When are americans going to wakeup and stop bootlicking?

when are americans going to wakeup and stop bootlicking?
When are they going to see that neoliberal capitalism is only leading us towards a hellworld society. a "ROME BEFORE THE COLLAPSE" type situation where the vast majority is going to be worse off just so a few dudes can own a few more mega yachts

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not in our lifetime, for sure

The rise of radical liberalism in the US suggests they already are, but have no conceptual idea on how to get out of where they are ideologically.

This is probably the best description of what modern day America is.

Also this.

They never will. Out of all of the countries, the US is the most committed to stopping communism wherever and whenever it may rise. In addition, the American people are so brainwashed and propagandized against communism, that not even American 'leftists' will attack communist china / USSR and won't ever attack the capitalist sacred cow. Thats why they always dodge discussions on the class question and just bitch and whine about 'wah! why don't we have free healthcare like Yupoe DDDDD:"

In addition, Americans are the least likely to rebel against their own government, not just because they are ignorant, but also because they are placated by their privilege in the world. Social peace has been bought off with toys and trinkets. While 1/7th the worlds population is starving, and 80% of humanity lives on 10 dollars a day or less, Americans are bitching about how bad their wages are. Not computing that if you make 30k a year or more, than you are part of the top 1% of earners in the world.

The western world are the labor aristocracy. This is why whenever they get class cucked by the bourgeoisie via austerity measures, they instantly go reactionary and demand a return to the 'good old days'. Hell, look at Trumps campaign slogan: Make America Great Again. If that isn't reactionary backlash, I don't know what is.

And when America does go into crisis again, it is much more likely to go the way of Nazi Germany than it is to go the way of Soviet Russia.

Want to know where all of the revolutionary potential is? Anywhere but the 1st world west.

that *even American 'leftists' will attack communist china / USSR and won't ever attack the capitalist sacred cow.

Sorry, my bad.

China at this point is just as capitalist as America.

Your average American has it no better than your average European.

Which half of Americas are below

Bullshit. America is 4% of the world’s population. Half is above, and half below this number. So at a minimum two percent of people make above that amount. However when you factor in Europe and East Asia it’s much higher.

By this logic what’s even the point of being a socialist if revolution is impossible?





Okay number 4, lets talk burgerland.

If you have a primary source to refute pew research center, let me know. Otherwise I apologize. It has been a while since I have checked the official statistics. My bad. Its over 70%, not 80%.

Doesn't change the fact that the other half makes more than that, and Americans have the social safety net to fall back on, and in addition benefits from the super exploitation of the 3rd world. This calculator will give you your place in the global pecking order.


Thats not to say that there aren't poor people in America, but there is a difference between being 1st world poor, and 3rd world poor. Only very small pockets in the US are poor enough to be considered legit proletarian.

I didn't say it is impossible, just that it is highly unlikely to happen in the 1st world due to the lack of significant proletariat. Places like Mexico, Indonesia, Sub Sahara, and India have a far greater potential of going revolutionary because they are the ones exploited most. They are the proletariat.

If you really want socialism to succeed, focus your resources on helping the people in the poor countries who will actually fight, rather than trying to sell bourgeoisified 1st world workers on something they don't even want in the first place. They would rather vote for Bernie Sanders and reform because the system works for them.

Want to do something meaning in your native home land? Push anti war and anti imperialism. Do everything you can to undermine the imperialist war machine by any means necessary, legal or illegal. At least thats an issue that you'll be able to get the public on board with.


What separates the prolitariet form the bourgieous is the relationship to the means of production. Someone is a prol if they have to sell their labor to a capitalist in order to earn their living. Thus the capitalist extracts surplus value from them. Also a dollar in a first world country is worth a lot less than a dollar in a third world country.


We don't really have a social safety net. You can get a few months of unemployment insurance if you just got fired but beyond that America does not give welfare to unemployed people.
T. neet

Parts of America, what Chris Hedges calls sacrifice zones are an track to have similar conditions then in third world countries. Granted third world countries have developed, so they meat where one is moving down while the other is moving up. If you can organize and educate this part, you will get change.

No this is factually wrong, first world workers are more productive, as well as have quite high rates of exploitation, which in part describes the higher wages. The labour aristocracy, which gains from imperialism is much bigger in first world countries then elsewhere, but it's has shrunk considerably in the last 2-3 decades. What has increased enormously is the precariously employed proletarian, with undocumented exploitation. In addition to this you have to factor in the relative higher cost of living, driven by gentrification, which matters because there is a lag where people only move to cheaper housing once that is the only option, and in this lag there is a enormous loss of realised value, In addition you have technological deskilling in traditional labour aristocratic fields especially in medical care, doctors that do diagnostic stuff will soon have their special position trivialized by data driven diagnostic.

>And when America does go into crisis again, it is much more likely to go the way of Nazi Germany than it is to go the way of Soviet Russia.

What a load of crap, Hitler had semi virtual economic recovery in large parts via militarisation spending, America cannot do this, It already has done this trick. In addition America has no easy prey it can invade, where like Nazi Germany it could easily double or triple their territory, number of resources and people they could exploit. Most places are already under imperial exploitation of America, and the large resource deposits they don't control like in Russia are not conquerable. Consider that Hitler had considerable funding sources from American banks and industrialists, there is nobody that could bankroll 20th century stile Nazism in America.

America is on track to build a new type of facism by privatization, where state services and state violence is outsourced to subcontractors and then transformed into to private services and corporate mercenary forces. Prison population will increase to 20%. As the dollar weakens, it will face the threat of being unable to pay for the large military and that will drive a new type of international protection racket. Which won't work because nobody has the ability to pay for that, at least not with real money, that has purchasing power. Once that that house of card goes, the tribal sub-current, will fracture the US into city states and fiefdoms. With the US being reduced to a regional power, loosely held together by the remainders of the secrete security apparatus. A dedicated leftist moment that can manage to organise just a few percent of the population will be able to gain sufficient support to change the tide and will have a revolutionary force ready made in corporate prison hell.

Where did I say that?

I've been thinking… You have all these Silicon Valley people gaining power and influence. Will the old money folks (oil, MIC, pharmaceutical people) accept this, or might there be an inter-ruling class conflict?

Conservatives just include all of tech as an extension of their attacks on "liberal costal elite." I mean Id rather have liberal tech oligarchs than old-money conservative oligarchs.

In when you offered “proof” that China is socialist by stating that their government does more stuff than America’s.

To be fair to him Canada has quite a lot of untaped natural resources that a fascist (or even communist) America might want to “secure.” Once NATO falls apart.

damn, they got you good.
facebook and google can do much worse to the world than any old-money oligarch running a classic business

This is true, however (some) tech companies end up building up infrastructure than once expropriated can make socialism function a lot better than it did in the twentieth century,

"Greatest" gen, boomers, and gen x all keep legitimizing the government by voting in droves

god damned chekists thinking they're any better than the nazis.

Spreading conservative lies to own the first worldists.
(And roughly half of Americans make less than that and it doesn’t even factor in cost of living)

Alright, but still it's not comparable. Do you really think a potential USSA should invade SnowAmerica ? Consider that every Canadian capitalist would immediately leave Canada if the US turned socialist, and you could basically wait for socialism to develop locally.

When NATO breaks down regardless of what ideology America is they will either invade Canada or merge with Canada into a superstate via diplomatic means. This is because Canada has lot’s of Uranium which is incredibly valuable once the Shale Oil runs dry.

OP is a faggot.

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you do realize shit costs more money here right? and making 25k a year minus what is taxed from it is gunna mean you will be living a life of homelessness or crashing on your friends couches

why is leftypol so class cucked? You're even worse than the boomers

We're not in favour of shitty neoliberal open borders. What's needed is (1.) an end of the third world braindrain, (2.) an end of the exploitation of third world resources, (3.) enormous developmental aid, (4.) the creation of military style institutions capable of managing a controlled movement of populations from areas affected by disaster into the first world. We'll work to equalise global living standards so we can have truly open borders without migrations.


Except Rome had actual culture. America is just a giant McDonalds.

Rome was a McDonalds as well.

Takes so hot my eyes are burning from seeing them.


Show me this so-called culture.

the borders have always been open, they are more closed now than ever before you right wing retard. Why do you think all these people coming in on boats at ellis island was a thing in the past?

The truth is it goes hand in hand with reaganomics, capitalists being able to legally send jobs to be done for pennies to 3rd world countries because of "MUH FREE MARKET". the firing of entire american towns just so the ceo or shareholders can make a little bit more profit.

the fact you think the decline goes hand in hand with "our borders opening up" is absolutely hilarious. read a fucking book u retarded faggot

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sorry: reaganomics and globalization and the death of socialism/the union.

blaming people from other countries coming in is hilarious since jobs are being exported OUT by those pigs who own the means of production

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When the only culture your entire country has is shooting the literal punching bags of nature

These are literally neocon talking points but inverted.
This is indistinguishable from Ronald Reagan


It's only going to get worse before it gets better

"Radical" liberalism is bootlicking though. All liberalism is.

What even the fuck are radlibs? I thought it was mostly an insult.

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a growth in liberalism just indicates a deepening slumber


Stupid user. 2/3 of the inhabitants of the city of Rome (those eligible for the vote) where on the dole (welfare). The economy was also incredible regulated. Slaves took the romans jobs (automation and immigration). The US does look like the later roman empire but not because of capitalism, rather the lack of it.

I can't believe people still believe this shit. I small grain subsidy given to the poorer sections of rome (who fucking worked) hardly qualifies as "being on the dole" in the modern sense.

Should be: a small grain subsidy

Sage for double post

huh, im no expert, but say, if youre a peasant that was expropriated due to inability to compete with rich slave owners, and survived because of grain subsidy (that you get so the whole city doesnt revolt….), yeah you were basically on the dole