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Corbyn says Labour now backs a new Brexit referendum in all circumstances
Jeremy Corbyn says that Labour now supports holding a referendum on any Brexit deal in a significant shift towards the party becoming an unequivocal pro-referendum party.

Serbia places forces on alert after Kosovo police operation in Serb-populated north
Serbia ordered its troops on full alert on Tuesday and Russia accused Kosovo of provocation after a Kosovan police anti-crime operation in a region populated mainly by Serbs led to clashes.

Food, fuel ships to Venezuela are being sabotaged, says Maduro
Ships carrying food and fuel intended for Venezuela have been sabotaged to prevent them from reaching their destination, President Nicolas Maduro has said, labeling the acts “torture to the economic body of the country.”

Austrian chancellor Sebastian Kurz ousted in no-confidence vote
Austria’s chancellor has been ousted in a no-confidence vote just a day after his centre-right party enjoyed a triumphant night in the European elections, after opposition politicians lost faith in his handling of a corruption scandal that has engulfed his former far-right coalition partner.

“Yellow Vest” Facebook group with 350,000 members frozen on European election day
On Sunday, polling day in the European elections, the largest Facebook group associated with the “yellow vest” protests in France, with more than 350,000 members, was frozen so that members could not publish or share information in it.

French rights group moves to block Saudi arms cargo
A French humanitarian group is seeking to block a delivery of munitions to a Saudi ship docked at a port in southern France, arguing the weapons will be used to commit war crimes in Saudi Arabia’s conflict with Yemen.

France will take 'necessary steps' to seek to avoid Iraq executing four of its nationals
France on Monday confirmed that an Iraqi court that sentenced four French citizens to death as members of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant had jurisdiction to do so but said it would take "the necessary steps" to try to prevent them from being executed.

From Colombia, Venezuelan defectors arm themselves to 'liberate' their homeland
Wearing camouflage shirts and combat boots, a Venezuelan militia group stands in formation in the Colombian city of Cucuta as their commander, a former Venezuelan army sergeant, outlines plans to seize towns across the border before heading to Caracas to help oust President Nicolas Maduro.

Maoist rebels attack Indian government forces, wounding 11
Police say Maoist rebels have triggered a blast in eastern India, wounding eight paramilitary soldiers and three police officers carrying out a search operation in a forested area.

Malaysia to Return Plastic Waste to Western Nations
Malaysia announced on Tuesday that their government is planning on sending over 3,300 tonnes of non-recyclable plastic waste to several Western nations.!kalooga-35489/~Malaysia ~Canada^0.75 ~U.S.^0.56 ~U.K.^0.42

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Burger here who wishes he was a lot more in-tune with the Brexit fiasco, is this a smart move? What's Jezza's endgame?

Brexit needs to happen though. What the fuck is Corbyn thinking?

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They could just do what Poland does, and just ignore whatever they don't like about the EU.

He's trying to stop bleeding to libdems, who they would not like to form a coalition with.

I hope he listens to varoufakis' advice here

Fresno Grizzlies apologize to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for Memorial Day tribute video
A minor-league baseball team apologized late Monday for "some misleading and offensive editing" in a Memorial Day tribute video that aired at its stadium.The Class AAA Fresno Grizzlies said the video, which was broadcast between the two games of its doubleheader Monday, was intended to be "a moving tribute" to the armed forces. But as the voice of President Ronald Reagan mentioned "enemies of freedom," the video showed an image of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., between images of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and former Cuban president Fidel Castro.

‘We’re going to use steam’: Trump declares downgrade to US carrier launch systems
During his Memorial Day address to some 1,000 sailors and Marines on board the USS Wasp, US President Donald Trump took the opportunity to, once again, push for steam-powered catapults on America’s aircraft carriers.

'American Soil' Is Increasingly Foreign Owned
American soil.Those are two words that are commonly used to stir up patriotic feelings. They are also words that can't be taken for granted, because today nearly 30 million acres of U.S. farmland are held by foreign investors. That number has doubled in the past two decades, which is raising alarm bells in farming communities.

Nolan Brewer: Nazi sympathiser who painted swastikas on synagogue 'radicalised by Fox News and Ben Shapiro', claims lawyer
Brewer's case has brought national attention since the ruling, not because of discourse over the length of his sentence - but because of a name Mr Ansell mentioned in his sentencing memo: conservative commentator and Daily Wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro.

Tornadoes slam suburbs of major Ohio city; 60 million people still under severe weather threat
Three massive tornadoes that tore through Ohio, including the suburbs of one of the state's largest cities, leveled homes and entire apartment complexes Monday night and knocked out power and water to tens of thousands of people.

Johnson & Johnson faces trial over opioid crisis in Oklahoma
Johnson & Johnson, one of the world's largest drug manufacturers, has gone on trial in a multi-billion dollar lawsuit by the US state of Oklahoma.Prosecutors accuse the firm of deceptively marketing painkillers and downplaying addiction risks, fuelling a so-called "opioid epidemic".

The US-China trade war could slash economic output across the world
Further escalation in the US-China trade war could slash global gross domestic product by $600 billion annually within two years, according to estimates by Bloomberg Economics.

The video.

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oh shit european what are you doing

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Oh look I was right about what a disaster Corbyn's ambiguous Brexit policy has been :^)

Shame he didn't change his mind until it reinvigorated the Libdems but hey

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The WSWS has always reported that Corbyn would betray the working class and this analysis got a ton of backlash from people in this site as they are mostly incapable of conducting a class analysis of political events.

"The last thing Corbyn would contemplate is to come to power as a result of a movement of the working class he might not be able to control. He wants only to serve British imperialism and continue the efforts to suppress the class struggle that have characterised his leadership. May’s overture is confirmation that the ruling class has Corbyn’s real measure as an essential ally against the working class.

These are strategic experiences for the working class in Britain, Europe and internationally. Corbyn has been held up as a model to be emulated by pseudo-left formations the world over. But before Corbyn, the same service was provided for Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, the “Left Bloc” in Portugal and Bernie Sanders in the US—always with the same disastrous impact.

From the outset, the Socialist Equality Party warned: “Corbyn represents the last desperate effort to resuscitate a policy that has failed time and time again and has played a crucial role for the bourgeoisie in stemming a revolutionary development in the working class—the policy of attempting to push Labour to the left.”

We drew particular attention to how, when Syriza came to power in January 2015 as a result of its pledges to oppose EU-backed austerity measures, “this was hailed by pseudo-left organizations everywhere as a transformative event that would change the trajectory of European politics. Instead, Syriza spent months pleading with the EU for paltry concessions on the terms for imposing EU austerity measures before repudiating the landslide vote against further austerity in the July [2015] referendum and agreeing to impose even harsher spending cuts than its predecessors.”

The claims of the pseudo-left are in tatters. This week, the Socialist Party writes of “a screaming silence from the trade union leaders,” who have “failed to articulate the desperate situation in working class communities,” and “the faint, hardly audible, voice of Jeremy Corbyn”—without even mentioning his talks with May. The Socialist Workers Party describes the talks as “a trap for Labour” and “a cover for delivering the bosses' interests.” “The missing element is an independent working class intervention into the crisis. That is why the government has not collapsed,” they conclude, without ever criticising Corbyn.

The impasse over Brexit is rooted in a global eruption of inter-imperialist antagonisms provoked by the bitter competition between rival powers for control of the world’s markets. Under Donald Trump, the US has turned sharply towards protectionism, trade war and stepped up threats of war. Europe’s major powers respond by seeking to reinforce the EU as a protectionist trade bloc with its own military capability—even as the antagonisms between them threaten its break-up.

Everywhere the growth of national tensions finds political expression in a lurch to the right by all the major parties and imperialist governments. To remain globally competitive means an endless assault on the jobs, wages and conditions of the working class, which in turn demands authoritarian forms of rule. In Europe, this has spurred the growth of far-right and fascistic movements that exploit popular hostility to the EU’s austerity policies and benefit from the scapegoating of migrants and refugees. They are already in government in Italy, Hungary, Austria and Poland and are major opposition parties in France, Germany and the Netherlands—promoted by the media and the state apparatus as a shock force against the working class.

Continued support for Corbyn and Labour facilitates this dangerous development. The election of Trump, the rise of Marine Le Pen in France and the Alternative for Germany entering the Bundestag were all made possible by the venal role played by the official “left” parties and trade unions and their pseudo-left apologists."

No you fucking weren't, you don't even understand what he's trying to do. His goal is not to do well in meaningless mid-term elections, it's to wash his hands of the EU and to avoid driving away 52% of the electorate. That means avoiding committing to cancerous Remain policies any more than absolutely necessary.

That's less a report on betrayal and more the WSWS airing its political front as an alternative.


Antisemitism and the Crisis of Liberalism
Contemporary antisemitism must be confronted. Yet liberals who insist on equating leftists like Jeremy Corbyn with the open antisemitism of right-wing figures like Donald Trump are not only blatantly dishonest, but prevent us from fighting anti-Jewish bigotry.

The Dismemberment of Yugoslavia 20 Years On
Two decades ago Nato started it’s 78 day bombing campaign against Yugoslavia. Using the language of peace and humanitarianism Nato dismembered Yugoslavia killing more civilians than they did soldiers. A non-stop aerial assault on the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia using more than a thousand Nato warplanes delivering 2,000 air-strikes in 40,000 sorties and with over 20,000 bombs dropped on the country.The rabid imperialists shed crocodile tears of humanitarian concern for Albanians in Kosovo. Or so the press and it’s organs told us. In just a few months President Clinton bombed four countries: Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq and Yugoslavia. Of the four Yugoslavia was to take the most ferocious bombing. The United States was also involved in proxy wars in Angola, Mexico, Colombia and East Timor.This selective humanitarian concern did not extend to a number of European countries for its continued oppression of the Roma. Britain remained exempt despite having had death squads in the no0rth of Ireland.(Secret Death Squads Backed by Thatcher Gov’t Killed Hundreds in N. Ireland, Sputnik, 06/2015) The United States did not work itself into a panic over the Hutu for their slaughter of half a million Tutsi in Rwanda. The US did not drop bombs for 78 days and nights on the French who were complicit in that massacre. Neither did they bomb Guatemala for the military’s systematic slaughter of tens of thousands of Mayan villagers. They did not moralise to the Indonesian people whose military generals were engaged in mass murder in the summer of 1999.

Mexico: Communique from CIPOG-EZ After Two More Members Are Assassinated
Communiqué from the Popular Indigenous Council of Guerrero-Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ) on the recent murder of its members, Bartolo Hilario Morales and Isaías Xanteco Ahuejote.Twenty days after the cowardly murder of our brothers, Lucio Bartolo Faustino and Modesto Verales Sebastián, impunity continues at the three levels of government. We the Nahua people of the mountains of the state of Guerrero are grieving and angry. We publicly denounce the hideous murder of our brothers, Bartolo Hilario Morales and Isaías Xanteco Ahuejote, who were both Indigenous Nahuas and local promoters of the Popular Indigenous Council of Guerrero – Emiliano Zapata (CIPOG-EZ). The people who carried out this atrocious assassination are professional paramilitaries. They were not satisfied to just to take their lives away; they denigrated them, showing no mercy in this extrajudicial assassination. They dismembered them and put our compañeros in bags. They thought through this vile act they would also demean their story and denigrate their lives. They are wrong.

No its a direct report on betrayal. This is what the WSWS had to say about Corbyn's position on the referendum and as always they are completely correct:

"On Monday, Blairite peer Andrew Adonis wrote in the Guardian, “The time has come to make a second referendum our clear and settled policy, and for Labour to declare that it will lead the remain campaign.”

Corbyn’s closest ally, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, immediately acceded to the first demand, tweeting Monday, “We must unite our party & country by taking issue back to people in a public vote."

He told the BBC, “We want a general election, but realistically after last night there aren't many Tory MPs that are going to vote for a general election. It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.”

Corbyn stated that he was “listening very carefully” to both sides. The party’s preference was still general election but any Brexit deal “has to be put to a public vote.”

Corbyn’s failure to unite workers across the Brexit divide is not because this was a doomed venture. His real goal was not to secure class unity, but to maintain “national unity” in the interests of British imperialism. Despite his occasional rhetoric regarding the social crisis facing the working class, he offered no socialist alternative capable of unifying the working class against the entire ruling elite, however it is divided over Brexit.

Corbyn faced all ways at once. He could never take a stand against the nationalist sentiment whipped up by the Brexit wing of the bourgeoisie, because he shares much of their nationalist agenda—not only the view that the immigration associated with free movement of labour is a problem that must be curbed but the glorification of “parliamentary sovereignty” as the guarantor of social progress. He could never oppose the Remain wing’s apologetics for the EU and its pro-austerity, pro-business agenda. His line was dictated by the dominant view of the City of London, which never wanted Brexit and insisted that, if it could not be prevented, then the UK must maintain access to strategic European markets at all costs.

Based on exploiting the sympathy he enjoyed among workers, Corbyn tried to assume the pose of national saviour—and ended up a national joke instead. In the run-up to the EU elections, he spent six weeks ensconced in talks with May hopelessly trying to secure a Brexit agreement that would pass in parliament while clinging onto the stinking semi-corpse of the Tory Party.

It is thanks to Corbyn that the Tories are still in government and busy electing a new leader. It is he who bears responsibility for continued divisions over Brexit that can only be overcome based upon a perspective for uniting British workers with their European brothers and sisters in a continent-wide struggle for socialism."

Corbyn's role is to deceive workers and young people into thinking that bourgeois politics is a viable vehicle to curb the failures of capitalism. The truth of the matter is that only the independent mobilization of the international working class can bring forth any positive change. The faith in Corbyn displayed by many on this site and elsewhere is a symptom of middle class skepticism of the revolutionary potential of the working class and thus they believe that reformists like Corbyn are needed to "radicalize" people when infact Corbyn, Sanders, and all of these fake left politicians are simply capitalism's response to the growing radicalization of the workers spurred on by the objective decay in their living standards. Their role is to rally workers behind bourgeois "democracy" where infact the opposite is needed now. If any of you support Corbyn, you are infact a stupid and useful tool of the capitalists.

95% of OP/EDs are fucking useless drivel. It'd honestly be better to have four or five more actual headlines than some tonedeaf rablib at Jacobin just pointing out the obvious, or someone from the Frogballs, Arkansas branch of antifa telling us how he revealed some local mall cop to be a stormfag.

No, it isn't. I support WSWS reporting, but misrepresenting the content of their articles as foreshadowing the events taking place because they happen to fit a narrative is disingenuous.

At least be honest.

How is Drumpf "openly antisemitic?". At this rate, if he sucks Israel's cock any harder, he'll pass out from lack of oxygen

Zionists can be anti-semitic. In fact the Zionist project benefits from the spread of anti-semitism (outside of Israel of course) since it drives more settlers into Israel.

WSWS reporting on Corbyn the moment he got elected 15 August 2015:

"What does the “Jeremy Corbyn phenomenon” represent?"

The July 27 edition of the Socialist now declares that if Corbyn “is victorious, it would be a real step forward and, in effect, the formation of a new party.” Should the right wing respond with expulsions or a split, the Socialist Party promises to acknowledge him as the de facto “anti-austerity leader” of a new party made up of “all those who have voted for him,” along with “the many trade unions—including non-affiliated unions… which support his programme.”

The only union not affiliated to the Labour Party that has backed Corbyn is the Rail, Maritime and Transport union (RMT). Under the leadership of the now deceased Stalinist Bob Crow, the RMT joined with the SP to form the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition electoral front. The SP is, in effect, declaring that it will continue to work under the discipline of the RMT in its efforts to restore Labour’s political credibility.

Above all else, what has been proved by the bitter experience made by Greek workers with Syriza is that it is impossible to defend anything—jobs, wages, essential social services—without breaking the stranglehold of the financial oligarchy over economic and political life. It demands the independent political mobilisation of the working class against the major corporations and banks and their government—which Greece has also proved will stop at nothing to safeguard their interests, even if this means destroying a country and plunging millions into abject poverty.

Corbyn offers no such struggle. Should he win the leadership of the Labour Party, or become the focus of a political regroupment of the pseudo-left, he will betray all of those who voted for him just as surely as did Alexis Tsipras of Syriza."

The stance was always clear. That Corbyn would lead betrayals, of course the specific actions that he would take could not be known but the fundamental analysis has been confirmed over and over, with his latest support for referendum being a desperate attempt to preserve a broken system when what should be done is to rally the working class as an independent force rather than divert them into bourgeois politics as Corbyn is doing right now.

Yah, i can't find any places lefty,commie or anarkid that is good 99% of the time. If anyone has recommendations for sites that have lefty takes that would be much appreciated.

I apologize for shouting, I stubbed my toe before I typed that out :(

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1. stop bullying my wife
2. stop insulting KJU and Fidel by comparing them to basic socdem.
3. I'll sleep on the couch tonight

Is arming gusanos and forming paramilitary groups really the new opposition/US strategy?

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I mean the Contras worked so well!

They've been releasing articles like this for months.

How about posting new radio/pod content? Thinking about stuff like (Loud and Clear has a communist and a whistleblower host team, while By Any Means Necessary's host is a PSL member)

Daily reminder that the SEP are basically leftcoms masquerading as Trotskyists.

Their position on trade unions and mass parties is indistinguishable from that of the Italian leftcom position and also completely contrary to Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky's own opinions on the matter. If anyone are "pseudo-leftists" it's them.

Yeah, but IIRC it used to be bait for military defection, not civilian militarization. Then again i suppose it was only a few steps from trying to get young people to be shot by the GNB.

This was something I was going to do a while back, and I still do post videos/written pieces in these threads from time to time. WRT podcasts, there is usually already a general thread. I might actually kick the concept back up because I don't think it should all be placed on newsanon to source things.

The plan was to post a thread weekly (monthly might be a bit too long, but I'd imagine that I would need to get more feeds. I have the vast majority of podcasts tracked on the left so that would be relatively simple, and I have a decent amount of youtube content tracked (although I could do with more academic references like conferences + talks), but where I'm lacking is in blogs, journals, book releases and more academically heavy things.

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Damn drumpf just got BTFO'd. How will he ever get out of this one?

I mean seriously, do these people realize that Trump just doesn't care and his supports don't either.

ronald reagan what a fucking old demented faggot and fuck the john wayne nazi faggots who ride his magical trickle dickle

zionism itself is antisemitic

You ought do to it, even if it is only audio or visual media from various podcasts and YouTube vids. We need more people spreading knowledge on such matters, so that we may strengthen ourselves against the coming tide.
If you have any programming know-how or know of someone who does—bound to be some on here—you could possible make a bot that helps with the collecting and post making process. I myself have been trying to learn Python to make a newsbot to collect news and info for my friends and I on a media server (although progress has been slow due to work and college, capitalism is still the nasty bitch as ever).
Fight the good fight and spread the necessary knowledge friend, and I hope for the best in your attempts at this.

Reminder that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an enemy because if the Green Deal happens then it will remove all revolutionary potential of the working class similar to FDR's New Deal.

Critically support Boomers in their battle against Cortez Imperialism.

No really. Attack Cortez and the Dems. Republicans literally wanna destroy the USA and Capitalism because anything that keeps it alive is COMMUNISM.

The correct, orthodox Marxist position is that incrementalist reforms are a good thing in non-revolutionary situations because they

1. Weaken private property
2. Drain capitalists of their profit via taxation, nationalization, higher wages, etc.
3. Show the workers the limits of reform and thus increase their class consciousness

"Accelerationism" actually does the opposite of what it claims. It prolongs the class struggle by acting against the immediate interest of the workers.

If the USA kills itself because of the contradictions of Capitalism then the whole system will fall.

Incremental reforms are a good thing if they can be done. The main error that you display is that under conditions of international domination of finance capitalism, you believe that reforms are actually possible. Its either socialist revolution or humanity's extinction at this point and all reformers now play a counterrevolutionary role.

And Marxists supported trade unions as a matter of tactics, not as an inherent "law". Marxists see history as matter in motion, ie that what was once true can be rendered false. Due to the internationilzation of productive capital, unions are no longer viable vehicles for defending the working class because they can only "defend" their workers based on appeals to nationalism which in today's conditions can lead to nowhere but world war. Unions now are filled with the most reactionary elements and serve as labor arms of the capitalist state. That is why union dues are used to fund the very politicians who come in to impose austerity measures on the working class and why union leadership is composed of upper middle class elements who have no material interests with the workers they represent. The unions now are dogs of the capitalists and workers will only be able to launch effective strikes once they break away from the unions in independent struggle like the French Yellow Vests have done thus war.

Why? Anyone who’d vote Lib-dem is a Blarite. Labour doesn’t need their vote?

Neck yourself, student.

The USA will began to pass reforms before it kill itself. So why prevent the reforms if they're just going to happen anyway?

Finance capital has dominated for the past 110-120 years or so and massive reforms have been accomplished several times since then. Environmental catastrophe does make the situation much more urgent than it's ever been, but that still doesn't change the fact that we are objectively not in a revolutionary situation (at least in the advanced countries) and thus calling for revolution at the present moment is adventurist.
Quite literally all of this has been true since before World War 1 and yet Lenin, whose ideas you are repeating right now with the labor aristocracy and imperialism and finance capital, etc. still advocated for participation in trade unions because he (correctly) pointed out that they are the first place the workers go in times of crisis.
Workers don't join tiny Trot sects when a recession hits. They join a union, they join a labor or social-democrat part, etc. The communist parties will grow, of course, but the bulk of organizing will still be done within mass organizations.

Really, none of the arguments you've presented are any different than what leftcoms were saying in the 1910's and 1920's. Their (and your) mistake was thinking that reactionary middle class union and party leadership prevents workers from getting what they want. It can, but it doesn't necessarily, especially not when a strong, organized communist party exists outside those organizations.

Don't you have to go write articles about how Roman Polanski was actually a hero for anally raping that child.

Fidel Castro, Kim Jong-un, and the groups of AMERICAN antifa protesters are the heroes willing to defend their freedoms to the death from the forces of Market chaos and evil doers like Reagan.

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Look at the results of the reformists over the past decade. Syriza being a prominent examplye, the role of the reformists has been to kill off working class struggle. Ever since the Russian revolution, every call to reform capitalism has been counter-revolutionary to its core. The vehicles of class struggle are counter-revolutionary and the greatest struggles of the contemporary era have been outside of the trade unions like the French Yellow Vests and the Matamoros strikers.

Finance capital has been international since the dawn of imperialism but productive capital has become internationalized over the past few decades. "Globalization" in the contemporary sense with the advances in IT tech and logistics has made it possible to move production internationally in order to lower labor costs and increase profit. This means that the vehicles of class struggle like the unions are obsolete because they operate within legality and the nation state. The unions can only apply for reforms within the nation state and due to the internalization of productive capital that is no longer possible because corporations produce goods on an international scale. The only things the unions can fight for is to lower wages in order to offset layoffs and appeal for trade war measures which leads to World War in our time. The unions are counter-revolutionary and it is imperative for the workers to break from these unions thoroughly tied to bourgeois politics and launch independent struggles. Unions have continually betrayed workers for the past 40 years and any call for workers to "reform" the union by voting in another layer of corrupt bureaucrats is simply a means of subordinating the working class to the petty bourgeoisie as union leaders have no material interest with the workers. A Marxist looks at events as they are developing and just because Marx, Engels, Lenin, and Trotsky lived in the historical context where productive capital was nationalized does not mean that they wouldn't call for a break with unions in the context of internationalized productive capital. They would be the first ones to call for such a change and with the numerous betrayals of the unions calling for subordination to hacks like Syriza, Sanders, and Corbyn and working out backroom deals with corporations calling for the layoffs of workers hasn't convinced you yet it simply means you have no concept of reality and the day to day struggles of the workers.

Calling for a support of unions at this stage is counter-revolutionary and is instead peddling fantasy. Workers need to be independently moblized and they cannot do that through the unions which have been proven to betray them at every step of the way. But ultimately I wont convince you, the objective events will. Mark my words, the greatest strikes in world history will come soon and it will be through the workers struggling outside of the corrupt organizations which are consciously suppressing their struggle.

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What level of jewish gymnastics is this

How is zionism the "logical conclusion" of a religion?


How are you going to do that when so many people in your coalition want the things the EU forces onto you`? Like mass-immigration?

thanks news user

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Completely idiotic stance. We cannot allow the EU to disintegrate into a patchwork of competing nation-states, that is literally historical regress. The bourgeoisie is now organized on an EU level. Quitting would only benefit the national bourgeoisie or (in the case of the more "peripherous" countries like Greece) lead to even more destitution because they barely possess any capital of their own.

Reactionary talking point that aims to divide the working class.

Corbyn could help move the UK to the left, both materially and ideologically. A social democracy would be an objective improvement.

Does shilling for Donald Tusk pay well?

Does shilling for Donald Tusk pay well?

Yeah it's important to remember that much of the early Zionist movement was led by secular and atheist Jews, even self-proclaimed "socialists."

Religious Zionism was a thing too, but it formed more slowly (although nowadays it's an integral part of the Zionist movement.) Then you have ultra-fundie groups like Satmar and Neturei Karta that to this day are anti-Zionist.

There were also organizations like the American Council for Judaism which argued Jews had no homeland aside from the one they lived in, although this stance declined in popularity due to the Holocaust and Zionist politicking among Jewish organizations and communities.

Implying I defended the EU? It is just an objective progress over smaller nation-states fighting each other. Centralisation is generally a progressive tendency that accelerates the development of the productive forces, while decentralisation is a reactionary one. And besides, as I pointed out, there is now a European bourgeoisie that is organized on a EU level (think of the European Round Table of industralists). The EU is in that sense - and in other senses - already functioning as a unified state. Thus the only way to fight it in a truly progressive way is by mobilizing on a European level, not by secession, much like Florida or California gaining independence from the US wouldn't make much of a difference to the nature of the American imperialist system.