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I've recently started browsing Leftypol and it has changed my opinion on a lot of things, but i wouldn't consider myself a socailist, because I still haven't read any books on it and only know the bare basics and because of the people I'd be associated with.
I was browsing pol yesterday and found a Communism General Thread, they subverted it pretty quickly with the usual cuck, soyboy and gommunism :DDD and spamming things like pic related. It's really off putting though, I don't want to be associated with people like this if it means considering myself a socialist. Obviously people like this aren't actually what every Socialist is like, but ye don't do a very good job at pointing this out, ye have to get better at shitposting and subverting stereotypes about the left and keeping a good image, this isn't gonna be another one of them shitty threads of people saying that the left has to organise and try to meme better, but still it's very off putting and has a better influence on what people think of the left than you think.

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is that u in 3rd pic?

I'd also like to ad that what my understanding of what Socialists would actually be like is much more different than it actually is. The left doesn't seem to care about the worker as much as they should anymore, it seems that most of it's attention is directed towards minority right, lgbtq+ right and identity politics in general. There's nothing wrong with this and this isn't the case here as well, for the most part I've seen people talking about how the left should only prioritize the workers first and then prioritize identity politics after the revolution.

Can we actually discuss what I'm talking about though, instead of the picture of your dad after I fucked your mom?

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dont insult me loser jus cuz u look like dogshit lmao

don't insult me in the first place if you're gonna get upset about like that

im not upset you look like dogshit.

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Are you really gonna be bullied away from a position you hold because of people posting the same couple dozen pictures of pre-transition trannies?

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If people cracking jokes about your position is enough for you to drop it perhaps you should become an apolitical normie centrist so no one can ever make fun of you.

I'm not abandoning Socialism because of this, but many others will. This has much more of an influence on things than you think, I didn't even know leftypol existed until I heard about it through pol, while I heard about pol from all the irl and online shitposting they were doing during 2016. All I'm saying is the left has a very serious branding and image problem and they're not doing anything about, they're not even trying to combat it when other misguide and stereotype them

Fuck me are you actually serious

First of all, if this is enough to make you drop your beliefs all it reveals is weakness of character;

Second, to find kekistan MAGApede and neonazi cringe you don't have to dig very far;

Thirdly, your political opinions should ideally come from reading theory and reflection, not physical appearance;

And my final point is if you don't like the stigmatization of leftist physique you could always improve yourself and attempt to mobilize some of your comrades to do the same.

Yes I'm actually serious, people are fucking stupid and will be off put by the stereotyping and lies they hear about the left, how the fuck is that hard to understand.

If you're communist and you dont work out and have a good haircut you WILL be going to the health spa boot camp gulag after the revolution until your appearance is up to code. I'd start hitting the weights and picking up some skin care products now if I were you user.


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That's literally what I'm talking about

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Hey buddy, you got the wrong door. The leatherstore is two communes down.

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Get a breath of fresh air and go and read a book. If you're genuinely angered by the fact that a 12 year old discerns his or her political beliefs on the basis of unquestioned assumptions about what others look like you need to take a step back.

So what do you propose? Studying and modern employment don't require a strong build, and they certainly don't help to develop one.

Exactly this is what I'm fucking talking about, the exact same is true for the right, but they do a better job of masking this with "muh master race" "muh strong aryan features" "muh cool aesthetics"

The entire point i'm trying to make is that others will be put off by all this, ==I AM NOT PUT OFF BY THIS, BUT OTHERS WILL BE==

There's a lot of discussion about racial and sexual minorities and that sort of thing because socially progressive liberals talk about this stuff so we have the actual lefties+these guys getting on board with rights for minorities. I'm cool with working towards revolution but in the meantime getting rights for minorities is a tangible achievable goal and it would make life better for a bunch of people so why not get the progressive libs to help us with that.

Be honest with yourself and ask the question as to why you care so much about this in particular.

I care about this in particular because others will be off put by it, I've said this so many times, why is it that fucking hard for you to understand

They do a better job of masking it only within their spaces, i.e. Zig Forums, and the way they do it is by outshitposting us, you can't beat their numbers. It is pointless to attempt to beat them at home. Believe me, their LARPing isn't that effective on anyone else other than 12 year olds and those who are already convinced.

The left puts content before aesthetics. We don't care if you think there are leftists who look "cringy". Cringe culture is itself the cringiest shit out there. Take your playground politics somewhere else.

What's upsetting is the idea that we should take their concern seriously rather than tell them to grow up.

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Continue lying and you'll end up with the emotional complexity of a cash register; choices to make buddy.

Since I don't have anything better to do. Why don't we shitpost on Zig Forums?

How to fuck am I supposed to talk to you if you're just going to outright fucking deny what I have to say

The concern is with social and cultural values that have and are failing them; if your political creed is reduced to solving an online image problem you're as narcissistic and backwards as the people you are trying to 'save'.

This is literally how Nazis think

Outshitposting them would be a waste of time, I understand that'd never be possible, but we should try to point out when they're wrong about the left. They subvert things too easily, which is hard for us to get our point across, and even if we're able to it's hard for people to take us seriously

What we need to do is understand how cringe culture functions so we can more effectively oppose it. What we shouldn't ever do is scramble to meet its standards.

What we should be doing is
1. Constantly subvert their expectations. If they expect us to say something we say the opposite.
2. Turn cringe culture back on them.

Who? Why? Is our main problem really just that everybody thinks we're ugly when we're actually not? I think the left has bigger problems than that, user.
Besides, this board is probably half former Zig Forumsyps at this point so you probably shouldn't be complaining about this here.

all the way this, this is what we should be doing

Spam Soviet propaganda like this, the original communist aesthetic

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I don’t care about the positions of stupid people. If aesthetics all people actually care for, than that world can burn for all I care

The thing is aesthetics and propaganda are more powerful than words among the masses. That's how parties with policies clearly antagonistic to the interests of the people get votes from the proletariat. That's also why I don't believe in electoral politics

That's just de-facto fascist propaganda mate

Jus because fascist do something doesnt make it bad

oh god its the optics thread again

Just exercise once in a while man, you'll feel better.

OP is right. The last 50 years have shown that socialism that is not anti-liberal is doomed to failure. It will always be subverted by the liberals as their goals of feminism etc. are compatible with capitalism and will waste precious precious resources that could be used to abolish the order of capitalism with woke characteristics.

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Fascists appropriated this shit from the Communists, not the other way 'round. Bet you think discipline is fascist too.

this, best korea gets it

thi shit is for people who already are socialist, if you learn your shit here, you'll only be an anti-sjw with chinese characteristics.

Stop it. That site will give you brainworms

But yes, you are right western left is full of radicalised liberal types who really do harm to our image.

But Zig Forumsyps and western rightists ain't better

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We also can strawman them

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lmao at your life

I would just look around at local socialists groups and try it out. Don't necessarily sign up or join any group if you don't want to. But for instance, my local socialist group has been mainly involved in a campaign to require companies give their workers paid sick leave and been helping out a steelworkers' picket line while they're on strike.

Well, what should we do? It's not like Zig Forums is going to select out nice images of the left. The problem with these anonymous image boards is that it's impossible to build a community here – it's pure id. And building a community is really what we want to do.

Using this now for shitposting purposes on Zig Forums

Anyways, if you're asking me what A E S T H E T I C the left should use, I'm partial to "chain-smoking 1980s Soviet-era Party Apparatchik" and/or Bond villain KGB agents + khaki Mao suits.

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This image, for example, can be captioned as "BO ordering the evacuation of Zig Forums after a nuclear accident during Meltdown May, 2019 (108 Juche Year)."

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Man Zig Forumsyps are so retarded

When you arrive to increase post production

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Yeah, I know. I'm going to stop posting there soon since it's has been going on for like two hours. I must do something better with my life than waiste it debating Zig Forumsyps.

Why the fuck are listening to strawman arguments? Also, a lot of the images right wingers spam were taken as a joke.