Cats vs. dogs

Which is the more authentically leftist pet animal and why is it cats?

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Each is autonomous within the group, equal with other cats. Dogs have a pack hierarchy with the alphas fulfilling the role of porky.

Since I know you crypto-fascist pieces of shit will get this question wrong I'll answer it for you.

Dogs are incredibly tribal and crave hierarchy. They will totally subordinate themselves to their master. Dogs love nothing more than performing mindless rote tasks for their human companions, as long as they're rewarded with a quick snack and a pat on the back. They're the ultimate wage cucks of the animal kingdom.
Any good leftist should feel this behaviour to be degrading for the animal, and wish that it would rather treat them as their free equal.

This is exactly how cats interact with their so-called "owners." Really "owner" is not a proper term to use for cats at all. A cat will not allow itself to be owned by anyone. As soon as they are unsatisfied with their treatment, they will walk off and revert back to a wild lifestyle or find a new household to live in. As long as the cat decides to remain within your household, they will not look at you as anything but a strange house guest that is kind enough to provide them with food. In return they will provide you with affection, and occasionally even try to present small gifts to you. Although these gifts are more of a nuisance to people than a help, they signal that cats possess a mindset of free and equal mutual aid that corresponds to leftist ideals.

At least one of you idiots understands this.

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sage & report


So what you're saying is that dogs are proles and cats are lumpen

they're fucking bourgeois pieces of shit. they sleep all fucking day and lick their pussy and balls as they eat the leftovers from their owners' wealth, defecate in the most obscure places and give little to nothing in return


I'm not denying the usefulness of dogs as tools. It is just so that cats are the preferred companion of a leftist.
Dogs are incredibly useful. In fact, they're the technology that first enabled humans to exit primitive communism and invent class society. If it wasn't for them, we'd still be living free lives of unalienated labour under based anarcho-primitivism.

If dogs are proles they are the ultimate class collaborators. Infinitely worse than a lumpen pursuing personal liberation from the capitalist machine.

Given that cats lack the intellectual capacity for class consciousness and/or artistic labour, this is the best available option to them.



hairballs or scratched surfaces?

According to Nazis cats are "the purring jew", so that's already a big stamp of approval.

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You know the alpha pack leader thing has been debunked right? The alpha wolves are the parents and the subordinates are their adolescent children who eventually go on to start their own packs

Get two cats and name them Koba and Soso

the favourite pet of leftists is europeans and other people of color

You clearly never had more than 1 cat. Cats form hierarchies too.

Abolition of only lazy unjust hierarchy, you dumb fuck.

Your dog will try to eat you if you don't have any food, k though.

Not starting shit with someone who is stronger and/or more stubborn =/= forming a hierarchy.
This shit always annoys me in animal documentaries. They're so insistent on projecting their reactionary social structures onto animals. I'm reminded of Hegel's remarks on empty formalisms. In real life shit is way more ambiguous.

The hierarchy between you and your dog is lazy and unjust.

That gremlin is a companion meant to eat scraps and cuddle while you're lonely

Fractal big-brain coming through.

Purely anecdotal, but we used to have a mean badass cat, and other cats in the neighbourhood would frequently leave gifts at our door, like dead mice, birds etc.

absolute loyalty don't real

Dogs live in primitive communism. They are an intimate connection with our long forgotten past.

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Good point.

A free union of egoists. Like it's meant to be.

So what? Human class collaborators will also have their breaking point. This doesn't mean they aren't class collaborators.

Dogs aren't time travellers. They live in capitalism like the rest of us.

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Dogs obviously, they are loving and protective to their family, cats are like libertarians they think they are 100% independent even though you feed them.

Also cats are for radlibs

Makes sense. Thats what I'm going to chock up all these cat posters as.

You cat loving fags are luke the worst right wing stereotyoe of a leftist. Cat's never do anything useful yet demand to be fed. A cat is only good as a feral creature and even then it is debatable because they're all infected with toxoplasmosis.

Cats are smart enough to know you feed them. Dogs are way more like libertarians. They think the fact that you feed them means they gotta cuck themselves out for you.
Dogs are for crypto-fascists.

Only a crypto-fascist would care about dumb right-wing stereotypes of the left.

I've yet to see a single good explanation for why dogs would be a good animal for a communist. All I've seen so far is "but dogs are useful."
Yes, they're useful. They can guard your private property to you, chase down and mutilate disobedient proles, painfully murder forest animals as a bourgeois pastimeā€¦ Many good uses!
Not that I don't respect the dogs that have contributed to the glory of communism. Laika is an eternal hero of humankind. This is irrelevant to my argument though.

CROWS you fuckers. CROWS!

I don't mean capital, I mean

also I forgot

Dont know who you're quoting>>2905795
You can't just make statements with no rationale.>>2905795
The fuck are you smoking, most dogs can't hint for shit. The exception being the ratting and breeds and more wild ones like huskies. Cats are the ones who kill birds for no other reason than it's for the thrill of it. They ate also cruel and heartless bevsuse they'll keep their prey alive to torturw them for fun. You're obviously a radlib antifa fag because ypu see being useful and helpomg your family as fascistic.

Cats are just awful pets.


This is obviously correct.

The rationale is that fascists loving having a subordinate to worship them and give orders to. Communists love having a comrade to hang with as free equals.
Dogs offer the former. Cats offer the latter.
Yeah. Most dogs are just as useless as cats.
My complaint isn't that dogs hunt animals, it's that humans use them on their bourgeois-as-fuck hunting trips.

I support both. You just gotta acknowledge which the superior is.

Another reason communists should prefer cats: low maintenance. Because cats require less labour to maintain than dogs, choosing a cat as your pet brings us closer to fully automated luxury communism.

Then you're retarded because the dogs don't do any of the killing.

After mpre thought i'm going to go with both. Generalizations are dumb because some cats are highly dependant and somr dogs are highly independant.

I'll entertain your questions in that the fluid hierarchies of cats are more "leftist" than dogs, and in fact, some of the most vile dictators (Hitler, Mussolini, Julius Caeser, Napoleon) hated cats as totalitarian personalities tend to.
But this board isn't leftist, it's full of closet-monarchists who worship whichever dictator as the highest kill count (bonus if they're killing communists) in true Marcyite fashion.
If you want Leftist discussion, you won't find it on a chan.
Thankfully the posters here aren't engaged in real struggles or discussions offline.

There are plenty of those on here, but they aren't everyone on Zig Forums.

Aren't you underage fag? Why do ypu post here?