Venezuela releases official economic data after 3 years without updates

Venezuela economy shrank 22.5% in Q3 2018 -central bank

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See how the public sector overtakes the private sector in Q4 2017 and Q3 2018. The private sector fell much faster.


Biggest mistake was not socializing quicker. Trotsky was right there can never be peace with capitalists.


"overtakes" is a strong word considering that none of what was lost in the private sector has been assimilated into the public sector

Venezuela was never socialist and was instead a bourgeois nationalist regime. They were able to rely on oil to fund social programs to buy out the working class but now that whole facade is rapidly failing. Private property actually increased under Chavez.

Either its a genuine workers revolution in Venezuela or imperialism will violently overthrow the country.

Yeah, I was just making a joke. Between Q4 2014 and Q4 2016, the private sector was driven out and replaced with absolutely nothing, while the public sector remained stable.
US sanctions on government officials and Venezuelan bonds only started in August 2017, and sanctions on PDVSA started in January 2019.

What must be done if all attempts at organizing a revolt are inevitably going be attempted to be subverted into the general opposition US-financed movement, however? I feel like this is the main difficulty with Venezuela

Quarter: Total | Public / Private
Q4 1998: 105,901 | 34,733 / 61,864
Q4 2002: 94,117 | 28,634 / 58,260
Q1 2003: 71,139 | 22,417 / 46,298
Q3 2003: 93,916 | 29,540 / 56,725
Q4 2007: 153,671 | 41,539 / 93,208
Q4 2012: 167,170 | 51,210 / 95,520
Q4 2013: 168,831 | 52,560 / 97,022
Everything after that: you can see it on the OP image.

Q4 1998: last quarter without Chavez
Q4 2002: before the drop caused by the December-February general strike
Q3 2003: GDP fully recovered
Q4 2012: last 4th quarter with Chavez. There's a drop right after it, but every year recovers from it by Q4 (until 2015-2016)

Still more socialist than China, tbh

What is the government in Brave New World?

Thats basically China, except far shittier.

US imperialism would never finance a genuine workers movement, they can only rely on criminal groups with a bourgeois leadership

Man shut the fuck up.

I've lived in China and you can lick my nutsack. The place has developed miraculously, it's a hundred times better than it was before. I don't give a shit if it's socialist enough for you dickhead. There are a billion people there who have a life and opportunities to achieve more than they ever would have imagined just three decades ago and you have the fucking audacity to write this. I'm getting sick of you motherfuckers who call yourself leftists. When I see my friends who can go to some of the best universities in the world in their own country to study physics and chemistry with the belief that they can win a noble prize, when I see that they can become engineers on the cutting edge, when they can make agriculture to feed 100x the people they could before, and truly transform the lives of millions of people… these are the same friends who in a different world would have thought they would be lucky to just survive. And all you fucking do is whine about books and TV shows and your toxic pop culture. A country lifted out of poverty isn't a meme. It's not a lie. It's the fucking truth about China. Eat shit.

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Not that I disagree on the first part but we really shouldn't let go of socialist critiques of China nor accept "better than it was before" as being "socialist enough"

Wow, that post came in at a really bad time.

I'm not saying at all that western "criticisms" made of pure propaganda have any value, just to keep separate from the other dickwaffle here.


Is this the best attempt at humor that you can make?

What the hell is wrong with Government of Venezuela?

You can thank Papa Stalin for that.

why didn't chavez do classicide

What kind of fucking brainwashed nerd wants to slave in a lab and win a Nobel prize?

Communism is about minimizing work and maximizing chilling, take a chill pill tryhard

In defense of the post, it is common for people who were once poor to try to make up for it with buying expensive thinks. This is why teslas and iphones are so popular in China.

I'm lauging at this level of damage control. How much jüan on doses of ideology are you on?

I don't think there's a country on the planet that a few users here won't try to defend as being a socialist utopia because the US rattled it's saber at it.

Yes, industrialisation can seem a miraculous thing when you let yourself be treated like a savage.
As Mao said, to read too many books is harmful and maybe that's what he meant.

The only reason China isn’t a shithole is because of Mao, not Deng. China didn’t developed because of market reforms. If it did India would be just as developed. China developed and Industrialized because of state run heavy Industry (which is now being privatized This combined with an Influx of capital from Tiwan and US caused Chinese Industrialization. Which it’s self would be impossible without Mao’s build up of infrastructure. Deng didn’t make China rich.

But you aren’t Chinese. If you were you would say so. Your probably some rich westerner who decided they could get rich off of turning union factory jobs in the west into sweatshops in Shenzhen. And it worked, you got yourself rich. I hope you are proud. Now that Chinese labor is getting more expensive your probably gonna want to deindustralize China and move those factories somewhere new. So where will it be? Bangladesh, Nigeria, Mozambique? I head Ethiopia has cheep labor, oh wait they don’t have sea access. That’ll hurt your profit margins. So probably not there.

Didn't this thread have 30 posts?