Memorial-Day anti-military thread

Happy dead soldier day, Zig Forums!

Dump your best anti-military, anti-imperialist, anti-nationalist pics

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were they redpilled all along?

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FUCK the troops,
and most importantly,

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also, literally fuck their wives

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God is a part of the dialectics. We shall join him one day, have faith.

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So being leftists equates to being an absolute degenerate waste of skin?


The only veterans worth remembering.

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A soldier?

Happy Memorial Day to everyone but the Kronstadt sailors.

This shit thread again… you people are pathetic. You do realize that some of the most important protestors and strikers were veterans right? That some of the most famous strike-breaking incidents and assaults were against veterans right? That these people, who lack class-consciousness and are essentially tricked or coaxed through free healthcare and college to enter the military are left broken and dying… even those who never went to war. There was an interesting twitter thread on that:

Some of the most prominent parts of the 1917 Revolution were veterans and defected soldiers of the Imperial Army of Russia, a trend shared by many leftist revolutions.

This tbh. Of course former military should be vetted before being allowed influence in any org for security reasons, but this knee-jerk rejection of all veterans (based on what exactly?) is highly impractical and IMO, deeply liberal and pathological.
It's also bad optics. Imagine the following scenario:

rip all victims of imperialist violence, your only mistake was you didn't kill enough of their storm troopers.

Troops are literally imperial cops. You like cops user? Or you don't care because they only target the Middle Easterners?

Not my fault that some kids have no morals and put the wellness of themselves over that of foreigners.

Reformed troops can be okay, but anyone who defends their actions or the American Empire can get fucked.

Kill yourself.

way to throw in a false equivalency and divert the argument.
And where do you see that in my post?
It is capitalist societal ideologies fault that kids are deluded into believing the lie of American freedom and liberation and only learn otherwise when its too late. You can't blame poor kids who have no other way of getting benefits or go to college from getting desperate and taking the military route, especially when all they hear about the military is praise and urges to support them.

This argument has been had before last year, in last years thread and the same bollocks anti-veteran statements made here are what were made now.

See as well.

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Yes we all remember when Lenin said soldiers were agents of the bourgeois and not part of the revolution

good ol lenny

No false equivalence. US Troops are cops who get to kill even more people. That's it. They are incredibly fascist people ideologically, as well.

Watch Battleship Potemkin and compare it to conditions on US ships and subs. Russian soldiers at the time were fed up with disgusting, maggot-filled meals and extremely harsh conditions. US soldiers get delicious, three course meals, air conditioning, internet, movies, vidya, jackoff material, etc. There is no comparison.

You're not getting it at all. Stop getting caught up in your ideology m8 and look at things objectively.
There's the false equivalency again.
1) That was under the conditions of the war when the Tsars incompetence led to food shortages and thus bad conditions. This wasn't a regular thing.
US soldiers get delicious, three course meals, air conditioning, internet, movies, vidya, jackoff material, etc
No, no they don't. You get that, at best as an officer and usually on big ships like aircraft carriers. If you're a grunt sailor working basic then your life is hell. Life on submarines is even worse. Stop talking shit about things you haven't even bothered to research, let alone do.

Objectively, US troops are fascist mercenaries. You will not succeed in recruiting any of them. Any "recruits" you get will be spies deliberately sent into your org by the military.

Yeah they do.

Now, this ^ is what a spy in your organization sounds like.

Funny, you can't refute the fact that "ex" cops, troops, CIA, feds, etc are a massive liability. So you accuse me of being a spy. Spying on who? Your post is how a shill sounds like… but there's a good chance you are just fucking stupid.
Read a book.

Again, US veterans among many other people have made up the workers who also striked and protested. Hell vets were part of Occupy Wall street for a modern example.
Yes undeniably the US military is fascistic, but that does not make the hapless fools who are tricked into joining automatic fascists. Go to the US military Tweet thread and read the twitter post linked above. The people who enter the military are usually either deluded into thinking that their army is just when they enter, or only enter because they are so desperate to get benefits on which to live that they think enduring it wouldn't be too bad. Hardly a good thing, but also not something a born and true fascist would be like. The few exclusions are Special Ops and Marines, the latter of which are always made up of jingoists and the former made up of agents hardened to kill their emotions and only care for themselves and their mission.
No they don't. Officers live like kings, the rest live in mediocre little bunks with shitty MREs to eat and having some magazines or some shitty little laptop to use, with no internet, or internet that is monitored by the Navy.

Or a massive asset, you do realize that many of these ex's often blow the whistle on bad things going on behind the scenes?

In the 60s and 70s, when there was a draft.

OWS was fucking stupid, so it makes sense that vets would be involved.

At least 50% of the replies are people whining that their troop family member killed themselves. IE, strong evidence that even some troops understand that they deserve to die. However, most vets don't an hero. Meaning they are just plain psychopaths.

A federal asset.

Close to zilch? Fuck off you liberal retard. What has whistleblowing done anyway?

For the most part, I suppose. I know an old former SF guy, and the dude would probably eagerly join any revolution against the U.S. government if he were not a septuagenarian. I don't think the whole "deadened emotions" thing worked on him either. He has more PTSD than a feminist in a room full of phallic objects. Of course, he was SF back when that was just getting started, so they have probably gotten better at that.

Case in point: Brad Manning.

Thank you for demonstrating to all of us the stupid way to do anti-imperialism.

Do you think that the US military requires people to eat Iraqi babies voluntarily to get in?

You have one example so far…

Not an argument.

Nice strawman.

How am I to read this as anything other than "anyone who was ever a soldier is Literally Evil"?
You have a retarded individualist reading of criticism of the military.

It does not need to be when it is in reply to another non-argument. Your shit is mindless and warrants only derision.

Worked as a military contractor for a number of years, yes, yes I know and I have a few stories about this.
We used to joke that the easiest place to pick up girls and get laid was the NCO Club (Non Commissioned Officers' Club) because all the wives of deployed soldiers would go there.
Had an enlisted man tell me that they forbade any solider from surprising his wife by simply going straight home without any notice to his spouse. So many soldiers would come off deployment and come home to their families as a surprise only to find their significant others' in bed with another man that it was killing morale.

Bullshit, I come from a military family and they all say those Special Forces guys are brainwashed to hell and back. Which is why none of them wanted to become one. The handful of Special Forces guys I've met all confirm this.

lol, i literally dated a chick whos boyfriend was a marine on deployment

good pasta



Best post

Also, why are vets so fucking entitled.


Bruh moment

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So do I. The guy that I was talking about is not a proper leftist, but he considers Uncle Ho to have been a hero of the people and that the NVA were the good guys in the Vietnam War. He also tried to warn me about what the military really was before I joined. Of course, civilians have no way of understanding until they experience the bullshit for themselves.

You Air Force then?

Again bullshit. It ever occur to you that someone trained to essentially be a spy, saboteur rolled into one is fucking lying,
Those Special Forces guys are in so deep they don’t even let them be Special Forces for long. It’s like six years max and they kick you out whether you’re good or not.
Even other soldiers find those freaks off putting.
What’s way more likely is that he misses the power and prestige he had and this bullshit story where he was actually in on it all along is some kind of coping mechanism.
Like when vets put their rank and (retired) in their signature blocks lol.

I very clearly wrote otherwise.

Wow, they must have managed to forget about that guy for twenty years. Seriously, where are you getting this hilarious bullshit?

It was very clearly hyperbole.
I was wrong about that, doesn’t make me wrong about anything else. Here’s some proof of how dirty special forces are straight from the horses mouth
From the military times.

Absolutely based.