Why are middle class white guys so class cucked? Name me one more group of people in the west who are more class cucked...

Why are middle class white guys so class cucked? Name me one more group of people in the west who are more class cucked. At least middle class women generally have more empathy for the working class and immigrants. Middle class white men are often the most susceptible to fascism and the evidence is that the majority of Zig Forumstards happen to be just that, and including maybe a few pajeets. What should we do about them or are they long gone?

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"""middle class""" itself is nothing but a lie told to those white guys so that they will defend their class position.
Porky tricked them into thinking that they were separate from the poor white guys and minorities by sewing racial tension and giving them things like suburban homes and okay jobs. That doesn't make them any richer than the rest of us, just that they're living on borrowed money, time, and positions of power. When Fascism takes over, middle class people will get thrown out onto the streets just like the rest of the impoverished.
They're so class cucked because they unironically think that they're separate from everyone else, despite not being so.

And the piglet man is aware of this problem which is why he spends millions on brainwashing these fags. They are being groomed to become perfect foot soldiers for his army

In America this actually isn't the case. Middle class white guys are actually more likely to vote for the shitlibs and succdems than rural whites are, who overwhelmingly don't vote or vote for reactionaries. I'm not sure if this is interesting information, but not all poor people are angels.

That guy is just a tool, every demographic is full of them. You likely just hate white people in general because some of them want to keep their country/state, refuse to chop their dicks off, and don't want to murder their offspring.

You need a more sensible argument. You can't just hate on the opposition because your father took your virginity.

Why are you defending the pol fag's nationalism meme. I was discussing the fact that the majority of fascist propaganda is targeted at these cucks. Look at youtube or any other platform, every video is literally muh sjw wanna cut my peepee reeeee. Also fuck you terf

I truly wonder why fascist propaganda targets the middle class, I suppose we'll never know.

I suppose people would rather be in 2nd place than realize that the whole competition is meaningless.>>2905078 gets it right too. The "middle class" really isn't a thing. It was a mistake of history, have some cheap suburbanite homes, the GI bill, and the America's good position at the end of WW2 and you have a pretty much is the best the working class could hope for under capitalism. Of course you have to ignore all non whites, but this is really the peak for most people but it could never last. What we are now experiencing is pretty much how capitalism normally acts and brainlets would rather blame the browns and blacks then admit that their luck has run out.

point me to some of this propaganda, what is an actual example of this brainwashing?

Breitbart, dailystormer on the top of my head. I'm sure I'll find more if I look it up

all of conservative media basically amounts to getting people to be against their class interests.

…unless they are part of certain factions of the bourgeoisie (petty and haute), in which case, that will be precisely what emboldens them to act in their particular interests.

I maintain they're only like this in America, and women too. I hope so, at least. Otherwise I hate white people.

Why do you care so much OP?

Don't tell us you're ACTUALLY white??

Nah relax Zig Forumsfag. I'm only half white.

lmao no, middle class white women are even more insufferable. Its not empathy if you're doing it purely out of self aggrandizing motives. Behind every act of liberal NIMBYism you can usually find a middle class white woman that sincerely believes she can both care for the poors and keep that new homeless shelter way the fuck out of her neighborhood

I don't know, I don't have any statistics but most middle class white women (I'm in college btw) I've met have been more supportive of socialism and succdems than their male counterparts. Whether or not this is performative atleast they're not outwardly hateful.

All middle class people are cucks. Just read about what Malcolm X had to say about the middle class negro.

But atleast the middle class negro is less likely to be supportive of fascist dipshits. That's probably because they have more class consciousness because of history of oppression

Damn, you speak fluent sarcasm.

Yeah well no shit, socialism is appealing when you're (relatively) broke. Give them another five years, careers and/or husbands and watch as they turn into #Resisting wine/dog moms that think abortion restrictions are the worst part of capitalism. Middle class white women are the vanguard of idpol and milquetoast 'can' t we all just get along? ' reformism

So a Stormfront user through and through

Middle class white guy here. Lemme try to whitesplain it for you

Alienation is a common negative symptom/side effect under capitalist society, leaving a lot of people (regardless of race an income level) without any general purpose or goals on how to live a fulfilling life. That also especially goes for people who have all their basic material needs met where they don't have to struggle day by day to put food on the table. The got a house with a mortgage, they work a boring 9-5, and generally have a set path for themselves. This leads to general loss as what to do and a need to find greater meaning in life. Escapism, drugs, alcohol, vidya, TV (GoT I'm looking at you) are all used to distract middle class whites to ignore grand problems that they know are screwing up society, yet they chose to ignore because "that won't happen to me right noooow." That's at least the philosophical and psychological side of it.
The material side of it is that the white American middle class is dying due to decades of neoliberalism, which has conversely lead to the greatest level of wealth inequality the world has ever seen. People are either going to be working poor in the future or super rich. Policies like public infrastructure like mass transit being cut, privatization of schools, things like rent/buying a house, and living independently have made it almost impossible to live in today's economy. It's virtually unlivable even for people with some savings.

The middle class is starting to lose its sense of relevance and we are seeing the re-proletariatization of most middle class whites. This leads to a lot of resentment and feelings of loneliness which lets porky use his divide and conquer ideology. This is to use white anger to not direct blame to bourgeois institutions but on immigrants, gays, trans, sjws, leftists, commies etc. etc. because middle class whites feel that something is being stolen from them. The thing is, is that's right, value is being stolen from middle class white people. It's just the capitalist who sold their labor value across the ocean to some cheap sweatshop in Asia not the immigrants who come here to work for $5/hour. It's the "their taking our jobs" and "bootstraps" mentally that makes them see the world in a reactionary lens and not a materialist perspective.
This is why the middle class historically leans towards fascism due to psychological alienation and a sense to return stability/order and feeling returning things as they once were. That is to say they support a reactionary revolution as a means to keep the few privileges that capitalism bestows upon them.

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You want to see some dark shit, watch this:


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I wanna guillotine this bitch so badly

mutters white gibberish?

Frisco, Texas which is this made real

why should I have empathy for immigrants?

kiss my ass and go back to reggaton music land

I think OP asked why whites are so cucked

welcoming reggaton immigrants to come here is the cucked position

you are the cuck

Well it doesn't really matter what you think. What matters is what capital thinks and as far as capital is concerned you're just another european

Huh I haven't noticed that word filter before

I mean you're a white n*gger

Whites need a home of their own so we can nuke it smh

But what is Capital?

we're going to send the capitalists to the reggaton Nations after we expropriate their wealth in the coming white nationalist revolution

what a rude way to treat the people that received your refugees at the end of ww2.
I'm using "your" very loosely because there's a very small chance you're actually white

The issue is that it usually doesn't amount to anything more than SocDem-tier "distribution" and liberal moralism. There's no conviction, no actual decisive statement of what needs to be done or what actual principles are held. The best you'll usually receive is vauge statements about how "we should get along" or "the world should be better", and tbh it's not only middlen class women you'll hear this from.

I'm in trades and have been around a lot of different people, and let me tell you, there is not a group of people I have met that are not susceptible to stupid bullshit. Even I've been susceptible to stupid bullshit. Everyone has their spooks, and there is a very, very fine line between some of the stuff I've heard co-workers of every race say and fascist rhetoric. Best example is military worship and the celebration US intervention. You don't think blacks are capable of the same rants of "towelheads and sandeuropeans deserving it" that you hear from the most rabid Nationalists? Because I've fucking heard them

Anyway, this entire thread is fucking retarded anyway. Most "middle class" white men aren't fascists. Most people in general aren't fascists. Are most insufferably liberal? Yes, but nowhere close to being fash. The term "middle class" in the US is a fucking made up label anyway. Nearly everyone thinks they're middle class. If you own a car or a house, then to most people that means you are middle class. NO ONE wants to say they're poor, poor is a term for those who don't have anything or occupy a "lower" class. And because you're "above" some other guy, you must be in the "middle class" somewhere. Literally everyone from the inner city to the suburbs to the rural outskirts thinks they are middle class, because "lower class" are the guys who live at the shelter or use the food pantry (which even some self-declared middle-class use).

Nicer neighborhood, nicer car, nicer vacations. Still spend the same amount of time in a cubicle, still have the same, if not more stress.

People work hard to feel rich. If you can find that everything you need is inside you, its so liberating.

Well that's a new filter

Sure you will

I've found FRSO's analysis of class in the U.S. to be pretty good: frso.org/about/5congress/class.htm

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And while this shit is going on, everybody's focused on the alt right larping as the KKK.

Feeling rich means working hard; are you really any different for the material incentive?

Per it's because of their middle class white wives who want to maintain their lifestyles and demand their husbands to maintain the status quo to make the stay-at-home mom lifestyle possible. The men who are enforcing this kind of shit are almost always doing it on the behalf of some racist/classist women they feel responsible for. Men get pushback for being bigots, but women usually don't so they're more likely to be bigots or be worse bigots.

REALLY makes you think…

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πŸ‘ it's πŸ‘ not πŸ‘ women's πŸ‘ fault πŸ‘ poor πŸ‘ people πŸ‘ and πŸ‘ minorities πŸ‘ are πŸ‘ gross πŸ‘

There is no more middle class, that only exited in soc-dem capitalism where middle income people constituted a political force via stuff like proper Unions etc.
There also are no races, this is a biological counter-part of flat-earth astronomy. The concept of race comes from slave traders, it did not exist before. You have to figure out the material foundations that keep alive the race identity, this does not come from peronal affliction alone.
You cannot gain any insight if you use static categories of being for your inqurey. The way you frame this post it amounts to little more than IN-group Out-goup dynamic. That is reactionary.
we should change the material conditions

You analysis isn't bad, if it weren't so racist, there is no white anger, it's a emotion, it doen't have a colour.
No facism is not driven by psychology, there clearly are other income ranges that are just as alienated. Fascism is driven by imperial finance and large concentrated wealth. Imperial finance and concentrated wealth have a problem that they are technically the owners of claims to wealth, they don't materially control it directly. This poses a problem for them, because if the rest of society just switched to a different accounting system, All of their claims to wealth would turn dust. Therefore they seek out people that also have a stake in maintaining this. While most middle income people rarely have a stake in this since most still are wage-slaving, they might be close enough to be fooled into thinking otherwise.

kek'd by word filter

climate change is going to make this a reality for the southern parts of europe.

make a new thread bout this to explore "class based disgust" might be worth a analysis. You might need to find a better words to describe it.

I'm going to push back a little here.

I've worked as a security guard in this type of community and you end up with things like drug dealers, prostitutes, etc hanging around playgrounds where 5 year olds are playing at.

The woman is just trying to protect her family in a world of neoliberal scarcity and we shouldn't blame her for wanting to protect them from the disfunction that poverty creates in others.