Guerilla Traffic Strikes

Protestors all around the world have been trying to block traffic and make their voices heard, usually by physically blocking traffic somehow with their bodies. This is a ridiculous waste of resources. While the basic idea of blocking traffic to hurt profits and send a message is a good one, the methods used here are primitive and liberal. These protests usually result in the arrest of everyone involved, and of course, due to the low level of development of revolutionary conditions, the protestors only have enough numbers to hold up a single road or intersection.
This article is worth a read and gives a general outline of a guerilla approach to crippling auto infrastructure:
The main points of his strategic proposal:
1. Use your cars in tandem to create compression waves in traffic at intersections during rush hour. For example, you could wait for half or more of a green cycle before moving from the intersection. Move from one intersection to the next, so that the compression wave effect spreads and causes gridlock. Notably, this tactic is somewhat viable for even a single person. You could do this whenever you find yourself near the front of a queue at a red light in heavy traffic. People will just assume you are inattentive.
2. Do this unannounced at first, but then slowly begin publishing demands, propaganda, or an attached party program as people notice the worsening traffic.
However, I think this can be improved significantly. Instead of using our bodies or our cars to block traffic, why not just dump shit in the middle of the road? The article mentions this but doesn't elaborate on it much.
Here's my proposal:
1. Get a few friends or comrades and a vehicle that can carry furniture. Pick abandoned sofas, beds, dressers, etc. off the roadside, spraypaint anti-capitalist messages on them, and then either dump them from your car or carry them onto the crosswalks from a parking lot. If you use relatively small/light furniture or a dolly, you can even do this yourself. Wear inconspicuous outfits that mask your identity, such as construction gear (w/ facemask, goggles, helmet). Optionally, set the furniture on fire to make it harder to move. Film this for propaganda purposes to be anonymously uploaded later. Then drive away immediately. Rinse and repeat.
2. More comrades == more vehicles == more intersections you can simultaneously block.
3. You can target roads leading to/from rich districts, or just high-traffic areas.
4. Also fold this tactic into the broader organization and propaganda struggle as the article suggests.
If you execute this right, you could even get hooligans and thrillseekers to join in on their own as a fad.

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Stopping commuters is stupid and accomplishes nothing. Stop the freight traffic going to the docks and the airport. Now that will create serious disruption.

It could prevent businesses from functioning, and if performed with regularity, it could even discourage people from going to work or driving everywhere. As well, if you associate it with messages, it would spread communist propaganda. However, even though you are acting like a shitposter (offering no argument or reasoning), you are right to be thinking about the best possible ways to use a tactic.

This is a perfectly sensible suggestion. Of course blocking these also blocks commuters.

Every time protestors block streets off, the first thing the media does is claim that it "blocked ambulances".

You're never going to win people over by pissing off randoms.

Do a yellow vest and let ambulances by/create your own

Media claims this about literally anything leftists do. Mass protest? Blocks ambulances. Go on strike? Blocks ambulances.
You're never going to win people over by being a liberal coward.

Get a police scanner /police communication in the mix. If you're talking about maximizing the lifespan of an activist it helps if you know the shitpigs are coming.
Alternatively set up a really wide perimeter with lookouts that will give you a timed heads up.

You seriously overestimate the effects of a tactic that is nothing more than a petty annoyance. Focusing on airports and seaports works, because they are chokepoints through which vast quantities on time-sensitive commodities constantly flow. Closing a seaport for even a day costs bosses millions, and it doesn't ruin thousands of workers' day.

How about you demolish bridges pussy

I think your suggestion is only better on the assumption you dont get caught. If your protests actually end up disrupting anything the will just up the penalties like those pipeline protesters.

Might as well go straight to arson, only 17 percent are ever solved.

Well, how are they going to catch us exactly?

Much more difficult and more illegal.

Same way they catch people doing any crime: they see you do it, someone reports you, or they get you on camera and most major intersections have cameras on them.

It's a lot easier to avoid getting caught by those methods than if you chain yourself to the road like people in OP's pic.


Don't all the police radios have encryption now?


Hit the bridges that service major shipping ports along the west coast of the US to instantly fuck over the US' side in the trade wars.

After reading this I'm pretty sure that at least a handful of times someone has done this while I was behind them.
It's inscrutable, but I can somehow tell the difference between someone not paying attention and missing a light and someone purposely impeding traffic. There's a cadence.
Another suggestion might be to use stolen or abandoned cars, put fake or boosted license plates on them and park them in the middle of an major intersection. If you park several of them, and maybe interlock them somehow it'd probably be awhile before the intersection became unblocked.

Actually, no. I'm an idiot.

Hit bridges servicing heavy freight rail going to and from american steelyards and go along the east coast to force the US to buy steel from China on China's terms.

Doing it for "propaganda" reasons is retarded and does nothing but annoy people or actively turn them away from what you're saying. Blocking roads isn't a terrible tactic if your intent is directed economic distruption, but if you attempt this without pre-existing support or at the very least significant material public dissatisfaction, then the likelihood of it achieving any kind real significant economic change is slim. By itself, it does nothing to actually force change because it fails to actually coalesce organizational power and offer a prominent challenge to the power of the current state, with it at best causing production to seize for a day or two.
They won't. If they join, it will be because they already had a pre-existing grievance with the current state of society and the material conditions of their situation forced them to take action. People will make decisions based on whether they have something to gain from it and if the ones they are working with or supporting actually have the power or potential power to institute changes that will benefit them. If you both lack support or power and end up being the one who impedes on their immediate personal material well-being, then you will be seen as the problem. To think that people will simply fall in line to support you if you cause distruption is idealistic. They need reasons beyond just PotD to see it within their interest.

What would this accomplish?

Inconveniencing ordinary people who lack class consciousness isn’t going to make them achieve it. It’s only going to make them associate our movement and demands with people who annoy them.

Anti-imperialism means helping some capitalists make a profit at the expense of other capitalists, don'cha know.


OP hasn't achieved class consciousness.

Anti-Americanism is good at organizing workers outside of America. But inside of America if you spouse anti-American ideas people will punch you. This isn’t complicated.

What exactly does that have to do with influencing a market toward Baosteel Group?

Some are, most have encrypted channels.

Boston PD for example has like 14 non encrypted channels and 2 encrypted channels

There is also trunking vs non trunking systems. a non trunking radio is like $100, a trunking radio is $500

The cheapest option is RTL-SDR and a computer but this is not as easy to set up as a handheld radio.


Of course, XR does that too, but it doesn't stop piggys propaganda.

XR is controlled by porky, so it makes sense

The absolute state of leftist “revolutionaries”

Is it?

the XR cult leader literally said he wants to get as many of his supporters arrested as possible. they had training docs that said solitary confinement is a good opportunity to meditate.

They're not controlled by porky, just ridiculously trusting radlibs.


it's a psyop you dunce. where do cult leaders come from, with all the funding out of nowhere? from porky.

This. XR even popped up in other cities around Europe, seemingly overnight. I didn't go to the local meeting, but maybe I should have. I think it is an attempt by porky to co-opt the environmental movement because usually environmental movements lead to leftism and are generally lead by leftists. XR has business contacts and is supported by companies/corporations.


This is a good short documentary:

Thanks for sharing that, I've always felt there was something off about a rando 16 year old girl becoming the headline pro-green activist of the upcoming decade. But you sound like an asshole for tarnishing a kid's reputation and a cunt because they'll assume you're a climate change denier.

Porky does the little girl thing for all of its PSYOPs now. Like Bana.