Experience of CathBols? Any here?

So Slavoj Zizek is one apparently or the closest: youtube.com/watch?v=XS_Lzo4S8lA

I also find many similarities between communist and christian bashers, they both argue in a very similar way about how we "killed millions, muh atrocities! blah blah" and continue to do so even in-spite of those supposed atrocities being debunked. Why are they so similar?

I'm gonna say both Christendom and the Soviet Union were the best things to ever happen to the world and both of their collapses were the most disastrous events in geopolitical history. In-spite of the propaganda by Capitalist Liberals and others (Like those who hate both) against us, and the claiming atrocities when there were none or when we act out of self-defense.

The most based thing that could ever happen is if we had a movement that is like Christendom and the Soviet Union in one, see how that would make them and the liberals react?

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Applies to Christianity too: youtube.com/watch?v=kOnIp69r6vg

The 'arguments' are the same used against communists, natbols and etc.

It will get the evangelicalist to say your Satanists and Atheist Communists to laugh at you just like they did with wilhelm weitling.

Reminder that Zizek is a Nazi

Early Christians lived Communally, tons of small villages throughout the HRE were basically pre industrial communes.
Establishing Christendom and an eternal heaven on earth is basically the goal of Communism.

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Why out of all the liberation theology movements, did the Sandanistas win? What did they do that the ELN didn't?

Christianity never collapsed, it still holds tremendous influence in the Western world and Latin America, and expressly leftist movements in it are almost universally regarded as heresy. In countries like Poland and Brazil, it is the main driving force of reactionary politics.
Comparing a state to a religion is also completely asinine. The USSR was extremely flawed, but not an opiate of the masses.

You sound like a mutt manchild that cares more about being contrarian than expressing meaningful viewsm

When the left ignores economics, the post structuralists shit up the movement and you're surprised people are rejecting it?

What does that have to do with my post?

We are talking about the Anti-Capitalist Christendom that banned usury and was opposed by the Protestant Work Ethic here however.

The old version of Christianity before Protestant Capitalist influence put pressure that killed supporters of capitalism sometimes even for being heretics.

What of Slavoj Zizek?

Those who supported the Protestant Work Ethic and Primitive Accumulation or Capitalism/Usury were sometimes executed/imprisoned as heretics because of the danger they posed to the public as seen with Luther.

Whether it was through being a terrorist or other actions like the killings of Catholics.

thats what happened in brazil and poland not because the church is reactionary


So where is the old 'medieval Christianity' that banned Capitalism plus advocated for putting 'religion above work and earning money'?

Why does it no longer exist alongside the proof we have of Capitalist governments infiltrating the Church during times as late as the cold war?

It happened because of burger hegemony and anticommunism, not because spooks are socially necessary.

Nope, that form of Christianity existed for nearly a thousand years so would say it was pretty genuine.

Many of the pressures to accept Capitalism came from the Protestant reformation.

Previously usury was banned and the Protestant Work Ethic was considered a heresy. Why do we have this proof here?

I also mean much the same way when Charles I was executed in England and the bourgeoisie instituted a puppet pro-capitalist constitutional Monarchy.

Repeat, what made the Catholic Church accept the Protestant work ethic or try to adapt to it as well as lifting the ban on usury?
Especially after the bloody war the Protestant instituted in which they pushed for legalization of Capitalism?

And why do we have evidence of further Capitalist infiltration of the Church in the 20th century?

Remember that many of those on the left of the Spanish civil war were Catholics also.

On the other hand the Orthodox Church was very much ok with Capitalism and allowed usury, but the Catholic Church criminalized it for a thousand years including from starting any of its early stages.

No. Also, capitalism proper didn't even exist before the 15th century.

Mercantilism was Capitalism in its early form, so why was usury still criminalized in the beginning and the Church going so far as even to oppose the technological advancements that gave rise to Capitalism?

It is widely known that it took action against it during the early stages regardless in general. Not to mention those who believed in the protestant work ethic were considered heretics? Why?

Because capitalism without usury is still capitalism.
Besides, Christian monarchs were frequently hypocrites, using loopholes like court Jews to skirt the rules, if not discarding them entirely behind closed doors.

Except would Capitalism be able to last long without the practice that is known as usury historically?

Furthermore Christendom did operate under a system that was more progressive and allowed more freedom than the Roman system of slavery which it brought down in its own revolution.

People in the days of the Roman Empire argued it was 'the best system' just as they did with Capitalism today, and attacked Christianity at the same time in its ideals which opposed it.

'Pagan reactionaries' are alot more ruthless than any 'Christian' ones you will find also.


Yes, feudalism and later capitalism. Thag is how historical materialism works.

Terry Eagleton isn't an ML, but he is a communist and a catholic. A sizeable number of communist movements in South America have also had a Catholic component to them. James Connolly has some writings on the topic as well.

Now read Kierkegaard and realize the churches flaws

Some wouldn't really call Capitalism 'progressive' in certain terms compared to before primitive accumulation, it depends on how you look at it. In terms of level of autonomy not really, we are back to the Roman level except even worse.

Is it the Catholic Church or (Either Greek/Eastern Orthodox Church) that tends to be more pro-capitalist in general? Which one more?

Or 'less favorable to the protestant work ethic' and possibly 'less compatible with capitalist values slightly in any way etc'?*