US Army Tweet Backfires: Happy Veterans Day!

Surprised that there wasn't a thread made on this but it does make sense as it goes against the narrative portrayed here of burgers being bootlickers and uncritical supporters of the US military.

From the WSWS:
Last Thursday, the US Army asked its followers in a tweet, “How has serving impacted you?” It was meant to be a routine Twitter post ahead of Memorial Day to draw responses which would glorify the United States Army and veterans who served as cannon fodder for the military. It did not go as planned and backfired spectacularly.

“Your impact is that you’re a death cult,” San declared bluntly on the US war machine in a typical response.

"Many of us are a shell of who we were before,” said one military veteran.

Shane spoke of veteran suicides and unending military deployments. “My best friend from high school,” he said, “was denied his mental health treatment and forced to return to a third tour in Iraq, despite having such deep trauma that he could barely function. He took a handful of sleeping pills and shot himself in the head two weeks before deploying.

“I didn’t serve but my brother did,” Penny noted, recounting the tragedy that befell her family as a result. “He never went to war but still shot himself in the head. He was the sweetest most tender person I’ll ever know and the US Army ruined him.”

Alice spoke of the generational traumas felt by the scars of past wars going back to World War II. “My grandfather fought in Burma with the U.S. Army in WWII,” Alice wrote. “He lived a long life and had 7 children. But as he got older the nightmares came. It broke my heart to hear him tell me with tears in his eyes that he was dreaming every night of all he had seen.”
“The real take away,” Brett remarked on the Army’s tweet, “for the social media/marketing folks whose brilliant idea this was should be to stop selling and glorifying military service to underprivileged 18-year-olds while covering up the consequences and side effects.”

Another commentator declared, “Soldiers are not your money-bought pawns. They are not random collateral. They are family. They are friends. Our mothers and fathers. Our sisters and brothers. Our aunts, uncles, and cousins. They are more than a serial number. Even if they don’t lose their lives, they lose themselves.”

“The US Army takes advantage of those stuck in unfortunate circumstances,” said another, “while the elite continue to profit off their ‘service’ and reap their benefits. My heart breaks for every veteran in this thread brave enough to speak their painful truths of this dystopian cult.”

Nathan spoke of the wars coming home with devastating violence, “You all make the world a scary place playing war games killing people overseas then the poor guys come home, get police jobs and end up shooting people in our communities.”

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Eh. I see the opposite here often like that ww3 thread recently where many were saying we should join to lvl. up ang gain exp. points and breadpill our unit.

More like people here don't use normie social media.

Yeah but you’re not conversing with normal people on Zig Forums

Just saw this poem on Twitter:

Who has given us freedom of religion.

Who has given us freedom of the press.

Who has given us freedom of speech.

Who has given us freedom to protest.

Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

Who has given us the right to vote.

Who serves beneath the flag,
And whose coffin is draped by the flag,
Who allows the protester to burn the flag.

Anybody have a good response? This is what I have so far:

I was also thinking of something like "It is the Worker" but I'm shit at writing lol

Shit, didn't quote correctly, sorry


That is not a terrible idea in the face of it, but the US military is extremely good at brainwashing their own members, and while I don't doubt the intelligence of the average Zig Forums user, I do doubt their willpower.

I'm guessing that is an American meme because it sounds like American bullshit. There's some truth to it but it ignores present reality in favor of an idealized past (conservatives will love it). It wrongly assumes that only foreign armies or powers threaten such freedoms, and therefore the soldier gives them to us by protecting us from foreign armies and powers who would take them away.

But in reality the main power threatening Americans freedoms is the US government, not foreign powers, and has been so for a long time. The soldier serves the US government, and is therefore a tool to preserve and expand the power of the main party threatening those freedoms.

You're going to be helping them do evil shit. Also probably going to wind up coming home a broken msn like the tweets in the OP.

Soldiers at best prevent foreign threats from taking those right away, not the domestic threats. Also all these professions do help and protect soldiers too.

Not really. It doesn't take long for a serviceman to realize just how bullshit everything is. There is a reason that military recruiters do not want veterans anywhere near their offices.

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are literally propaganda to make train burgers to associate barbecues and vacation with muh military like Pavlov trained those dogs.

They never really existed in the first place. The bosses just let us think that they did.

if the enemy is killing themselves, that's a good thing

Marines seem to be an exception though. Servicemen from every other branch are cool guys while Marines are always stereotypical burgers, aside from being physically fit.

This "our troops gave us our freedom" meme is also just factually wrong. The American Revolution that "won Americans our freedumb" was fought by the Continental Army not the US Military which wasn't founded until after the war ended. This means this meme (The US military won American Freedom) is stolen valor.

I have no idea what the USMC does to their recruits but those guys are the most cucked bootlickers you will ever meet, and they normally stay that way forever.

I don't think most leftypol users have good enough opsec to pass a military background check

This is a very funny fact and would definitely piss off and confuse right-wingers.

But that isn't saying much considering most of them claim to be loyal to the Confederacy and the Union.

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People join because they’re poor and think there’s no better option you piece of shit. Revolution will never succeed until the majority of the military rank and file join the proletarian state

Is there literally any chance of that happening though? The US military is by and large extremely right-wing. What is the best way to change that?

my ancestors literally did come to the U.S. at the end of the 19th century which meant the first war they fought in was the spanish-american war lol

and by "fought" i mean "showed up in cuba two days after the war was over for occupation duty"

The US is by and large extremely right wing. Change that first.

Yes there is. The working class is moving rapidly to the left and soldiers generally come from working class backgrounds and are directly influenced by a shift in consciousness. It’s hard for a working class soldier to shoot his own family, members of his own class.

It really needs to be remembered that the US military's "voluntary" armies are largely comprised of rural whites from towns ravaged by capitalism, urban blacks facing regular systemic oppression, and the gullible and uninformed. Much as it really is an oppressive imperialist reactionary force in the world set to murder innocents by the millions, a lot of the people involved aren't going into it for this, get dehumanized so they don't think for themselves and thus don't think about what they're doing, then get sent to do the bidding of the capitalists disgusting will. I'm aware of the level of reaction among military groups but these are people who need to be viewed first and foremost as being in need serious help in many ways before being cast off as merely "supporters of reaction"

yep. most sign up to be cannon fodder for porky because the promised benefits are one of the only ways they see to escape life as a low-wage prole for porky.

They start with people dumb enough to fall for Marine propaganda (easily the most bootlicking, watch the commercials), then are dumb enough to join the cannon fodder of the military, then flood them constantly with retarded propaganda about how they're the single best service branch, surround them with violent reactionary jarheads, while working them too hard to think about anything.
Breed em mean and dumb.

What the other people who responded to this post didn't mention is that foreign countries aren't really a threat to the great Ameriburger freedoms either. In fact, most of these lauded "freedoms" were inherited from the British, plenty of other countries have these exact same laws. And they'll uphold them a good deal more consistently than the US does to boot. Don't provide rhetorical cover to American exeptionalism. Fight these stupid nationalist ideas.

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True dat. The marines are just broken in the brain. Whatever they do to them is inhuman.

That is a common reason. Also, there are the ones who say that they "needed direction" in their lives. They usually come from broken homes. Then there are the few who legit bought into the "serving my country" bullshit. It is both sad and amusing that they tend to be the first ones to realize that the military is completely full of shit. People tend to go in expecting everyone to be driven by a common goal, and it is incredibly disillusioning to discover that is just not the case.

Mine have been combatants on at least one side (but usually both) of every major North American armed conflict since Cortez conquered Mexico right up until we gave Desert Storm a miss. C-C-C-C-COMBO-BREAKER!

Hell no, it's not! It is largely comprised of poor minorities from everywhere from Puerto Rico to Guam and white kids from meth-and-pedophile infested suburban shitholes. At least it was when I was in it a decade or so back. Protip: knowing how to speak Spanish is a tremendous social skill to have in the American military.

That's not really getting to the point I was making, that the US military is as much a "voluntary" military as its workforce is.

Yeah I've heard military life is basically like being kicked in the junk really hard every day until you're out. The people who join to "serve my country" tend to get disillusioned really hard … or they drink the kool aid and become officers. It's my impression the most level-headed people in the military are blacks who join for the benefits and then bail at the first opportunity, lesbian sailors, etc.
Agreed. Was not in the military but my civvie line of work brought me around it frequently and I was initially surprised by how many people I ran across only half-spoke English, and with people from the far-flung corners of the empire and so on
They're amped up on hate and aggression all the time. Was trying to get directions around a Marine base once at like 7:00 in the morning and came across a guard post. "Hey… do you guys know where…"

Marines: "WE DON'T FUCKIN KNOW!!!1!"

Me: "Okie dokie thanks" (smiling)

Marines: "Uhh, sorry sir"

Your point is correct. If Lady Liberty wants your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, it's so that she can put them in camo and give them M-16s.

How long before military service as a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants

No they don't.
Anyway, what kind of fucking excuse is that? "I shot a bunch of children in the head… for the money!"

It already is one for legal immigrants.

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>kneejerk dare I say "reactionary" identitarianism covering itself with a veil of anti-imperialism

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Even if you don’t plan on subversion, military training is an essential part of preparing for class struggle. By not being prepared, you are putting yourself and your comrades in danger. Fascists have no issues with joining the army to learn combat skills, even when they profess to hate the US gov (muh King Zog etc.), we would be stupid not to follow suit.

Not an argument. Fuck off liberals.


Neither is the herpdederp that they are criticizing.

We're gonna need to get combat ready one way or another and left-wing militias are almost certainly going to get v&

this thread is full of idealism
'soldiers' are neither good or bad. attacking the concept of soldiers is ridiculous.

Yeah, liberals idolize assasins and gangsters.

The army isn't going to train you to make roadside bombs. Thevarmy is only going to train you how to wagevwar with the assistance of airstrikes and armored support which you won't have in your fantasy revolution scenario.

But mostly this. Wtf is wrong with you liberals?

I still look forward to one of you faggots saying it's a good idea to actually get off your computer and go do it for the lulz. Let us know how it goes lol.

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Join the reserves or something, especially if you live outside burgerland.

Killing is wrong, and bad. There should be a new, stronger word for killing like badwrong or badong.

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similar Tweet with similar backlash:

So you're gonna shoot little poor kids to get some training? Kill yourself. If not now, at least kill yourself when you get PTSD!

How is serving the empire taking action? Also you obviously didn't read because liberals don't give a fuck about pacifism. Liberals subscribe to the ideology of "kill whoever to get yours" they love assasins and gangsters like El Chapo.

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How would you propose the left wing in a lot of first world countries are going to start getting ready?

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That gets you partially there. It's not a disiplined organization though.

Read Mao, Che, and some handbooks. Do your own training, and if you're worried about infiltrators (or cop orgs like the SRA) then just invite close comrades you know. Importantly, as the other user pointed out, THEY DON'T TEACH REVOLUTIONARY TACTICS IN IMPERIALIST MILITARYS. The only true teacher of revolutionary tactics is revolutionary practice. Therefore, do not delude yourself that you can really learn what you need when there is no revolutionary movement. Instead of adventurist fantasies, engage in the hard and simple work of agitating, education, and organizing, and serving the people.

Those are cops.

Even in the US the vast majority of recruits don’t get deployed to conflict zones, especially if you are a reservist. Outside of burgerland combat deployment chances are basically zero if you’re a reservist, but you still get the same training.

So there's no way to learn small unit tactics that are absolutely vital in modern conflicts for and, importantly, practice them?

They teach basic infantry tactics as well as counterinsurgency, which are both essential for geurilla wars. Reading books on it is no substitute for actual training.

You are providing backup and logistical support, meaning you deserve to die.

The same training that's 50% or more just fascist indoctrination, and much of which is not applicable to revolutionary practice.

I am saying that people will learn what to do when it's relevant. Your beloved US military basic training like half a year long, and even that is really excessive. Most of the basic tactics revolutionaries need can be taught in a month or so. Even in this far-off future where there is a guerilla war in whatever Western country you live in, the initial phases will not be ones of open confrontation. So all your open engagement tactics are useless at that point. The shit that will actually help communists win (gaining the support of the people, hit-and-run, sabotage, remote strikes, etc) is obviously not taught to grunts.
I mean just think for a fucking moment. Use your head. Does Hezbollah encourage people to join the IDF so they can defect to Hezbollah? Did Che tell peasants to join the Cuban military before joining the guerillas? Did Mao tell people to join the KMT? Are you fucking stupid? You clearly DO need to read some books. READ A FUCKING BOOK.
Every successful communist revolution has depended on the ability to learn on the fly. There are always waves of failures and setbacks which eventually strengthen the movement by teaching it how to better counter the enemy. ACTIVELY WORKING FOR THE ENEMY WILL NOT DO ANYONE ANY GOOD. It just makes you a fucking traitor.

Counterinsurgency is essential for stopping guerillas, but since you are a liberal, I guess that's your goal. As well, US basic training does not actually make you any wiser on this general topic, as US soldiers are not used to fight communist revolutionaries. Contras are used for that.

Actually it is much better than joining the military. If you actually did read those fucking books, you wouldn't be posting such stupid shit.

see >>>/leftyk/


Mao and Che weren’t marxists. Guerillla fighting will fail and it’s ultimately up to the WORKING CLASS to overthrow capitalism

Grab your pitchfork and meet me at the factory 4 am friday my prole bro.

o wow a couple burgers on Twitter managed to string three synapses together and not worship the military. The fact is most burgers still do and questioning anything the government is doing to "combat terrorism" domestically or abroad is taboo. The most you can get from (left liberal) burgers is a general anti-police sentiment that is firmly rooted in identity reasons exclusively.

This is your brain on morality.

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That post is not moralistic.

What year is this, September Eleven 2004?

US military
"teach" anyone anything ever lol

They sure trained the hell out of those Syrian warriors though. It took them 5 minutes of action to surrender themselves and give up their gear to the first unit they ran into.
The U.S. soldiers are the worst soldiers on the planet (ok. Saudi Arabians are worse) and they only manage to get any objectives done because they have so much support from bombing the shit out of every area they go into. When they were without support in Niger a couple of months ago they handled it like little incompetent bitches.

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Most people are poor. Very few of them decide to go kill other poor people in the third world. It's down syndrome tier to suggest "they had to do it"

It absolutely is. Fuck off, Old BO.

Sure are a lot of missing posts here. Strange that they all appear to have been BTFOing a particularly retarded brand of moralistic "anti-imperialism."

I was in the military. Not for murica but for adventure and training. I always knew this country was fucked but I couldn't put my finger on why. I blamed the government. Of course now I know it goes far deeper than that. As a veteran of the USMC infantry I can tell you that for many, it is a huge redpill. Most of the guys I served with did their 4 years and gtfo. They're all anti government now at the very least. Some of em are like me and want everything to burn. The army is different though. In my opinion they were lazy and poorly disciplined. europeans thrived there.

Lol more Whitetarians trying to soothe their guilt. I know plenty of Marines myself and litterally none of them are anti government. This is just more opportunistic revisionism. Notice how these narcissistic Marines are anti government, but never talk about all the people they murdered with any real remorse lol.

I never killed anyone. I have no guilt. Most of the guys I served with never killed anyone. You don't know what you're talking about at all. You have no idea why people join or how it can affect someone.

Shut up Sakai, race is not a class

Lol, yeah that’s what you’ve been taught to believe. They set it up that way. “I didn’t kill anyone, I was just feeding the machine gun ammo.”
Yes I do, I spent my entire life growing up and working in the military.
Again with this me shit. Never once bring up the people you fucking murdered. Holy shit, you sound like every dumb criminal ever lol.

But property can be given to races.

Wow you REALLY DONT know wtf you're talking about. You have no idea what combat is like with insurgents and the Taliban. But hey, since you're worried about guilt arms people being murdered I'll tell you this: EVEN IF I DID KILL ANYONE I WOULDN'T GIVE A FUCK. Unless it was an innocent. I was merely stating a fact that i didn't knowingly ever kill anyone not did I feed a machine gun ammo that was killing anyone. I launched plenty of grenades though. Idk if any of them killed anyone but I highly doubt as it was more for suppression and shock value. I hope one of those grenades DID kill one of those pieces of shit though. So fuck off with morality bullshit.


It is permanently September 11th 2001 here in burgerville. A few people are tired of it but they are a niche minority.

Lol insurgents?! Nigga you’re the one that flew half way across the world to fight them and prop up the US’ puppet government.
No shit, which is why your the pity parties you dumbass vets throw for yourselves is so annoying.
Bullshit, they were short dudes for a full fucking decade. They were letting literal fucking gangsters into the Army. Saw those vatos with my own eyes. This is the same stupid ass story every vet tells, they were in IT and they sailed through the military. You couldn’t of all done that right? LMAO.
Okay you got me, epic troll.
Yeah you showed those kids and mommies who the boss was!

So you say you killed nobody, then say you maybe killed someone. Good fucking job guy. Thanks for your service to Northrop, Rayethon, Colt, et al. and helping create new enemies for the military industrial complex and "justification" for our foreverwar "against [insert brown or yellow targets]"

brotegding our liberdy our freedumds from fugging islamig communisms

Then you should really take your medicine.

No it can't.

Oh that’s right, the state is colorblind.

I refer to them as insurgents because of the way they fight. I could care less. Once again you've demonstrated you have no idea what your talking about. You sound like an idiot. Its true some vets throw a pity party undeserving and i despise them. You have a very narrow world view. Another keyboard commando who can't see reality.

Do you see, though, how that is fucked up? A person should care that someone may have died due to his own actions. I am certainly glad that nobody died because of me in the Alaskan air space. Those Russian pilots were probably pricks (all pilots are), but I still would not want them to crash and burn. The military tries to deny that sentiment to you, and the nature of war reinforces it. Don't let them.

I am sorry that you live in the Deep South.

Yeah, it is not a thing to be proud of. I don't know that he is proud of it, though.

My family has probably been on at least one side of every war going back to Gilgamesh at Uruk, and I didn't understand shit until I stupidly put pen to enlistment papers.

You are genuinely retarded if you believe that races possess property. That's seriously Zig Forums-tier shit.

Then your family is full of assholes that didn’t tell you shit. I didn’t need to join to see how fucking stupid it was. I don’t need to get killed myself to know soldiers get killed over the stupidest shit, not even including combat.
LMAO all you dumbass vets say this same dumb shit. Like getting abused for 4 to 6 years is some inscrutable enigma.
If races are given property won’t that race have property? They weren’t redlining white neighborhoods white boy.
No that’s spooked liberalism. White people materially gain from systematic racism.

Has numerous living and dead family member accounts along with original sources and proof of who the military really functioned and how their experience was. Things and stories and documents probably the government itself doesn’t have anymore. Sorry your family is too stupid to build institutional knowledge like my family.

*with original sources, and proof of how the military really functioned and what their experiences were.

Case in point. There is no explaining it to people who have not experienced it.

You got that right, liberal.

Lol no.
You crying about “Settlers” is spooked liberalism.

Are you talking about that military family that you claimed to have? The people who keep joining generation after generation?

Is that also how you gained your "experience" with waythithm?

Settlers is definitively spooked liberalism. Read Stirner.

Boohoo, you join up to become a paid murderer for bourgeoisie profits and you want people to feel sorry for you?

it's like asking for empathy cause stabbing babies all day gave you a nasty case of carpal tunnel

Oh I understand it perfectly. You’re another NCO burnout that thinks he has special knowledge because he was the umpteenth white trash hick put through the meat grinder. You know how many pussy diva vets I’ve met like you.
Sorry, but I’m not stupid enough to not learn from the looong experiences of my family. Lol, you talk about being enlisted like it was some secret club. You were a merc european. Nothing more. And everyone in my family, and I mean everyone, would tell you the same. And by the way you talk I can guarantee you they got further ahead inside the military than you.

*You were a mercenary.

No, I gained experience by working for the military. And applying the huge base of
institutional knowledge my family had to get ahead.
I did read it, you’re just another spooked burger with white spooks.

Says the user married to Marxist dogma.

Why are you surprised. There’s very few places you can make as much money realizably than the military. Some of members of my family are millionaires and they barely passed high school.
They just took back to back 100k plus military contract jobs in SWA working on Apaches or other weapons systems.
I said they build institutional knowledge and connections, not moral authority lol.
But one thing they did right was go in with eyes wide open.