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Israeli Parliament Schedules Unprecedented Early Elections
Voters in Israel will go the polls for the second time this year after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu missed a midnight deadline to form a coalition government.

Several French journalists summoned by Macron’s security services, ‘warned’ about prison sentences
A Le Monde journalist, the latest who was questioned by French security services, has refused to reveal her sources over stories she wrote exposing alleged corruption and cronyism in President Emmanuel Macron’s inner circle.

Model on cover of New Zealand budget says she moved to Australia over cost of living
The model on the front of New Zealand’s much-hyped “wellbeing” budget has left New Zealand because the cost of living was too high.New Zealander Vicky Freeman, an actor and model, appeared on the front of Thursday’s budget document , smiling and carrying her daughter on her back.

The hangman of the Middle East: US-backed regime in Egypt hands down nearly 2,500 death sentences
Egypt’s US-backed dictatorship of Gen. Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has sentenced 2,443 people to death since coming to power in a bloody coup in 2013, according to a report issued this week by the UK-based human rights group Reprieve.

Colombia's Supreme Court orders release of ex-FARC leader
Colombia’s Supreme Court on Wednesday ordered the release of a former commander of the Marxist FARC rebel group, the latest development in a legal saga concerning his detention and possible extradition to the United States.

Not angry, just ‘sad and disappointed’: Labour expels former spin doctor Alastair Campbell
Tony Blair's former press secretary Alastair Campbell has been unceremoniously expelled from the Labour Party after he revealed that he voted for the Liberal Democrats in the European elections.

Labour's Corbyn: Real danger of no-deal Brexit
There is a danger of a no-deal Brexit and Britain’s main opposition Labour Party will do everything it can to stop that from happening, its leader Jeremy Corbyn said on Thursday.

Cuba legalizes private Wi-Fi networks in bid to boost connectivity
Cuba announced on Wednesday it would legalize private Wi-Fi networks to access the internet and connect computers, as well as allow imports of equipment like routers in another step toward expanding connectivity on the Communist-run island.

Julian Assange Misses Court Session Because Of Health Concerns
A lawyer for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told a U.K. court Thursday that he was too ill to appear via video link at an extradition hearing about possible transfer to the United States.

Low pay in the garment industry still a reality despite pledges – study
A report by the University of Sheffield said that, despite ambitious public commitments by clothing companies to deliver living wages to workers, low pay continued to be the status quo in the garment industry.

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The US Government Botched Its Investigation Into The Mysterious “Sonic Attack” In Cuba, Emails Reveal
According to interviews with public health officials and affected personnel, as well as documents obtained by BuzzFeed News via a Freedom of Information Act request that included hundreds of emails exchanged between researchers and the US Navy’s research office, much of the early research into the mystery may have been botched or biased.

Officers were told to keep USS John McCain from Trump's view during Japan visit
Officers were told to keep a warship named for the late Sen. John McCain out of President Trump's view during his Memorial Day weekend visit to Japan, CBS News has confirmed.

US energy department rebrands gas exports 'molecules of freedom'
US energy officials appeared to rebrand natural gas produced in the country as "freedom gas", in a statement announcing an increase in exports.

Man sets himself on fire outside White House, Secret Service says
A man has been treated by the US Secret Service after lighting himself on fire outside of the White House. Video posted to social media platforms from the scene showed the man engulfed in flames as cars drove past.

Exxon shareholders reject resolutions on climate and splitting CEO, chairman roles
Exxon Mobil Corp shareholders on Wednesday rejected a proposal to split the chief executive officer and board chairman roles that some had promoted to protest a decision to strike an unrelated climate change resolution from the ballot.

A Dad Wins Fight To Increase Parental Leave For Men At JPMorgan Chase
Two years ago, Derek Rotondo told his employer that he wanted to take 16 weeks of paid leave granted to primary caregivers for his newborn son. He says he was told: "Men, as biological fathers, were presumptively not the primary caregiver." He was only eligible for two weeks' leave.

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Good reporting, as usual. Top notch.

Ahaha! Freedom gas, fucking freedom gas.

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Imperial Joe: Biden Trades Bread and Circuses for War
Bread and circuses pacified the Roman masses while the emperors with their legions patrolled far borders to pacify barbarians who resisted joining the empire. Joe Biden updated this governing method at his presidential campaign launch rally in Philadelphia.He offered a buffet of appetizing items to improve America’s education, infrastructure, health care and climate policies. He pledged to unite the nation and restore its soul and backbone. And he said not a word about the country’s ongoing and looming wars.He looked abroad only to lament that Trump’s antics and his affections for “dictators and tyrants” like Putin and Kim “undermine our standing around the world.”Silence about the wars allowed him to pretend their cost would never shrink or spoil the buffet selections he was dangling before the masses. But that’s a mirage.Conjuring money (debt and “quantitative easing”) might pay for these wars and the huge military apparatus that backs them, at the risk of turning inflation into an enemy more menacing than the restive natives out on the imperial frontier. But what would it cost to pay with real money?Machinery of EmpireIf Google is truthful, the US has nearly 800 military bases abroad (UK, France, Russia combined have 30, China has 2). These range from isolated radar stations to Little Americas with shopping centers, bowling alleys, fast fooderies, beauty parlors, basketball and tennis courts, golf courses etc, besides the attached military operations.

Trump Is Attacking the First Amendment. Not Enough Progressives Are Pushing Back.
month ago, when much of the political establishment was celebrating the arrest of Julian Assange and his indictment by the Trump administration, ostensibly for the crime of hacking, many prominent left-wing figures warned against this behavior. While Assange had seemingly been charged with committing a narrow crime, voices on the left warned that, given the nature of the Trump administration and the actual details of the indictment, there was a good chance it was simply a prelude to a more explicit assault on the First Amendment later on.To what should be no one’s surprise, that’s exactly what has happened, with the Trump Justice Department indicting Assange last week on seventeen counts of violating the Espionage Act, the antiquated World War I-era law originally enacted to prevent military secrets from being passed on to an enemy power, but used predominantly by Obama and Trump to shut down unflattering leaks about their administrations.

Mike Pence declares war on the world at West Point
The commencement address Trump's VP, Mike Pence, gave to West Point graduates recently goes down in history for all the wrong reasons.It was an address littered with war talk that was so extreme it was more compatible with a speech you would expect to hear from a character in a Hollywood spoof than from a leading politician and government official.This was no spoof, though, be assured, and as such the world needs to wake up to the fact that this administration is staffed with enough cranks and crackpots to fill an entire ward.Here, for your consideration, is one of the more tame sections of Pence’s West Point commencement address: “It is a virtual certainty that you will fight on a battlefield for America at some point in your life. You will lead soldiers in combat. It will happen. Some of you may even be called upon to serve in this hemisphere.”The country that instantly springs to mind upon reading the above passage is Venezuela, which for the past few months has existed in the crosshairs of US aggression, subjected to savage economic sanctions which according to Washington-based think tank, Center for Economic and Policy Research, have killed more than 40,000 people since they were introduced by the Trump administration in 2017.

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He's also set to do a fiery speech against China soon, supposedly going to coincide with the US launching wide array of sanctions for "human rights abuses"

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Molecules of Freedom ain't Free

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Can someone please nuke my country? Thanks

Freedom isn't free. It's $65 a barrel.

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But please, don't give the bloody Guardian any views. Check this link:
Especially after stuff like
>Vicky Freeman, an actor and model
Btw, moving to Australia expecting it to be cheaper than anywhere else is bollocks… I guess she hasn't got money to get further from Kiwiland than that.

Expect a song by Ted Nugent on that.

I hope you're using a safe and reliable VPN. Btw, ever heard about a certain Giulio Regeni?

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Unrelated, but that is some good as OC u got threre

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this webm is fantastic,too short for it's own good.

Oh for fuck's sake, kiwifag here, this is just the usual cope for kiwis that want to make a quick buck overseas, alongside "New Zealand is just too boring for a sophisticated person such as myself"

Up your game, newsanon

ahahahaha holy shit

Liberty cabbage, freedom fries, freedom toast and now freedom gas. Living the dream boys.

Im going to miss the US when it collapses