, before being replaced by the next batch of enthusiastic newcomers. (the permanent beginning) You want to be able to build up over time, and for that you do have to be able to circumnavigate all the dependency traps, that would siphon off your resources for build up.

which is a few thousand dollars at most, not 100k or millions. Any middle->upper middle class young person could make it work by working at mcdonalds's over the summer.

the algorithms are to maximize views and viewtime, otherwise how did the edgy right get so many views, they simply would rather have views/viewtime even if its on socialist videos for the same reason a huge record label produced rage against the machine. They will sell you the rope to hang them with.
this isnt idpol, hard to see how its going to be coopted, sure you can put che on a tshirt, but ultimately that doesnt make communism marketable.

Are you guys thick?

This would be true if leftubers were good. Sadly most aren’t. The only semi-good ones are Pierre-Tru Dan who never uploads. And Cuck Philosphy who mostly talks about irrelevant pop culture shit that no one cares about.

We need a leftist version of PregarU operated by the WSWS.

Their is probably enough bourgeois class-trators to fund a leftist PragureU, after all the WSWS is funded by one.

The Algorithm can’t determine what is left wing and what is not.

Nice CIA speak

oh no, it’s retarted

How about instead of creating new content we have e-celebs respond to already good marxist content from cockshott, shaikh, and other scholars. It would probably require e-celebs have enough attention span to get through the content though. The up side is that it directs viewers to actual high quality information and responding to someone else's work is less labor intensive than creating one's own talking points. The wealth of nations comes from the division of labor after all.

To think that Marxism can spread on a free market is to misunderstand the nature of the free market, and why abolishing it is important.

To think that the left shouldn’t propagate online is to give up.


MeansTV exists rn and have high quality productions.

Memes cant convert teenagers but it can open them up to new ideas with exposure.

We need more high quality productions to convert people en mass, however being able to pump out videos quickly is ideal (algorithm and all.) Also why don't we meme ideas into existence through mass creation of social media accounts to create a sort of false consensus?

People who are making videos should be in contact with each other so they can all make videos on similar topics or at least help each other out.

Bordiga tier post rt


earth is definitely flat or else how would you explain solar eclipse

the all-mighty yuan can infiltrate the algorithm just fine. thinking just funny lighting, engaging memes, or whatever the hell can infiltrate it is poppycock.

pol can do that because of their numbers, i doubt the 500 active users on leftypol can do diddly squat in that regard. i mean if we did, its not like anyone would notice. Until we get the number of leftists up, which is a chicken and the egg problem

Castro landed on Cuba with 82 men, of which only 20 survived the initial confrontation with the Cuban army.

The flat earth revival was caused by mentally unstable individuals falling for what was ironic promotion of flat earth theory when the zoomer internet discovered and mocked the flat earth society.

your whole comment is void of any substance.
you believe in globe earth because they showed it to you on tv.

this isnt guerilla warfare, its manipulating algorithms and 20 views or even 500 wont do shit for recommendation. Unless you use bots/buy clicks

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well fuck, the cth2 people are mostly Marxist Leninist along with cumtown and cth is full of anarchists. How about we snippet shitposts from here to get people interested in leftypol?

Im not super up for it but we need more people so we can actually start pulling off some good praxis

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Tbh there are already quite a few reposts to r/cth2 from here and someone even posted pic related there. But the problem as I see it is that most redditors don't want to go anywhere near Zig Forums (which is very understandable in light of recent events and, you know, other things that are being posted on /b2/). This is the main reason I would say a migration to somewhere else might be beneficial (also this might become necessary anyways if more Zig Forumsyp lone wolfs start fucking shit up and governments starts clamping down on Zig Forums)

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Not by itself, but with a little bit of human-provided input. Organizations have humans in them that make conscious decisions about which algorithms to use and how to set the parameters and they also hand-tweak results. To say the algorithm did this or that is often just a rhetorical shield, and when you inquire further the result you get is:

Flat Earthers should be permabanned

I like flat earth theory because it makes you consider how you know the earth is not flat. People who reject it with out doing this are being dogmatic. You should only reject flat earth after you can reasonably convince yourself of earths roundness in the face of flat earth arguments.

There's a post on cth with 4k votes that's mocking some dumb libertarian in another thread. the problem is a lot of people think that it's from 4chan

Unless you actually explicitly name drop Zig Forums leftypol people won't know. pic related, this thread in a nutshell

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Flat earth is a astroturf campaign to associate other conspiracy theorists with flat earth theory in order to discredit them. Guilt by association.

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when the fuck did leftypol get so many flat earthers

Come on fam, anyone with a highschool education can likely perform the calculations necessary to determine the earth isn't flat, it's really not difficult to "debunk" to the point that it's trivial. Conspiracists are all Cynics in the Psychoanalytic sense, playing into their framework undermines our ability to defend ourselves against the vicious anti-communist propaganda that would also see us labelled as unserious Conspiracists.

It's fine to cede grounds 1 on 1 with a Flat Earther and allow them to make their arguments but you're not going to convince them because it's pathological and your debate will just make onlookers take you less seriously when you also espouse positions about Anti-Communist propaganda because of the way it operates as a Conspiracy. It's not something that has any ambiguity or kernel of truth to it, it's simply empirically verifiable. It's not a question of events or history it's a question of the actual material world. Some things can just be accepted, and I'm not going to fetishize the concept of debate to the point where I end up like the person debating whether rape is ok like that Zizek quote.

The truth cannot remain hidden forever. Don’t you wonder why porky wants to cover up the flat Earth and constantly decries it? Little do they know that their condemnations are a means of further spreading the truth. Just like with the vaccine scam soon the proletariat will reject the the spherical lie

Based. Finally we get some more disk-conscious attitudes on this board.


Why would Porky lie about the Earth being flat. How would this benefit them.

The goal isnt to convince them anything, or debate them. Read their arguments and think about them. You can learn a lot of interesting things about optics and fluid dynamics and such when trying to debunk their arguments.

Why WOULDN’T Porky tell us lies about the nature of the Earth? Religion no longer serves Porky, it has become an obstacle, so they, through their control of information, propagate a “scientific” world-view contrary to the Bible EXPRESSLY designed to upturn Biblical truths and crush the spirit of the proletariat. The brainwashed prole will believe anything his capitalist television tells him, all under the veneer of hallowed science. This is only one of many lies, along with the nature of the lost pineal eye (but muh fossil record!)

Spheretards can’t explain the following:

holy shit hahahaha

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I thought you were srs before this, but I'm happy there are no real left wing flat eathers.

I’m 100% serious. This is your thought-terminating response. “Holy shit, this guy can’t seriously believe this” – no critical thought processes, no debunks, no explanations of any of the questions I posed – nothing at all. It’s flat

Because they don't have the money for it.
Because matter attracts matter. The same law governs the movement of astronomical bodies..
Because the earth moves the air which carries the plane with it. Imagine spinning a pot of water on a wheel. At first you might see the water resist the movement of the pot around it, but after a moment it will spin along with the pot no problem, bulging slightly outward due to the centrifugal force. It you place a little boat in the water will rotate along just as if it laid on top of the wheel directly. The same holds for the earth and its atmosphere.
That's the shape it should be. Imagine standing in a hoop, picking it up, raising it to your eye level, and then rotating your head to inspect its shape. It will seem entirely flat, right? But it's really a circle. The same applies for the horizon, except instead of being raised to your eye level, it obtains the same visual angle by being really far away.

If you jump in an airplane you come down on the same spot.

Sage because not sure if serious

Plenty of people have the money, but travel is restricted. There’s something there. Sure, some boats will visit the shores to take pictures of penguins, but they never let them inland. If they went far enough they’d encounter the great barrier and the lie would be shattered beyond belief.
Wow nice vague wordings, I don’t think you understand what you’re regurgitating yourself.
Read better brainlet, airplanes were only used as a speed comparison
None of this explains why if I jump even an inch or two off the ground why I don’t end up hundreds or thousands of feet in a different direction due to the rotation of the Earth.
Lol no

If I wanted to learn about those topics I would just learn about those topics, I don't need to research the Flat Earther movement in excruciating detail. Tell me exactly why a Materialist should spend so much effort on such a thing as opposed to anything more productive whatsoever?

Climate science is real.
Socialism will win.
The Earth is flat.

Get over it.

Because you'll learn about ideology in the process.

Travel to every place on earth is restricted to some degree, but it seems easy enough to get to antarctica, and then if you want, you can run from the tour guie to go freeze to death.
If the earth suddenly stopped spinning, you would be thrown miles in the direction the world was spinning.

You talked about proles. Proles generally don't have the money.
The most basic model for this stuff is Newton's law of gravitation. f_g = G . (m_1 . m_2)/(d^2) f_g is the gravitational force. m_1 and m_2 are the two objects. d is the distance between them. And G is the gravitational constant. This is the most basic physics you can get.
Sorry. I can't read your broken English.
It does though. The surface of the earth is like the boundary of the pot. The water in the pot is like the atmosphere.
The air around you is rotating at exactly the same speed as the earth beneath it. When you jump in the air, you have the exact same momentum as the surface at that moment. For this reason you'll rotate along with the earth just as well as if you're standing on the surface.
To someone who's too stupid to just use their eyes and observe, it won't, no. They'll just continue to follow their dumb assumption that a hoop is round and will therefore always appear round. They're dogmatists who cannot see with their own eyes. Similarly you could imagine someone refusing to see an optical illusion because they're simply too autistic to acknowledge perceiving something they "know" to be incorrect. It's a sign of undialectical thinking of the highest degree, inability the appreciate how a moment that's "false" to higher Understanding nevertheless is "true" in as far as it is part of the unfolding of Reason.
To help you understand my explanation a bit better, here's some more mathematical rigor: Your field of view forms a sphere. Light enters into your from all kinds of angles, and it is this angle of entry that gets registered and passes into your brain as a visual image.
Now, a known fact about spherical geometry is that a flat line is a circle. To be more precise, it is one that passes through two opposite points on that sphere.
Thus, by asserting that the horizon is "flat", you have simultaneously asserted that it is a circle. This is mathematical law. Disputing this means disputing basic mathematical deduction.

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> f_g = G . (m_1 . m_2)/(d^2). f_g is the gravitational force.
placed a dot in between the formula and the next sentence, to avoid confusion.
their masses, obviously

please don't use this argument if you want FE to be taken seriously - I mean you can't really believe it has merit, can you?

Once again, just ridicule and no explanations. You can’t stand on the bottom of a sphere and not fall off.

is why Occam’s Razor exists. The flat earth is just common sense and the fact that it takes THIS much bullshitting and “science” to prove it is in reality to this shaky hypothesis’ detriment

Now I know you're a troll.

“Physics” is part of the bourgeois superstructure. Marxism 101, buddy. The bourgeoisie has an interest in promoting the globe-hypothesis. No one in this thread has been able to poke a hole or adequately explain how the Earth is a sphere. You calling me a troll just proves you’re feeling frustrated against the troubling questions I am raising

Lmao this is a good bit

When you reject physics as bourgeois, it's hard to explain anything to you.

Wow didn’t expect that response! Your NPC programming is working well I see. Fuck off and don’t come back until you get some actual arguments, spheretard

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You think Zig Forums would be smarter than this. We condemn bourgeois economics, bourgeois politicians, bourgeois positions, etc every single day, condeming it for what it is — ideology concerned with solidifying the rule of the bourgeoisie. Therefore we know there is bourgeois science with these same interests. I already explained how the sphere-hypothesis is pro-bourgeois earlier ITT and reasons why it must be rejected. The communist conception of the universe, drawing from Biblical principles, will transcend and abolish these older erroneous conceptions as the base is changed, thereby altering the rotten superstructure. Dialectics bro

What is gained by lying to people about the shape of the earth? Genuinely interested.

Already explained

You hardly went over why the illumi bourgeoisie would want the proles to think the earth is round. You just rhetorically asked why they wouldn't lie about it. And also, why did the Soviet government, Chinese governmnet etc. all lie about it too?

They held a false materialist and anti-religious conception of communism. Sphere ideology was a necessary component, of course, so it suited their goals. Consequently it makes all of those states de facto bourgeois.

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Is that pic implying that the earth is literal globe?

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This is the funniest shit I've read this week
thank you user

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Matthew 5:12. I pray that you overcome your world of lies

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I meant 5:11

First you laugh, then you see the truth. All humor has its root in the truth. Keep digging

Does your precious sphere just float in a void?

The sun pulls us toward it, which in turn, keeps us in orbit.

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The Earth is a cube, and that is the only correct Marxist position
Everything else is revisionist

What is this earth you speak of?

The time cube

The bible describes the earth as being both "a circle" [Isaiah 40:22] and having "four corners" [Isaiah 11:12]. How do you resolve this blatant contradiction?
Here's my proposal: The circularity refers to the fact that the earth is, indeed, a three dimensional surface topologically homomorphic to a sphere. However, the four corners bit gives us further information, namely that geometrically the earth is, in fact, a tetrahedron.

If you trust in the word of God you must accept this to be true.

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Alright, I'll bite:
Most people wouldn't want to risk going to the mainland as it is basically just as deadly as it was back in the days of exploration and tourist companies wouldn't want to risk having dead tourists on their hands. Also it is basically logistically impossible since there are no major ports or cities there (and likely never will be as no nation cares about colonising a barren wasteland.
Because of gravity. If you want proof for it just look at how other celestial bodies orbit the sun and don't just fly away, or look at the basic atoms, where electrons orbit the proton and neutron core instead of falling down, flying away.
Because you too are moving at that speed, just don't feel it. If you don't believe this just look at how driving works: technically you're not moving, just sitting behind the wheel, but in reality you are moving along with the car, and if you jump out you will move forward for a bit until friction slows you down or until you'll hit the ground. So, if you jump on earth, both you and the ground would have moved the same distance, thus you'd land in the same place.
It isn't. I am 99℅ sure you could go to the coast, grab a straight long stick, raise it to your eye level and check that I'd does (ofc this would be easier by using a camera but you might not trusremember
Now, since I answered your questions, would you mind answering some of mine?
Flat earth would be the hardest conspiracy to keep from slipping, why hasn't there been any leaks of it, or why don't "rogue" states DPRK for instance reveal it?
If earth is flat, how do orbiting artificial satalites work?
Where do rockets which carry cosmonauts go while they are away?
Why don't people on the edges of the earth slide towards the centre because of gravity (remember, you can look at the atom or the solar system to realise it is real)?
Are other celestial bodies flat too, if not, why is earth an exception?
Which sciences do you trust (just interested)?
If it is a porkies ploy, why didn't the Soviets recognise the truth?
Finally, also out of interest, thoughts on climate change and icecap melt?

Any internet activism is doomed to fail because the internet is owned and controlled by the bourgeoisie. They aren't going to let videos that are against capitalism get popular. They rig the algorithm so right wing videos get shared while left wing ones never get found.

Whats up with all the different flat earth theories?

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Torus earth is probably true. The ice barriers on the north and south pole prevent us seeing the inside of the donut, which is where Stalin is building secret communism using the 100 gorillion bazillion workers that supposedly died under his rule in the USSR. The US government doesn't want us to know this.

the more you know about different things the easier it is to learn about new things

and you dont need to put much effort into finding flat earth arguments.

Their arguments have to be solid enough and make enough sense that they hold up rationally, If they didnt they wouldnt spread because they would be obviously untrue. This means they are based on premises people will accept as a true. This means that if their argument is in fact false, and earth is not flat, then there is some common premise which is intuitively held or seems reasonable which is not actually correct. Discovering what this is not only lets you learn something but gives you something to think about in regards to why people think the false thing is true to start with.

Bored idiots.

What's kind of ironic is that some of them are really concerned about global warming because they think it'll melt the ice wall that holds in the ocean.

Ha, Im just watching. you edgy retards have no chance

Ban we all you want, I have hundreds of Ips

I listened to a Leonard Susskind lecture once where he explained that the event horizon of a black hole conserves all of the information which is corrupted as it reaches the singularity, he said that all information is saved on a flat, 2-d surface, and that the universe has similar similar relativistic geometric properties.

So the universe can be said to store all of it's information in a 2-dimensional format like a flat disk, which makes not just the earth, but all of the universe flat. But, of course this is simply the properties of 2-dimensionality, and the objects in the scope of the membrane of our consciousness are 3-D. Even "flat" earthers think that earth is more cylindrical than totally flat in their own "official" model.

And no parents

Nice try

The revelation of God is received throughout the progress of history, overtime we have seen the shift from animism, to polytheism, to a current monotheism, and with these spiritual insights we see additional developments in the word of God - in the abrahamic tradition, first with Judaism, then Christianity, then Islam, then with mormonism and so on - the message of God changes and corrects itself overtime, is not the material world thus a reflection of the canon of heaven in itself, and in some possible scenario, the shape of the earth has not necessarily revealed itself to have always been spherical, but at this moment in creation it pertains to a spherical quality?

Clearly the concept of time can conflict with the apparent eternity of heaven, but the order of creation is in it's own destruction and redemption as described in Revelations - time is an aspect of God, such as it is also described in Norse mythology, there was an anticipation of Ragnarok by the gods, yet they failed to stop it, they accepted the currents of time as they unfolded.

So, I think rather than to have a static view of the bible, we ought to adapt it's monotheistic revelation in the mode of how the universe currently conducts itself - this is the object of today's humanistic/religious pluralism under the secular rule of the state, even institutions like the catholic church evolve their ideas.

If you channeled this energy into a hobby you wouldn't need to be here.

One thing I never got about flat earth is how exactly does lying about it benefit the elites? Enormous resources spent on convincing the populace that the Earth is a globe for no apparent reason at all. At least other conspiracy theories have tangible benefits for the elites if true, this one is just retarded

i don't come here often, so it's fun to shitpost when i can

No, seriously, if you don't respond to I will hold you intellectually dishonest and/or a troll