Talking beliefs for 'religious/spiritual' Anti-Capitalists: Thoughts on Zoroastrianism?

The original universalist types (There is Orthodox vs Reformist based on a rationalist approach) that people can convert to atleast, it does preach/advocate for equality in several major areas that the Abrahamic religions otherwise would not. How compatible is it with Anti-Capitalist ideology in general?

Just that you might have trouble finding somebody to initiate you if they live far away, or even more dangerous if they're in Iran.

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The point of appealing to religion is to mobilize already existing communities in their really existing organizations. Reviving some ancient religion hardly anyone practices anymore because it's "revolutionary" is idealist.

Well apparently some people in the Middle East with progressive politics including women against conservative Islam have acted in a sign of a rebellion by taking the risk to travel to Iran and converting to Zoroastrianism.

Especially due to its pro-gender equality doctrine, progressive beliefs on many things that the fundamentalist Islamists in the Middle East are against and so on.

Tbf, Zoroastrianism is far from a dead religion.

any move away from the oppressive perverted semitic abrahamic desert cults is a step up the evolutionary ladder

Many so-called values like 'equal rights', humanitarian ethics or a 'fair go' that have been bragged to come from the Abrahamic religions in 'the west' were really originated from Zoroastrian moral teachings.

Although they did copy some of it into their teachings.

Like heck dogs are traditionally even considered a 'benign animal' and are 'sacred' in Zoroastrianism based off their affectionate or therapeutic attributes which are observable by even psychology today.

We have a good amount of people who essentially already follow Zoroastrian values/teachings subconsciously, making them defacto 'followers' but they haven't heard of the fact their beliefs/values essentially are identical to that exhibited by that religion.

Traditional Common Morality, as in the genuine one made to be 'general' or 'universal' which would define the Capitalist class as evil for what its done also largely come from Zoroastrian influence.

They pretty much laid out a framework in philosophy for what was to be considered Good and Evil in common values we know that predate Capitalism as well as Feudalism.

islam twisted it completely
to them dogs are vial and should be killed
user, I…

Yeah but cats are considered pretty based in Islam, which is the proper leftist position to take.

Cats are completely useless to humans other than being cute. Dogs are the first animal we domesticated and still have use value even today.

Christianity is much more revolutionary than the new-age hippy pagan jungian-archetypes shit thats making a comeback, so moving away there is shit idea. Read Chesterton.

They kill rats you absolute fucking retard.

Fuck hippys, they ruined anarchism.

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Article on the Kurds leaving Islam for Zoroastrianism:

Yeah but the non-Parsi Zoroastrians accept converts.

See here:

Dogs bred for the specific reason of killing vermin do a better job. Cats kill only because they are feel like it.

religion is antimaterialist and undialectical

Cats are more agile and its so happens that they want to kill rats all the time they see one. There is a reason why cats became a domesticated animal.

Cats kill rats all the time without you needing to tell them… dogs are retarded compare.

Didn't they start committing incest at some point because the religion was actively against spreading itself?


Those are just the Parsi variation.

Of which heavily deviates from the original teachings.

Yeah I really don't get how Islam can even claim to be a successor, especially with Taqiyya in lying to advance the religion, infiltrate spaces or to trick others into joining and then threatening to execute them for apostasy once they find out you've lied.

"In Zoroastrianism, the dog is regarded as an especially beneficent, clean and righteous creature, which must be fed and taken care of.[21] The dog is praised for the useful work it performs in the household,[22] but it is also seen as having special spiritual virtues. A dog's gaze is considered to be purifying and to drive off daevas (demons). It is also believed to have a special connection with the afterlife: the Chinwad Bridge to Heaven is said to be guarded by dogs in Zoroastrian scripture,[22] and dogs are traditionally fed in commemoration of the dead.[23] Ihtiram-i sag, "respect for the dog", is a common injunction among Iranian Zoroastrian villagers.[21]

Detailed prescriptions for the appropriate treatment of dogs are found in the Vendidad (a subdivision of the Zoroastrian holy scripture Avesta), especially in chapters 13, 14 and 15, where harsh punishments are imposed for harm inflicted upon a dog and the faithful are required to assist dogs, both domestic and stray, in various ways; often, help or harm to a dog is equated with help and harm to a human.[24] The killing of a dog ("a shepherd's dog, or a house-dog, or a Vohunazga [i.e. stray] dog, or a trained dog") is considered to lead to damnation in the afterlife.[24] A homeowner is required to take care of a pregnant dog that lies near his home at least until the puppies are born (and in some cases until the puppies are old enough to take care of themselves, namely six months). If the homeowner does not help the dog and the puppies come to harm as a result, "he shall pay for it the penalty for wilful murder", because "Atar (Fire), the son of Ahura Mazda, watches as well (over a pregnant dog) as he does over a woman".[25] It is also a major sin if a man harms a dog by giving it bones that are too hard and become stuck in its throat, or food that is too hot, so that it burns its throat.[26] Giving bad food to a dog is as bad as serving bad food to a human.[27] The believers are required to take care of a dog with a damaged sense of smell, to try to heal it "in the same manner as they would do for one of the faithful" and, if they fail, to tie it lest it should fall into a hole or a body of water and be harmed.[22]

Both according to the Vendidad and in traditional Zoroastrian practice, dogs are allotted some funerary ceremonies analogous to those of humans."

Is the worst part of Islam after all the lies, rapes, slavery, antischolarship, and killings the fact that they don't get to play with dogs
Would muslims be more chill people if they actually were able to play with dogs?

Oh yeah one more thing from what somebody said, good actions/thoughts/words matter more than faith alone in Zoroastrianism.

You can be an atheist or a materialist communist who doesn't believe in religion and yet be considered 'righteous' or 'on the side of good' if your actions have been proven to contribute to the overall good of living things including the Earth.

The opposite of Lutheran Capitalist Protestanism which says "Good works are nothing, faith alone saves. Be a drone to the system."

When the bourgeoisie revolutions started they were opposed to Feudal religious institutions and established or worked together to support ones that favored their interests.

Far as goes non-Parsi Zoroastrianism has so far been found to be a good potential candidate for post-capitalist religion (Like Protestanism was for Post-Feudal Religion when Capitalism came) if people choose it. Zoroastrianism would say "If it contributes to the overall good of humanity, support a socialist revolution and the overthrow of Capitalism".

Although its small at the moment and only converts those who are genuinely interested in the religion, with no pressure of any kind including doctrinal. But I can see many who will find the appeal in the 'good actions/thoughts/words over faith and religion' message of it.

Maybe OP is onto something. From Hiroaki Kuromiya's Stalin
>Some people detect a deeper (or at least an ironic) meaning in Soso's idolisation of Koba, Kazbegi's hero modelled on the Persian king Kabadh, who, having conquered Georgia in the late fifth century moved its capital to Tbilisi. Kabadh initially supported the proto-communistic sect of Mazdakites in demanding that the rich should share their wealth with the poor, in the hope of breaking the power of the magnates. The magnates, in turn, conspired to oust Kabadh. Yet he escaped, returned to the throne, and dealt with the magnates. In the end, Kabadh also eliminated his erstwhile allies, the Mazdakites. Soso went by the name Koba for a few years from 1903 (and some continued to call Stalin Koba even in the 1930s), but, of course, one does not know whether he consciously emulated the Persian king. What is clear is that he was well versed in Georgian literature, including its most famous twelfth-century epic poem, Shota Rustaveli's The Knight in the Panther's Skin. Soso-Koba-Stalin's favourite aphorisms included the following from Rustaveli: `My life is pitiless, like the beast' and `A close [friend] turned out to be an enemy more dangerous than a foe.'

Could it really infact be the closest thing to our counterpart to the bourgeoisie religious right wing protestanism that arose with capitalism?

In terms of what post-bourgeoisie religions that exist will be like. I mean there is no discrimination to being considered 'righteous' even by the religion or lackof you follow, an atheist can be considered 'righteous' for sakes.

If you are a socialist who is an atheist that liberates millions of fellow humans (Even animals) from suffering you are considered a person to be highly venerated in the eyes of Zoroastrians, and 'on the side of Light'.

"Good actions, thoughts and words save or reward while faith is secondary" vs "Faith alone, now work for capitalism cause your work ethic which results in how rich/poor you are alone demonstrates".

Unfortunately the mainstream religions, especially Abrahamic ones tend to have alot of land compared to the non-parsi Zoroastrians who sometimes need funding just to get a single place. In its universality those curious about it including agnostics/atheists as well as people who are interested in converting would be welcome in.

The religion's message would be appealing to many working class people of a progressive orientation than the Abrahamic religions who believe in things like the equality of both men/women, good works above faith and equality in general but lacks the capitalist avenues often or if they do its often very few relying on almost completely community maintenance and volunteers.

One inherently socialist motivation for Zoroastrians could be the abolition of bourgeoisie religious structure. The Soviet Union had places according to somebody on here where religions could freely congregate and practice away from public, something the Zoroastrians in their religious doctrine are perfectly ok with and would love infact if it could be done.