Nazism is Curable!

Psychiatrist say that racists should be kept in a ward and medicated until the stop discerning white from black.

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Send all boons to prison wards until the stop discerning crime from work

We've known the cure for a long time.

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Okay, bye bye for you then.

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Racism may be a pathology, but you must be careful to distinguish powerless poor racists from powerful rich racists. As with everything, power and wealth are the key to reducing societal ills.

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We already do this though.

It's not even about that. Deplatforming and the like isn't a matter of free speech etc. Maybe I'm a twat but I see it as a matter of security. I mean really in a free society how is it wise to let armed fascist March in the streets. We let some of them do it in America but only cause they're white. Do you think somewhere like in the US we'll let fucking al-queda or Isis parade around in the streets. Fuck no. It's cause they're not Christian and usually not white. I don't condone sedation like OP posted but this kinda shit has never been a matter of muh freeze peach.

Take the ultimate red pill, friend.

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The biggest threats are the least visible. Politicians may not even be particularly hateful, just think less of certain ethnicities and make policy choices based on that. Meanwhile some shaved-head faggot with a tiki torch might get attention, but statistically is probably not going to do shit these days (you should still confront people like that though).

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Having fashies labeled as invalids is funny, but intellectually weak. Most definitions of mental illness have very strict criteria because otherwise you could declare almost any personality trait you don't like an illness.

Does basing your political beliefs around blockbuster villains count as an illness?

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I support this. What are the alternatives? Let them continue to spread hate? Jail them? Kill them? The most ethical alternate is to drug them, for the rest of their lives if necessary.

No, because being a dumbass is a choice.

We shouldn't send racists to a mental asylum just because they're racist, at least if they're otherwise mentally stable enough not to be likely to commit violent acts.

More government is better

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