Today we are visited by co-host M. K. Hobson, a female (born male), whom'st is totally not here because we want to advertise our product, xir's latest book which'st was printed by Zero Books™ xir will look at Marx and the – so called – "German Ideology" lol! Hobson has made an irreplaceable contribution to Zero Books™ by xir's latest S P E C U L A T I V E F I C T I O N genre book, entitled The Native Star!

Daily reminder that we are an Marxist publishing company, and we take our Marxism rather seriously!

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p.s. if you criticize this specific author, you are an unmarxist, but even worst'st, an shithead!

Stay tuned, folks!

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>Doug is a total pseud who read* only

That question is rather paradoxical. We use different tones for different situations, what really is our natural voice? We have different voices that we can use, any singer knows this. Ofcourse we have a range of tonalities that are "natural" (damn I hate this word) but we can speak effortlessly with different voices within our range. What range is "natural" to you is the one you are used to use. Also it is important to note that people that speak and change the tonality of their voice as they speak are much more interesting to listen to whereas monotonous speakers are boring. Our voice fundamentally is a tool and we can use it in different ways.
I dont know what about Hobson's voice sounds off to you. If anything I think the way she speaks is engaging.
Also I cant find any info on Hobson actually being trans. Now note, I am protecting Douglas and Hobson but the problem comes from making personal attacks on people instead of the ideas of those people.

This is an example of how criticism looks like.

What is your problem with Fromm? Other than apparent Trotskyite tendencies his writing seems like a solid revision of Freudian theory. which was in dire need of revision, let's be real.

Do you have the book in any file format? I cant find it and I am referencing to "The Revision of Psychoanalysis " which I suppose is the book where he most touches on the revision of Freud.

I will have to give it to you that my wording ("le natural voice) was rather hasty and poorly chosen. Allow my to restate my position, comrade.

You are completely correct in pointing out that depending on different situations we use different intonations, and so on, yet there's a clear difference between using an otherwise unmodulated voice to modulate under the given signifying regime (e.g. questions, humor, etc.), and the continuously and consciously modulated human voice.

I must note that I'm not even trying to be "anti-trans" here. The first case IRL when I met someone who tried to use an artificial voice "above/under" his "normal tone" was a heterosexual male, who tried to mask his self-felt inadequacy by artificially lowering his voice… You could tell that he was forcefully modifying his voice whenever you heard his asocial sounds leave his throat (laughter, cough, phlegm, etc.) The second time I met someone who did this was also a heterosexual male, albeit pretending to be an babby – he was some kind of diaper fetishist. So, yes, I do consider trans people who forcefully 'adopt' (and eventually and unavoidably betray their pretense voices through said exhaustions) just as much fakes as the insecure heterosexual males, who modulate their voices to be lower in pitch (probably because they think that's how "proper CHADS" sound)!

I mean… Are you deaf? It's a clear pretense.

Nah. This is an attack on clearly detectable fakery. For me a forcibly voice-modulating cretin is not different from a surgically modified cretin. It just shows. They become Ken & Barbie dolls.

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It was a hot summer day and I was in my room reading 12,000 pages of Marx's works. My brain was flexing and girls within a 10 mile radius were getting wet. Once I was done with my daily 32 hour group read session I called one of the bitches I know, Jessica. She is really damn hot and looks like a soviet supermodel. So I got into my Lamborghini Gallardo and reved it up to 40,000 RPM (this is a chinese import with special soviet engine system). I got onto the freeway near my house and threw it into 8th gear, I hit about 600 mph and I could hear the sonic boom as I broke the sound barrier. As I was flooring it on the freeway like a badass, Jessica called me and said she wanted me to fuck her. So be it.
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I don't have it on me, I was actually going to scan it and put it on libgen once the library near me that has it reopens.

Wasn't Trotsky and one of his wives actually friends with Alfred Adler, one of Freuds first "students" to break away and do their own thing?

I would NEVER disagree with them either.


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Reminder that Tay Zonday (Chocolate Rain guy) is a communist.

I have The Revision of Psychoanalysis, but am an absolute brainlet when it comes to putting stuff online. Give me some time to put it somewhere and I'll drop you a link here.

That's that I hope, here you go comrade

Yes I too meet a lot of heterosexual men who think that by lowering their voice they sound manlier and they end up sounding like cretins. But I still dont see how Hubson forces her voice I literalyl cannot hear pretense. She sounds like an old lesbo and thats exactly how she looks like. And believe me, I heard trans woman trying to sound very feminine and Hubson is not doing that, also if she went trough trancisions then her voice would change naturally (compare contrapoints old videos and new ones, you can clearly hear the shift). Also some people who speak in their natural tone can sound false to us when thats just due how the mouth is shaped. And honestly there is nothing bad and fake about changing ones voice and manner of talking, to me thats a very anti-growth mindset. With that logic trying to speak in a different accent because you moved to a different country is fake.

If you post it on the literature megathread once you scanned it I will greatly appreciate it.

My big thanks to you user

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There are a few other of his works that touch upon that, like Beyond Freud and Crisis of Psychoanalysis.
Honestly I am still just reading through Escape from Freedom, so I can't really say much about anything else precisely.

Actually listen to the lyrics of Chocolate Rain.

>Tay Zonday is a communist.

Actual, proper source?

Unedited ending of their video. I'm not even kidding.

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Imagine being this much of a dipshit.

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(It is.)
She tries to sound like on.
It's still clearly, detectably and utterly fake.

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"Well I'm sure glad you were here to mansplain everything to me!"

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Literally who gives a shit about whether Dobson is a tranny or butch dyke or whatever, shit on the video with actual arguments like book flag poster, otherwise you're just playing into culture war bullshit.

Do you still talk the same way you talked when you where a kid? No (unless you are some kind of manchild), and that is because you grew and learned to use your voice. Please devolop further your argument as to why changing one's accent is fake, because I literally just can't understand your line of reasoning.
So let's say I move to the Netherlands and study Dutch. First I speak it with an accent but then, when I gain more knowledge of Dutch, I can also devolop the enunciation and pronunciation skills. There is nothing fake about this, its literally learning and growing because your mouth is a tool. Am I fake for working out my hands? After all my hands are also tools and I can grow their functionality further.

I think what Freud poster meant was people lowering their voice ONLY in certain situations, something that is not permanent.
It's similar to sucking your stomach in, or things like pressing a fist under your biceps so it appears larger.

What you are describing is a common technique od puttin more emphasis into certain words or phrases by changing the tonality drastically. It's not used in order to show off something which you do not have but it is a way making the listener more engaged.

Now this is pure bullshit, if you ever interacted with people you would know it. I am not even sure why are you trying to defend this so much. There's a (very easy to spot) difference between changing the tonality to place emphasis on certain words and just lowering your voice for the entire conversation just so you would sound more manly.

Yes that I agree with you, I have misunderstood you. However Freud poster has stated that changing your accent is "fake", and that's my issue.
Also it's interesting that we criticise men who try to sound more manly but then we practice changes of speech all the time without being counscius about it most of the time. We speak differently (and it's not only word choice but the tone) to our boses, to our ladies, to our mother, and the tone also depends on what we are trying to achieve.
Also Freud poster denied that hormones changed the tone of our voice. Shit man dont you remember when puberty hit and your voice got super deep relatively to your old one in matter of months?

How common is for critical theory to include that passage of Short circuits by zizek?

This is a rather interesting book, I will try to finish it today. I have the feeling that you know more gems like this, if so please share them with us.

So who's the bigger pseud?

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Doug is ok
Coffin is retard, radlib and also kicks himself in the balls


why so much hate on doug, is it just because he uses vaporwave while being an oldfag?

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Because he's on the "bullshit for 20 minutes to generate ad revenue" grind.

why you think so?

"Mama Economy".

I nutted

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I am now zooming across a slip-and-slide on only my pre-cum

Freud and neitzche were vulgar materialists because they didn’t apply materialism to history. Vulgar materialism is in essence idealism because in the most political questions they were idealists as they denied the class struggle

Uhm, actually, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voice_change

Your voice isn't one of your limbs. Rather it's something connected most deeply to your personhood. Sure, a voice can be a "tool" too, for a singer, for an actor, but even the singer and the actor has his nonmodulated, "natural" voice. Not having one would indicate something deeply troubling about their subjectivity. youtube.com/watch?v=dZKzuVfUv3E

I most certainly did not. "Hormonal therapy" is a completely different topic altogether.

Because he churns out videos that make no interesting points, just relate some book he publishes to some trending topic and asks you to like comment subscribe. It's just a business model and he clearly fits it. It's not interesting material.

Pretty much this but that doesn't mean he can be an entry point for liberal liberal arts majors, in that sense its good for him to follow the youtube model to spread.

I think it's one of the most important books written in the past 10 years. While reading I could not help but draw consequences for communist politics and theory. I wonder about your impressions.

los bumpos

What do you expect with mental illness?

Gays and trannies will be the first to get purged when the communist revolution happens.

So what do you thinks of them book?