To all the mudslimes out there

Your religion has no place in civilized society, not in Europe, not in USA, not anywhere. You are far worse than white nationalists will ever be.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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You sure showed them

Well now that you've said it how do you propose to undo the damage that your fellow leftists have done by inviting this religiofascist insanity into your society?

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sage & report.

Hitler liked them for a reason!

Merkel isn't a leftist, as far as I'm aware

OP I aggree although I am a nationalist.

They are nothing but trouble and can't be civilised we let them into our countries and all they want to do is for our goverments to bown down to them rape our benefits system force there religion upon all of us and rape our woman and children burn our flags and plan terrorist attacks. That is all they are good for and should all be deported back to mudslim land unable to leave again or other means applied.

Choose your pics carefully user.

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All religion is shit and has no place in civilized society.

It is a distraction. Antiislamism is another smoke and mirrors of neoliberalism. - And by the way, you can easily understand it if you analyse how Islamic fearmongering developed in history, and what situation between Islam and Europe was between 17th and 1st half of 20th century for example.

You're either secularist in general or nothing.

This reads like a fucking 16 year olds angsty diary entry. Don't have any illusions, your kind will be shot next to the religious reactionaries.

Yet you allowed Judaism and Christianity into Europe

christianity subverted the roman empire then finegaled it's way into europe christianity provides a conduit for judaism that traditional paganism resisted
we don't need a third mind virus while we're trying to cure ourselves of two others.


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Muslim women are cute and very nice. I've noticed they usually work harder than their white counterparts. I like them. You, on the other hand, seem to have serious problems.

Don't know if you're OP or not but fair enough. I just don't understand why the fuck neocons and reactionaries like to screech so much about "MUH EBIL MUZLAMIG BEDOBILEZ ARE GILLING DA WOMEN AND GAYZ!!!" when they themselves were doing just that and more circa. 100 yrs ago, and on top of that are financially supporting the same governments that are bankrolling this kind of shit. It just comes off as concern trolling to me personally

The rightwingers screeching about sharia law and muslim pedophiles are the same ones raping women, shooting up schools/synagogues, trying to make abortion illegal, etc. It's total cognitive dissonance and the only way to understand it is as symptoms of severe sexual repression.

If the war on terror had targetted Saudi Arabia it would actually have worked.

You idiots don't realize that you have the same hard on for western neoliberalism that Muslims have for Allah. I know a lot of socialist Muslims and theyre way more redpilled than you faggot op

"It is not the consciousness of men that determines their existence, but their social existence that determines their consciousness." – Marx
"It is not the social existence of men that determines their consciousness, but the FUCKIN PEDOFILE ALLAH REEEEEEEEEE" – OP

I guess. But then Ameritard soldiers would've probably bombed Mecca or something and then we would've had ISIS by 2006

SHEIK Joseph Stalin

I was an edgy atheist when I was younger and still kinda am but there is a time and a place for attacking religion. Most attacks on Islam give justification for Imperialism, if the West and get back control of India you would be shit posting about how awful the caste system is and being a good little free speaking skeptic for the western powers.

read a report on a genetic study of indian castes
apparently caste structure was rigidly enforced 70 gens ago, about 1600 years ago before that it was much more lax some draconian king set it up
the brahmin/priest caste & the warrior caste tended to be descended from the indo-european pastoralist horse warrior group that invaded 5000 years ago there were 4 other major genetic groups, dravidians, north east/burmese, and two others

Leftists haven’t been supporting Wahhabists and Saudis while screwing over moderate mulisms for oil…