What are phytoestrogens doing to men?

This guy claims to be a straight male, obviously asian, about 5'6"

You can tell his body is oozing with excess estrogen and probably lacks testosterone

Also, he says he like to keep his hair long to look like a rock star, but it just comes off looking effeminate to me

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You trolling OP? Any estrogen from food is not enough to feminize anyone.

Yes it is, there’s an endemic of juveniles that aren’t getting their gonads to drop long after they should. It is a serious health issue, and I first heard about it like 5 years ago.

Gonads literally drop in utero
You don't know shit about anything do you?

Your balls drop when you hit puberty idiot. That’s what I’m talking about. You got shares in Dow Chemical or something?

nice photoshop, source, and schizophrenia

1. Gonads and Testes are two separate things
2. Testes are already in the scrotum in infants
You are actually retarded, do you think children are just running around with empty scrotums? Literally only 3% of full term infants have cryptorchidism and most resolve in a year.
You only fell for the phytoestrogen meme because you failed high school bio.

The trans movement is to normalize the chemical castration of men. Since women hate men, they’ve gladly applauded this feminization.

Reported for being outside the idpol containment thread

1. They don't do anything.
2. This is a dumb thing to worry about.
3. If you are insistent on worrying about this, be worried about cow milk.

Yeah yeah, I got gonads and testes mixed up. And you’re ruinning cover for the feminization that endocrine disrupters are causing.
Scientists are coming to a consensus that men in America and Europe are experiencing a worsening decrease in fertility. They disagree, however, about why.

Men growing tits because of environmental pollution and diet isn’t idpol faggot.

But this thread is obvious bait, faggot. Why do you think there is a containment thread?

That's probably the fucking makeup you retard.
Plant estrogens don't act as estrogens in the human body. You should be worried about xenoestrogens from plastic or medications which do, not shit from soy or other plants.

STFU you spooked liberal. You think men got fat and docile because of a moral failure. It’s not that unbelievable that a guy could look that feminine in the West. I’ve had coworker with bigger man tits.

I’m talking about all the sugar and wild as preservatives, and alcohol the avenger burger consumes. All shit prove to give you fucking tits.

Oh and depression medication. They hand that shit out like Halloween candy now.

No, shitty threads like these are likely bait. Even if it wasn't it's still a shit thread regardless.

Literal alt-right garbage

Bring it to the containment thread

I thought women hated trans because they were taking away their female privileges? almost like women aren't a single entity that acts accordingly to the hive mind, you're just regurgitating alt-right propaganda.