US completes 58% of intended US corn acreage planting, 32% below five-year average

Khrushchev's Revenge!!!

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>inb4 we get planned obsolescence with GMO as well

Holy fuck am I glad I left that place.

not surprising, corn is mostly an export and tariffs have fugged american agriculture

amazing OC

well hybrid seeds have had 20% reduced crop yield in second generation (replanting from harvested seeds) way before labratory-gmo, that caused farmers to repurchase seeds for every season. So that type of dependency isn't new.

Also consider that it's capitalism with its intellectual property schemes that is causing the planned obsolescences, and it it's caused by laboratory-gm-technology in particular

Ok I prefer flour tortillas anyway

Good! Now we can get back to running 100% gasoline in our cars instead of wasting money on alcohol polluted reduced btu fuel.


how is US corn born?
how is US corn born?
how corn get pregnant?

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thanks for the rare bushy

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Corned is the new blacked

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why did corn stop reproducing?
is it something 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸they🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 put int the tap water?
is it soy?!

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This, but unironically.

Coca Cola vs big beef in this week's PMC resource wars: CORN

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That's right, a flood of corn.

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Last batch. Enjoy comrades.

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This is what happens when a political movement is filled with retarted students. It becomes disconnected from class struggle. You cheer on disasters instead if point out how the current system caused it.


Damn I wanna fuck corn now.

Thank you based corn user



Corn is used for mostly for animal feed and ethanol. Also burgerland exports the shit to other countries.

Americans put corn in the fucking gasoline even.

fucking based

What Soviet multik is this webm from?

It's from some Oedipus rendition. I made it into a webm for /intl/ like four years ago and people are still making edits.
Oh, I found it:

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a. It's an imageboard
b. Do you think it's not obvious what caused it? What's there to discuss?


I for one applaud food shortages in the usa because it destabalizes pax americana which is beneficial for my geographic area in terms of my goals.

American food shortages are good because Americans need to go on a diet anyway.

'Sorry, Sir, due to corn shortages we are not allowed to sell more than 1 bucket of corn and pepsi per customer. May I interest you in these corn syrup free beverages and celery sticks?'

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You do realize that America is the world’s biggest food exporter. If American agriculture fails it won’t be an American problem. it’ll be a global one.

America is the breadbasket of the world. This shit is a global crisis about to happen here.

Hi, rest of the world here! We'll be fine, thanks.

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As other anons have covered, corn goes into all sorts of products the US exports. Corn itself isn't the issue.

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I can say as someone living in the midwest and paying attention to the weather and markets for various reasons, most of this has to do with weather. If worse were to come to worse, this is where the retarded policy that the US pays people burns crops so extra is grown may come into effect.
The principle of the idea of it is that if those were to go on the market the markets would adjust to it, but if things were to turn for the worse it would be necessary to have more. This is not well considered for in the relative inelasticity of agriculture, thus the government creates an inelastic supply in excess of what is demanded and gets rid of the excess in normal years by burning it. Now they may not be doing as much.
Most likely though, prices will be wonky and life will go on, things are stored for a reason and other markets exist.
t. normie liberal/capitalist/whatever you'd call me

Why did he like corn so much? Surely there must be a materialist explanation, this shit looks like the worst kind of deviantart autism, imagine what the people who designed these felt.

This will negatively effect american corn exports. Famine as a result of this is unlikely to occur in America, however it might occur in the Global South.

Corn genuinely has an assload of uses beyond just eating, see

I may be a lifestylist but I try to never never touch any shit with an E on it at a supermarket and at least on regulations the socdems are right, corn syrup and all those starches are really terrible things for your body, I dread to think what Dengist Monsanto will do in the future to deal with the Soil and Pork Questions.
But anyways, in the American / Russian climate and cold war context it makes some sense.
But you also have the Carribean and Brazil next to you and maybe neofascist Trumpobolsonaro mulatto Reich will get you on healthier fats, who knows.

Aren't most E-numbers perfectly harmless?

Yes but I'm just a bit of a crazy person I guess.

Don’t forget all the corn in petrol.

While I was browsing YouTube in search for videos about the current progression of Global Warming, I stumbled upon a video addressing the climate anomalies in the USA this year and how they have dramatically affected crops :
So this might have to do with global warming after all.

There has been tons of rain across the united states and its hard to get a good crop going without sunlight and where the soil gets overwatered.


Who are you quoting?

The Elizabeth Warren presidential campaign

Why are you quoting a liberal idpol candidate of a liberal party on Zig Forums?

Are you retarded?

Doesn't Trump reject the reality of climate change? He's obviously not to blame for any of this but he isn't doing anything to solve it either.

I hope Trumps makes a holodomor for america

Not sure if Shitposting, Zig Forums, or you legitimately believe that Zig Forums is liberal.

Okay well you've now doubled the number of confused retards in the thread.

I was

I was just making a subverted stalin apologist joke, I meant literally nothing by it.

So just shitposting.

Yes, I'm just retarded for not being able to decipher intent behind blocks of text.