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Is there a good way to be rich? I was born into a rich family. My dad has worked for major banks in the US (pic very related), and he makes over $500k a year.

Obviously I am not actually rich yet. I won't be until my dad dies and passes on his inheritance. But I definitely live an extremely privileged lifestyle.

So, how do I most effectively redistribute my wealth when I get it?

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end capitalism

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Donate your money to your favorite communist party.

Good advice.
Don't donate to the SocDems like the DSA though. Depending on where you live, they might even take a crypto donation. Hell, if you do then you can even write off your donation on your taxes, just say you lost the whole thing in the crypto market, fuck the machine twice.

You can deposit it into my bank account

Become the version of george soros that pol thinks george soros is.
Fund communist and socialist parties and destabalize right wing and capitalist countries.

Not in a capitalist society whereby wealth is either directly or indirectly the result of the exploitation of labour.

Beyond symptomatic healing, which may obviously incur good to a small, or even a sizable, group of disadvantaged or vulnerable people, there isn't really a great deal you can do directly with your wealth. Also 500k isn't actually tonnes (to an individual of course it is, but in the grand scheme of things its fuck all compared to major pigs).

There is a problem here with you thinking that merely by distributing your wealth, or more accurately, allocating your wealth to specific causes of worth, that this solves any real problem. The real problems are structural, and if, like your father, you obtain your wealth through working for "major banks in the US" then you are, through working for such an organisation, contributing to the upkeep of the system directly through your labour. This may seem like a moot point, as everyone technically is, as businesses obviously rely upon labour.

I'm not arguing that you sacrifice your wealth or chances of a high paying position and live the life monastic so as to avoid being upper middle-class, but this isn't the correct perspective to have on this issue. The question shouldn't be "how do I most effectively redistribute my wealth when I get it?". The question should rather be, "how can I most effectively pursue the most effective means by which I can challenge and attempt to change the system which creates the wealth disparity (and its consequences) I feel it is my duty to ameliorate or prevent?"

Invest in automation?
If you want to accelerate class contradictions that is.

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This is so stupid it made me lol.

Flawless reasoning.

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read a commie book or something

Devil's advocate lolbertarian question: what about a land value tax instead of a corporate tax? I actually don't know the answer to this

Do nothing and die

Start up a small business, fake strikes, fuck over scabs.

Use it to buy weapons for a leftist militant group.

All are terrible advice.
wealth redistribution is retarded.
You're probably larping, but if you aren't and want to do some actual charitable work, use the funds to start communist study groups, by funding advertising and giving free meals to the people who attend (nothing fancy, put on a grill with cheap chicken and some beers).

What are some good communist orgs? My local DSA is actually fairly good (it's like 7-10 people with varying ideology, no real influence at all from nat'l, direct action-based), but I realize that nat'l and big city DSAs are awful.

What are some actual good communist organizations? I'm in the IWW even though there's no chapter here, because I support their causes and am moving to a place with a large, active chapter. I'm also in the SRA but the chapter here is effectively nonexistant.

I have no interest in working for a bank, or even in being any sort of employer.

Also I agree with you that challenging the system is the most important thing (and I do believe some form of wealth redistribution would be a part of it). But how? And you're right, $500k/yr is a lot to me, but it definitely doesn't compare to the actual CEOs of these banks or anything like this.

So what can I do to most effectively challenge the system, both with my inherent privilege and the wealth once I inherit it?

I suppose climate change will effectively destroy humanity eventually, so I could try to fund ecosocialist causes. I could also fund communist orgs (that aren't cops lel).

Accelerationism is dumb. It causes needless suffering merely to instigate a revolution which may or may not happen, and could fail.

I assure you I'm not larping, but I have no real way to prove it.

I think those are really good ideas.

try to find more people like yourself in your richfag friend circle, and start a big leftist media outlet. Propaganda is the only way to save humanity

Become a class traitor and start funding resistance movements and communists parties, failing that burn down your estate and purge all your assets

Purchase media influence and use it to disseminate propoganda. Fund leftist orgs. Buy guns for homeless people.