"Me, Socialist? No, I'm merely an Economic Hegelian"

The meaningless slur of "Cultural Marxism" got me thinking that if socialism is too triggering a word for Boomoids and the general public who have contempt for radlibs and conflate us as such, then we should simply use the term "economic Hegelians" to get across our ideas.

Those who know who Hegel and Marx are will recognise us, whereas the most hysterical Cold War Boomoid drones will simply here the name of a German and thus alright philosopher. We could even march, yelling "Heil Hegel" for whatever cause we might espouse !

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sadly, leftist ideology is so established that it would be next to impossible to archieve such a name change, we are not the alt right you know, whe have physical nad historical presence in the world which can never be changed


"Economic Hegelians" is stupid.

Use "economic democracy" or "universal self-ownership" or some shit if you find you have difficulties communicating.

What's the point for us to godwhistle or obscure our aims? Reactionaries have to do it for a reason, they're covering for capitalism. Do we really have to do the same?

Scrap "universal self-ownership". What I wanted to say is "universal self-employment."

Do we start shilling for Reagan?

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we're supercapitalists

Sorry but things have to be called by what they truly are. This is user is absolutely correct .
Besides wtf does "economic hegelian" even mean. One can still be hegelian and rightwing. You think more than 5% of the Russian workers and peasants knew who Hegel was?


"The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions"

Hiding behind another name is anti-communist.

except marx wasnt a hegelian, he was an epicurean atomist and hegel was a sophist whos so called logic isnt formalized, isnt mechanisably falsifiable, and violates chaitin incompleteness theorem.

Take the thermodynamic-atomist materialist pill and get off the dick of a charlatan like hegel.

Please tell me you've read this and if you haven't it's ok but please when you get the chance try to at least skim through it.

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saved. Not sure what it has to do with hegel tho

It doesn't really, but it's more interesting. Hegel wrote before real physics, Marx too, and if you read some USSR academy diamat volumes from the 70s there were some smart commies who knew what a symmetry break is and what resonance is and all those nice things and maybe soon hard commie econophysics will be the hottest thing at parties and maybe you'll meet the love of your life thanks to this book.

Comrade I hope you know why the right wing constantly re-brands itself.

They fundamentally see the changes in world as acting through bad-faith actors subverting the good, theoretically stable "natural order". That is why they always have to build conspiracy theories to explain bad things happening, no matter how small the evidence. People don't have different interests, don't have different beliefs, aren't set to act in certain ways that their environment dictates or at least pushes for. They are either going with what "should" "naturally" be, or they're actively attempting to subvert the good for vague, undefined reasons.

However when they see the "natural order" as being unable to right itself against the subverters, they take up the mantle of change in the only way they know how: becoming bad faith subversive actors. It doesn't matter if what they're doing is outright dishonest, they're fighting for a "noble" cause and this exonerates their actions. This is why they ape so many terms and concepts and even movements from the left and then corrupt it. To them, what the left is doing is already dishonest, they're "righting" it even if they have to lie to do so. This is why they are perfectly fine with stating their positions dishonestly, and why they absolutely refuse to be pinned down; if they allowed themselves to be out in the open, they would have to admit that they're acting dishonestly. Whether it's "right" for them to do so is irrelevant, they're aware that people aren't going to listen to them if they "reveal their power level".

This is fundamentally at odds with the left. The left does not need to invoke bad faith actors to explain problems because the left analyzes the structure of society to see what sort of issues pop out from the foundation of the structure of society itself, and sees this kind of dishonesty as itself indicating a dishonest movement that, by its clandestine nature, is incapable of fundamentally changing the way in which society acts. Conspiracy relies on the society in which it is crafted to be able to "pull its strings", you cannot covertly make open changes to the rules of society.

This doesn't even go into the fact that they'll call it "socialism" almost guaranteed not because they hate socialism, but because they've been trained to recognize and discard everything that doesn't operate within their strict worldview as being "socialist" all the way from the most tepid Clintonite to the most diehard Stalinist all the way to fucking monarchists.

while you're at it, why don't you condone NATO imperialist intervention in the DPRK, since most people think Kim Jong-un eats children for breakfast? But wtf am I even asking, half the anglo """leftists""" posting in this board would condone imperialist aggression against the DPRK non-ironically

Honestly, it fucking sucks that the name of socialism is tainted by state capitalist bastards like Mao and Stalin. Every time I try to explain why I'm a communist it's always met with some bullshit about Stalin or Tianammen Square, as if I'm not aware that a totalitarian regieme run by a psychotic madman turned peaceful protesters into jam and washed them down the drains.

1000 billion years vacation in Siberia for free, only for you my friend

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To anti-communists, there's no meaningful difference between us and radlibs. If anything, radlibs being associated with socialists and communists is a worse insult in their eyes than the reverse.

Something that you should understand is that the right is a sort of social rot. In any society, you're going to have a group of people who defend injustice, praise oppression and worship whatever corrupt social hierarchy might exist, and this phenomenon is called "conservatism". They're not going to start praising us because we changed our fucking name, they oppose us on the very fundamental level that we want to change their beloved social and economic order and stand for class struggle.