Is he a genius or a dumbass? Accelerationist or fascist? Is he just an autistic stemfag who couldn't be made to read any non-computer science theory and so made his own atlas shrugged tier 15 year old version?

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It's amazing what years of believing that people who aren't software engineers are stupid and thinking crypto is the future will do to a man.

I would really recommend moldbug when he writes literally tens of thousands of words saying he's not a fascist or a royalist in increasingly convoluted ways, and then at the very end comes out and says he is a fascist. Really fascinating, intellectually stimulating stuff

But I mean seriously moldbuggism is just realizing that capitalism is bad and fails people while not realizing there's a whole political philosophy that's been making the same critique for 150 years but not liking it because Stalin and because a woman didn't want to go out with me one time

Too bad lolcow forums never caught on to the Dark Enlightenment early on.

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Software engineer here. The profession is glorified plumbing. Connect some bits together with standardized pipes designed by other people long ago. Not that there's anything wrong with plumbing.

He's an autistic stemfag dumbass.
Nick Land semi-ironically treats him as a prophet because he thinks it's hilarious.

moldbug is a money grubbing KIKE retart

Moldbug wrote a lot of very interesting stuff. Even as a Communist I'd prefer his neo cameralism to neo liberalism

This. Also plumbing can get highly technical. But stemfags need to read fucking books.

Formalism is also quite interesting
Brutalism for ideologies

except data science/ML and 3d graphics programming, those actually take a decent level of math. Yarvin is a PLT guy though, one of those functional programming cultists

He’s about as smart one can be politically without engaging in class struggle.

Is their a difference?

less democracy, higher concentration of authority

he's just an autistic stemfag yes
not even vaguely interesting like land just a verbose sperg with dumb half-baked ideas

Which one?



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The flat-earthers of politics, barely beating out libertarians and fash.

they ARE libertarian/fash. Moldbugs position there is essentially the same as libertarian theorist hans herman hoppe who argued a monarch would be better due to treating the whole nation as his private property rather than a tragedy of the commons in democracy

when I started to read about cryptographical weapon systems to prevent a revolt I gave up.

Moldbug exposes the worst aspects of utopianism

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"data science" is the epitome of plumbing. there's 6 month courses for lay people to show you how to clean data and put it into models, or just using tableau and powerbi. it's probably an overloaded term, it's not nearly the same as making the models, which is ML.

when has democracy ever been "tragedy of the commons". it's so obviously rigged, especially in the US where there's only two parties, like wtf. Even then, it's not even "law-makers" that make laws, it's a shit ton of lobbyists and think tanks (which include "impartial" lawyers and advisors to lawmakers).

This caused me to crack up laughing tbh. I was into neo-reactionary shit when he first started writing his bullshit (around 2007-2010). It was this kind of nonsense that killed it for me, all of the "just so" solutions to serious problems made me realise he was full of shit.

What would be a dark enlightenment version of hard leftism?

Primitivist Communism?


Unironic Pol Potism?

National Bolshevism

Techno Pol Potism. Neo-Angkar arrives from the future.


🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸urbit🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 is the most advanced form of CIA europeany

avoid him and his europeany at all cost

combinator logic cannot be denied


why the fuck is CIAnaggery word filtered

Mathematics is also glorified plumbing, connect some variables together with standardized axioms designed by other people long ago.

I can see some neoreactionary stuff as worth reading with a boatload of salt, but moldbug has always seemed the least interesting.
Maybe it's because he's the most obvious whiny STEM type who thinks skill in one field translates to skill in understanding others, while most of the Twitter weirdos are at least properly pseudonymous.

Granted, my key takeways have been some funny notes on the nightmare of modern californiapitalism (wokecapital, though the bigotry is tedious, and humansofflat.) and the value of exit. If things aren't working, put in a moderate effort to fix them and if that doesn't work fucking leave. That's a valuable lesson in the internet age. Hanging around is pathological.

Their is nothing more annoying than seeing fags who major is the liberal arts talk down to STEMfags. STEMfags built the internet, liberal arts majors built mud pies.

the prosecution rests, yiff in hell.

Moldbug vs. Cockshott debate when

as a cs fag, let me tell you that 70% of the people in the field are barely able to qualify as software engineers and I'm being very generous. of the rest, most are incapable of real innovation and are not really interested in the art and science of cs. most are just mindless workers, who at best make shitty JavaScript libraries, have shit pet projects and get off on making blog posts about it.
I've worked for big tech and most of the work being done is just building new apps and maintenance, which results in 0 innovation. Real innovation is usually poor quality because it started as a side project which didn't have full funding because burocracy (sp?) and rarely becomes marketable.
The people who do code spend a lot of the time fooling around and attending superfluous meetings. The managers spend most of their time in meetings that don't actually cause meaningful change to the projects. The project managers usually just try as hard as possible to look busy. Some teams do have a lot of work, and the successful teams convince workers to work overtime. they live under the constant illusion that their work is extremely important and extremely urgent. It's all a fantasy of course.
To be clear, I'm not even that good as a software engineer, but no reason to kid ourselves either.
Liberal arts majors usually end up in shitty paper pushing jobs. We're all just chugging the machine along, there's honestly little difference on the grand scheme of things.

t porky’s anti-worker rhetoric

The point is they produce value. Socdem academics don’t produce value.

ah yes, creating advertising algorithms and fart noise apps is definitely creating value while designing higher education funding systems is just nonsense game playing by posers.

marx was socdem (academic)

I started watching an introduction video on him and his work.

He seems to believe that history favors right-wing politics rather than left-wing, and the idea of a "progressive" narrative is a recon by the left. Of course the author of the video (or Moldbug apparently) fully define what they mean by left or right, nor do they have any kind of material analysis as to why this would happen in the first place, just the typical fash narrative of "power good, nation good."

I work in big tech, and holy fuck is this accurate, right down to the liberal arts majors in the shitty paper pusher job my job :(

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probably post-left accelerationism a la paul mason/early nick land

by that logic everything is glorified plumbing

Its just that 90% of software made is of minimal technical complexity. You go to school to learn all kinds of details about designing computer architectures from the circuit level to OS's to le theoretical NP-turing machine-lambda calculus.

meanwhile you get to a day job and its 99%+ of the time, its working on some boring shit.
For every guy working at google designing the next hot shit, you have 95 guys writing the same bloated crappy internal corporate enterprise app in JAVA that keeps track of payroll for the company. You spend your days reading reddit, staring at your screen for hours, and try not to think about blowing your brains out as the hours and minutes of your life tick away along with your Autism Level points and motivation to live.

I cant wait for the cockshottist revolution to come so we can gulag every project manager and go to work for the ministry of central cybernetic planning designing planning systems to own the libertarians


And plumbing is water lego.
Autist revolution soon.

Fuck yes. Someday comrade.

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pragmatic neoliberalism to infect developing nations with capitalism to bring about a one world government so centralized that the global proletariat has exactly one target for their angst aka Hillary with posadas characteristics.