Whats with the rampant bans?

I've seen tons of decent posts being deleted nowadays. What's the point of this? Seems like only Stalinists and Maoists are welcome on this site now and if so can someone point to an actual Marxist discussion board where people know their reading? Cause sometimes it seems like I'm the only one effortposting.

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Old BO is still a mod. Always appeal and hopefully someone more reasonable will take care of it.

doesn't explain the sudden rise in bans

Hello leftpol!

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Zig Forums sucks balls and is filled with liberals. I've stuck around with this site for the past few months but no one here actually reads so if there's a better forum or something out there let me know cause tbh this site is getting shittier by the day

I assume some faggot mod feels empowered by the BO leaving to implement his autistic purges.

The old BO was relatively inactive for a while after they left, recently returned and went on a banning streak. Some are legit, others are not. Appeal and we'll get it sorted out.

Then try starting more threads, board isn't gonna improve itself.

They actually debate on Zig Forums and don't ban people, but lately weirdos have been flooding it because of the Tarrant attack

(Zig Forumsacks actually know what they're talking about when it comes to politics/economics too. Unlike these retards who think the difference between a white European and a black sub Saharan African is skin color)

Old BO is the same as new BO, wake up. This board has Angkar-tier moderation

Lmao. I've had more productive conversations on /biz/ and that's really saying a lot.

I wonder if you believe your own words

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/fascist/ is pretty based and almost never bans people. It’s like Zig Forums with a retard filter. Pol Pot is taking the board by storm for some reason right now though

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Wow didn’t see that coming

Just post shit about Marxist literature on 4lit. They're decent. don't start a thread during American hours tho

You can have an opinion on what you think constitutes "know what they're talking about", but don't fucking lie about shit that anyone who has ever browsed Zig Forums knows is untrue.

Zig Forumsyps don't even know what the difference is between different European ethnic groups
For them they're all just "white", go back to your mongrel board.

Wow, the BO is really the only one holding this board together.

Please allow Tor posters. This is tiring finding proxies to post my high quality posts from. Otherwise it looks like this board is a honeypot.

Discussion belongs in mod thread

I haven't, give examples. also quality plummeted with old bo resignation (the thread about abortion wouldnt be out of place on pol), so some purging might have been necessary

t. not a polyp


fuck are you talking abotu european Zig Forums bans and deletes nonstop

fucking lol

There hasn't been a proven weakness in Tor that has been exploited. Just because you're on Tor, doesn't mean you're behaving anonymously. Those who have been de-anonymised were de-anonymised because of some other stupid thing they did.

What is your alternative? Make people post from home or crappy VPNs? That screams honeypot more than using Tor.

Board Volunteer hasn't taken his MTF pills as of lately, which causes him to have massive autistic meltdowns

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people good at having discussions don't strawman

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