Nick Land Confirmed For Secret Commie

FALC China arrives from the future. You can thank us later.

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Nick Land sees the future as being a post-human capitalism.

you realize he used to be a commie before he was NRX right?

What's a NRX?

The Dark Enlightenment, also known as the neoreactionary movement, neoreaction and abbreviated NRx by its proponents, is an anti-democratic, anti-liberal, and reactionary movement that considers itself to be the antithesis to the Enlightenment. It broadly rejects egalitarianism and the view that history shows inevitable progression towards greater liberty and enlightenment, thus it is in part a reaction against "Whig historiography".[1][2] The movement favors a return to older societal constructs and forms of government, including support for monarchism and other forms of leadership such as a "neocameralist CEO"[3] of a joint-stock republic,[4] coupled with a conservative or economic nationalist approach to economics.[5] Proponents generally also espouse socially conservative views including traditionalist opinions on gender roles, race relations, and immigration.

stands for neoreactionary

would be interesting to see this realized

It is literally the end goal of neoliberalism. The dude loved China because of it.

And its inclusion free market economics is the reason NRX will never be anything more than a mere curiosity.

Historically, all successful fascist movements and organizations had to adopt elements of socialist rhetoric and goals in their platform in order to gain mass appeal. Even Trump, who is not a proper fascist, made appeals to protectionism and some social welfare programs (notably social security) on the campaign trail.

*inclusion of

the end goal of neo liberalism is the opposite.
Super organisms like the EU creating "world cities" with nothing unique

NRx was never meant to be a popular movement. Politicians have to give welfare rhetoric for mass appeal. CEOs and theorists don't

Then it will never leave the confines of the internet.

Large-scale industrial production requires the illusion of popular consent. The only way to gain this is through mass appeal.

Curtis Yarvin has actually opened a backchannel advisory connection to the White House.

The White House operates within the deceptive "liberal-democratic" institutional framework.

To my understanding, NRx people want to actually create a new form of government and social order which, again, requires mass appeal.

This is also incorrect. NRx does need to be a popular movement to be realized, in fact it could easily come about through CEOs getting more power and influence in the future.


This is incorrect. CEO's can't single-handedly create a new social structure. This is idealist nonsense.
Because large-scale industrial production requires the effort of hundreds of millions of people to function, the vast majority of whom are not CEOs. The second these people realize the system is not in their self-interest they will revolt and production stops.

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Please tell me you're meming

Ask yourself why the moment I suggest Elon Musk as grand CEO with a mandate and aegis to implement interstellar fully automated luxury space communisms all other options for CEO go out the window

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source? theory? anything?
There is no reason to think this is impossible.

Plenty of people realize this in the real world and don't revolt.
Also companies selling consumer products don't need to spout the same rhetoric as politicians so what is expected from a CEO is much different than from a politician today

Zuckerberg just appropriated a technological development that was already occurring. All he did is put together a bloated microblogging service. The emergence of a dominant service like Facebook was bound to happen regardless.

Sauce? Is it on his pseudonym blog?

they already have, it’s called consumerism.

Read Gramsci

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revisionists please go

No thank you. Its not even worth listening to anything the NRx have to say. Its just social democracy with coat of edginess.

its the rejection of social democracy

only if you count """""bio-Leninism"""" as communism

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