Ostaboos rise up

HELLO AM humble ostaboo FROM glorious deutsche demokratische republik arbeiter und bauern staat. SORRY FOR parking tank in royal air force gatow car park. I SELLED MY sehr gut plastic product to warsaw pact for very good preis FOR concrete FOR build very long housing project AND I WANT TO BECOME THE GOODEST grenztruppe LIKE YOU I PLAY WITH Karabiner-S ON nationale volksarmee SERVER AND I AM RANK landstreitkraftsoffizier ALREADY PLS NO seize with glorious powers of state MY dokuments for of to crossing border, praise Honecker

Mit socialistichen Gruss, Ostaboo.

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The place for this is in the OC thread

Basiert und Ostgepilled mein Genosse



why are random words in all caps? is this an adlib?

The goofy fucking helmets always put me off, who thought these things were a good idea.

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Cheap to make in terms of metal, different from Prussian/Nazi ones, and proven effective in the field (they were used by the Wehrmacht in v late WWII as a replacement but were never wholesale adopted).

Me on the far left.

Where is this from?

Babylon Berlin I think.

It looks worse in just about every way compared to the stahlhelm, it is much wider which makes your head a larger target, and someone is more likely to clip the edge of it, it doesn’t really cover the ears, upper neck or back of the head very well, a helmet is supposed to protect against mostly shrapnel, and debris not bullets, but this leaves much of the head open, and the most glaring problem, it looks like shit, I don’t know they they didn’t just stick with the stahlhelm or something similar, it would look less comedic, and would probably offer better protection.

Helmets are good at defending your head. I think it was adopted a lot more after WW1 as explosives became more deadly and used by the enemy often.

I’m talking about this specific helmet, not helmets in general.

* upper back of the neck

*why they didn’t

Not covering the ear is actually a good thing: it makes it easier to hear shit.
Regardless, they were shown to be effective and they were most importantly cheap in terms of metal.

Eh it was more specifically against shrapnel in the trenches: a lot of stuff was flung up and came back down.

The Wehrmacht tested the new version and found it provided better protection than the old one. I suspect that being more rounded, it deflects shrapnel better.

Hearing is nice, but many soldiers prefer to wear ear muffs or ear plugs, because constant loud noises can fuck you up in the long term, and besides, I would prefer slightly dampened hearing over a piece of shrapnel or bullet to the side of the head.

Eh a lot of helmets don't cover the ear: the tommy helmet didn't for example.

As long as it hits the thing, but considering how wide, and open it is, I would suspect your more likely to be in your skull. It probably did perform better, but with advances in modern ammunition, deflection isn’t really a thing anymore, any decent bullet from a decent gun is going to go straight through.

And it was generally regarded as one of the worst helmets of the war, they’re is a reason the shape isn’t used anymore.

Helmets were always about shrapnel, not bullets. And you're very unlikely to get projectiles coming at you from underneath, which is the only situation where the newer Stahlhelm is less protective.

It did the job for two world wars.

Let’s just hope those projectiles don’t come from the side or back either or your fucked.

The vast majority come from above. That's why the Tommy helmet was shaped the way it was, although it may have gone too far.

Helmets don't protect you against bullets at best they stop 9mm like the psat but everyone uses rifles in military. They mostly protect you falling objects, pic related.

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