Another Youtuber Thread

What do you guys think about "liberal" Youtubers such as Shaun, ContraPoints, hbomberguy, Inneundo Studios and etc…
Do they have relationship with leftist Youtubers such as LSR, BadMouseProductions, FinnishBolshevik and etc
Why these "liberal" youtubers have such weird and sometimes bad content

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Shaun is the only one I watch, even he's way too pompous for me to like, not that Badmouse is any better. all those others can fuck off.

I honestly think Shaun is Sargon of liberalYT
But InnuendoStudios are probably the worst one

That's my opinion

Everything besides Hakim is shit. Libtard socialist rants, ThoughtSlime, and Peter (please put yourself in a) Coffin being the worst.


Name 🇬🇧one🇬🇧 bad thing about him. He's certainly better than FinBol with his "all the problems of SU can be blamed on cornman" bullshit.

He is not that bad tbh

Are Innuendo Studios the ones who attribute everything to some vast right-wing conspiracy where instead of just being retarded, right wingers are doing ingenious mind games? Cuz that's some paranoid schizo shit.

Fucking hate that guy. His super-slow talk and arrogance get on my nerves. Also IdPol as fuck
IdPol as fuck, actually harmful to the left because of her lack of correct theory. I can't watch her because of her narcissism. Her gamer ghazi fanbase is cannibalizing cancer.
Liberal overload. Muh Drumpf muh alt-right yaaas Queen. As if his little playbooks as to how to make an argument will work.
No. Just no. Absolute walking cliche.
Asshole who hasn't read any theory but thinks he's got the right takes for everything. Also dishonest.
Well-off white guy who has his radical anarcholiberal phase who went to Vietnam to grab himself an Asian chick. But hey at least he's suprisingly chill with ☭TANKIE☭s
Don't see anything wrong with her.
As the name gives it away, anti-communist
Personally can't stand the way he makes videos but his opinions are usually good after he unfucked himself from anarchism
Ahahahahahaha. Go fuck your realdoll you absolute walking embarassment

He is pro-Anita, pro-SJW (no joke),tumblrposting blogger
He is ultra schizoid like he thinks all democrat voters are angels
There are a lot of things to talk about him but he hates Zig Forums too

Correct. I also wouldn't be surprised if he buys into the Russiagate crap.

Also he thinks we are fascists for posting here

Heil Hitler kamaraden, how many jews you guys killed today?

I think that they're all opportunists. I went to check their patreons because i remember all of them around $6000 per month and even more for Contra and surprise surprise they've all hidden how much Patreon bucks they make but Contra has 9000 patreons with a minimum pledge of $2 so she's way into the six figures.

Generally all YouTubers who only bash the right and never criticise shitlibs, are completely silent on things like intervention in Venezuela are probably not real leftists and represent what's wrong on the left (constant bashing of the right because muh Drumpf while neolibs get a a pass).

You seem awfully eager to give fascist like Trump a pass while shitting on anti-racists. Have something to hide?


It's more likely around $10,000 to $12,000 but i took the lowest possible amount

That's a insult for a fascist

FinnBol doesn't say that, he and Hakim agree that the undermining of socialism was a slow process with things like the Kosygin reforms. He also doesn't think the USSR was capitalist just because Krushchev said a mean thing about Stalin, what Maoists believe.
Time to decide.

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nice b8

Every post you’ve made attacks Youtubers for calling out Trump while you go onto to whine about people talking about social issues and race. You’re probably just yet another white pseudo-communist

To be fair Contra actually probably has a budget of $1000 per video with the props and the equipment. What is the real scandal here that Shaun earns so fucking much for basically talking over a fucking picture once a month.

It's beyond me how people fall for this obvious scam, Shaun literally has a budget of $0 per video. Maybe needs three hours for research and another three for cutting and that's it. There is no fucking reason to blow more money up his ass, these guys are no better than alt-right grifters.

Dude, these people are probably okay with Trump bombing Syria and Venezuela which actively kills brown people while only problematising that he's rude sometimes. That's what liberals do and these people are clearly liberals. So do yourself a favour and fuck off mate

He doesn't do any research


ok be honest now, what's your yt channel and post your patreon as well so we can donate a buck or two to shut you the fuck up

Even with a budget of $5000 per video it's still enormous $18,000 is the least she could be making in reality when comparing to other patreons and adding the youtube money she's probably making around $28,000

You can’t even prove your claims. “Probably” lmao. Go cuck for your rich white billionaire friend over on /fascist/, buddy. You obviously have an emotional connection to him

S Tier: BadMouse
A Tier: Shaun, Angie Speaks, Old Contrapoints, Mexie
B Tier: Hbomberguy, Philosophy Tube
C Tier: Xexizy, Three Arrows, Non Compete
D Tier: Peter Coffin, Modern Contrapoints, Innuendo Studios
F Tier: Thought Slime


If I had a YouTube channel I'd not be getting much from Patreon because I'd not pander to liberals. I'd be highly problematic for the games ghazi crowd and Twitter witches



let the free market of youtuber donations decide lmoa

Seriously what the fuck happened to this board?

If you constantly whine about muh culture war with some alt-right pundits as the greatest threat to the West while being dead silent about Venezuela, not even a single Tweet, you're probably a liberal and part of the problem. Which gives me the mandate as a communist to shit on them. Please go back to your vampire castle

This has nothing to do with what you’re talking about. Only blue checkmark goons are in favor of it. You keep dodging the question

Yes, the proletariat spending their money on fast food, Marvel movies and donate their meagre wage to some rich guy who doesn't really work is definitely not part of late stage capitalism.

Where have I defended fascists you retard

reeee peepl ar eetin foodz and waching moovies eye dont laik!

You consider it a bad thing to attack Trump and alt-right fascists, mocking youtubers who cover such issues. You make it appear as if covering race and social issues is a bad thing to be looked down up (‘muh idpol’). You are practically a right-winger, that’s why I suggested you check out /fascist/, they love tyrants like Hitler and Pol Pot there

contra, shaun, and hbomberguy are not liberals, they either just keep the tone down to not scare the shit out of possible future leftist, de-radicalize alt right kids, or the issue at hand doesnt really involve nothing too leftist

Contra is 100% a lib you sound like of these 4D chess conspiratorialists

altrighters being deradicalized by contra is just does-not-compute to me, cause you'd think they'd turn off the video the moment they realize it's a trans person they're watching

i think she explicitly said that she was an anticapitalist in many occasions

I don't think it's bad to criticise liberals like Trump but it's bad to give liberals like Hillary a pass. No idea what kind of strawman you build up here in your demented head

i think that a altlight/right kid being deradicalized by contra is a commonplace thing, but of course we have to throw many other YTers to the equation too

But she doesn't understand what capitalism is (watch her videos about it) so she ipso facto can't be an anti-capitalist.

I'm fine with all of them. No one on this board understands the importance of having good allies for the left. It almost makes me think you're a bunch of cointelpro false flaggers trying to make the left as ineffective as humanly possible, but then I remind myself that no, you actually are a pathetic pile of lifestylists.

Gonna comment on this list because it's here already:
Fine liberal ally. Decent at shitting on the anti-SJW industry. His "super-slow talk and arrogance" are exactly what those fuckers are most triggered by. You gotta present yourself to be indifferently scoffing at them. He's great at this.
Fine liberal ally. Gets a bit too into the transgender narcissism for me, but has done some alright introductory material on Marxism in the past.
Fine liberal ally. His videos on the alt-right are decent enough, even if I disagree on a number of details. Good at warning radlibbish people about standard alt-right tricks. Doesn't manage to give any strong guidelines for what you do do though.
Fine anti-capitalist propagandist. Don't like his aesthetic too much, but to call him a "walking cliché" means you buy way too much into right-wing cringe culture.
Ineffective propagandist but an alright guy with me. Still the closest thing Zig Forums has to a strong representative of its views. Berating him for not reading enough theory is beyond pretentious.
Just as with ThoughtSlime, I dislike his aesthetic. But he's spreading Marxist propaganda so that's brilliant.
Haven't watched much of her but she seems brilliant.
His title isn't plainly anti-communist as is often suggested. While the symbol has been used that way in the past, the three arrows have also stood for struggle against "reaction, capitalism, and fascism" according to Wikipedia. He has never actually spoken out against communism as far as I'm aware.
Used to dislike his aesthetic, but it's improved a lot, and his editing has always been great. Very strong Marxist propagandist.
A narcissist idiot but doesn't deserve half the hate he gets. His shit against outrage culture is mostly great, although there are still a lot of points there I disagree with him on. He has a tendency to start confusedly ranting though in some of his videos.

i dont remember anything wrong abut those videos if youre talking about capitalism part 1 and 2, keep in mind the audience it is directed to. What did she said that might be non-anticapitalist?

For starters, she thinks alienation just means "shitty jobs" and the problem is some rich people buying a $10k dollar pizza.

I'm not saying you can't dumb down stuff for a liberal audience but I'm saying you still have to be correct.

I honestly think it's more politically neutral folks who get turned towards something more left-adjacent (I don't know if that's the right word for it that is more neutral instead of negative like radlib or shitlib). I think they're fine-ish I guess. I used to watch more of them until someone told me that they're kind of boring, and now that I think about it, they are kind of boring. Then again I also extended that to most youtube analysis videos being kind of incomplete series of "gatchas" mean to seem smart.
Having even a radlib presence in what is rather objectively an right-wing haven with algorithms that actively encourages reactionaries (because they consistently make longer videos) is not awful I guess.

She was a lot better about it until this year when she just is 100%, "I just want to be a stupid rich girl now"

meh i agree there, but might be a mistake because she is a phd dropout, i expect her to know some shit

i respect that, even if you dislike them you cant deny they have a useful practial function, stronger than this circlejerking 1917 LARPing shithole

The rest I agree with, but…
I think she's pretty openly not left. She's not good but I think it's overboard to call her actively harmful. Her fanbase is pretty bad though.
He's a "maoist" now. I don't think he got any better.

Philosophy tube is complete trash with no regard for rigor, principle, or even intellectual curiosity. Everything he makes is working backward from a liberal talking point he wants to support to justify it filmsily with some cliffnotes of a philosophical work.

What, like they turn off pornography when they realize it's cuck fetish? Those kinds of people rail against whatever they personally find intriguing and seductive. Contra uses the tranny taboo as a hook and then actually makes (bad, liberal) arguments. If she was actually a lefty and made decent arguments she'd be S tier because her identity makes for excellent bait.

Contrapoint does know her shit, but she's basically bimbofied herself as of late.

But I'm not one of these people, so I don't see the reason to subject myself to this.
She got all the terms wrong.
Sure, but he's putting himself as a Marxist paragon who thinks Lenin didn't understand Marx out there, so yes I can shit on him if he's actually illiterate. It's also ridiculous to say that he's Zig Forums's representative because he's openly denounced us as a NazBol board and started, just like Bat'ko, sucking up to Twitter liberals. He also has hippie views on drugs and prostitution and thinks schools should be abolished.

If you think Contrapoints knows her shit you are just easily fooled by someone who knows how to present themselves. Same with Philosophy Tube. These guys used to be these people in class you managed to bullshit their way through an oral exam because they have some rudimentary knowledge of everything a little bit and can wrap that up in a way that makes it look like they are theory cracks.

Cuck Philosophy (horrible name I know) actually seems to know his shit, Philosophy Tube and Contra don't. Although I still disagree with some of his views on Focaultian PoMo bullshit.

continue to post and you'll reach phil greaves tier

These people are petite bourgeoisie. The are simply riding a wave of leftist popularity to join the privileged classes themselves and would stab you in the back the moment their wealth and power was threatened. I don't care whether they shit on the SJWs or muh drumpf!, they are charismatic narcissists, the only ones worse are their boot licking fans.

Ecelebs get the wall. 10 years gulag for their fans.

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He thinks shooting drug dealers is fascism.

He's right though. Schools were designed to accustom people to factory work during the industrial revolution. Given the developments in communications technology, psychology, and education, we can design a much better institution.

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You are the kind of person who would say I am not a real Mathematician because I got C's the entire way.

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Source? Industrial workers in the 19th century were largely uneducated. Universal compulsory education was literally a demand of the Communist League and Marx and Engels.
I'd rather not have Silicon Valley design that. In any case I don't think we can ever get rid of things like scheduled classes, exams and the school as a physical building.

Yeah Contrapoints is kind of a brainlet.

I wasn't even talking about grades. You can be a good mathematician with bad grades and a bad mathematician when you have good grades. You literally made my argument for me.

yo cuck philosophy is THE shit in left-tube in my opinion, and PoMo is not bullshit you should give it a genuine try

i love this man

Education and school are not equivalents. Schools are pretty shit at educating.
Nobody suggested anything of the sort.

check democratic education, that is how a school should look like. There is litteraly no difference between school and the workplace, except that in school you have more authority figures and you have a little more fun

Vaush is Zig Forums approved.

I saw too many people being brainfucked by PoMo. They all ended up being some Antigerman Zionist and hardcore SJW. If you want cultural analysis and stuff, read Lukács.

Cuck philosophy is pretty good, and likes memes.

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Every socialist country massively invested in education and eliminated illiteracy. Honestly go fuck yourself liberals, everyone deserves an education so they can be trained to not fall for your sophistry.


In capitalism, schools are chronically underfunded, teachers are shit, there is racism and classism, curriculums are shit and designed for bullshit jobs. All this isn't the case in socialism.

I don't think kids should run a school. There are already things like parent councils in schools, I think we can expand on that.

The Soviets called them schools. Nobody wants take the burger braindamage that passes as education there as an example.

Yeah, I just wish he'd change his name.

There are still structural problems with schools, like how much time they compel people to spend studying specific subjects irrespective of students' competence or interests. The amount of time spent in school is a product of its inefficiency.

Fair enough. I like seeing alt-right idiots get roasted though.
She didn't.
Proof? He seems like a very humble guy to me.

Because everybody should posses a certain body of knowledge and way of thinking to lower their susceptibility to superstition and rhetoric. It is necessary for the public good, your individualism is anti-social.

Why does the modern scum worship these narcissists again?

Opinions on this guy?

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I don't know if he's much of a leftist but seeing him shit on Sargon was pretty satisfying

that's on them. "pomo" philosophers had useful insight and were pretty based IMO. liberals assume pomo philosophers share their views, but they rarely do. focault is the one they enjoy misreading the most, although I argue that it's not misreading if you didn't actually read it.

yeah, I basically just follow cuck philosophy, any other recommendations?

But I saw half these people make videos as anti-intervention against Venezuela?

Prolekult is S+ tier, greatest left-tuber out there

Real Communism is when you follow Duterte’s lead and murder drug dealers for passing out pot lmao

God you people are such fucking fags

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kids do not 'run' the school, they just run their personal knowledge aided BY teachers. And facts dont care about your feelings, because these schools work even on this rigid system, since there are democratic school established everywhere in the world

Destroy lives because the state criminalizes the substances you mean? Clearly the true commie move is to kill dealers, not decriminalization, just like how vodka was banned in the USSR and everyone that made vodka was shot, right?

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"Breadtube" always comes off as very reddit tier.
As an introducton perhaps but too many people get stuck watching these videos forever and never actually reading deaper into political or economic thought.
Much in the same way people who read "pop science" often do not progress to actual science.

Yes I think people who literally make money by killing the most impoverished and alienated sections of the working class should be punished.
We can discuss cannabis (it's legal in the DPRK) but first off let me just say you're retarded by thinking they do it for free. Drug dealers literally overpriced their stuff because it's on the black market.





haven't heard of them

heard of them, haven't watched

haven't heard of them

Channels I recommend:

Big Joel (not focused on leftism, but entertaining)

donoteat01 (VERY good videos on historical events explained from a leftist perspective using Cities: Skylines)

Philosophy Tube (good)

Some More News (super lib but sometimes has good summaries of events, basically a more left Phil DeFranco)


His Dreamworks videos have very strong leftist overtones. Most of his videos do really.

They're themselves part of this section of the working class. Don't be such a moralising faggot.
If killing drug dealers is a pragmatic approach I might be in favour of it, but the war on drugs has been an absolute disaster in America, so fuck that.

donoteat is pretty far left

and sorry I haven't heard of channels with barely any subscribers lmao

Who is LSR? Searching on YouTube reveals nothing.

who is that? looks familiar

Probably libertarian socialist rants

Come on. You can figure this out yourself.

If these schools do indeed work better than conventional schools, where are the studies that prove so? Hippie fathers financing such schools because they don't like the sound of explicit hierarchy and fetishize individual choice doesn't count as them 'working'.