Socialist Vexillology Thread

What are your favourite flags, both socialist and not?

Do you prefer socialist flags that are defaced versions of old flags i.e. DDR, SFRY, or the flags that don't take many elements from old regime flags i.e. USSR, DPRK, PRC?

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Ancom flag, yugo flag, the one with machete and cog on black/red (Angola?), SSR Russia flag are all top tier.

Solid red.

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As far as great flags go, I think that sometimes we (as in the general vex community) become too focused on the Vexillology Rules. While obviously elaborate flags aren't ideal, sometimes their unique beauty out weighs their deviance. For example, the DDR, Angola, and Communist Afghanistan government, despite breaking many vexillological rules, are very powerful and clearly communicate their ideologies. Meanwhile, theoretically good flags like Vietnam and Yugoslavia are pretty bland and don't say much imho. Of course, two of my favorite flags are the Soviet America and Primitive-Socialism ones to the right, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.

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Love the DDR flag, the compass is a nice touch.

The Marx flag in the background in this pic.

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Not really a leftist, but I enjoy designing flags. Currently trying making socialist style flags for all the US states. what do you guys think?

Didn't Lenin or another one of the top dogs mock this trend as chunni bullshit?

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As a New Jerseyan, I love the NJ flag, although it's also the best designed one of the bunch imho. I also quite like the Montana one

you need help sir

I really enjoy the early foster flag, it kind of harkens back to the guillotining style farmer strikes early on in the American Revolution.

Indiana is pretty close to morphing into Yugoslavia

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I’m sorry you have asthma.

Tbh the best flags are almost always tricolors.

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I made this not long ago. Basically, a pallet swap of the current Chicago flag, with a fifth, more traditional red star to signify the success of a socialist revolution.

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Tbh just red.
Nothing else.
Just a crimson red "fuck you rich bastards" banner.

Thanks. Had a but of a block with NJ personally because I couldn't figure out what symbolism would fit well, here's an alpha ugly version.
I'll eventually redo the Montana one, I feel like the underlying principle is good, but it needs polishing so it looks more like a red star over green mounatins than some kind of Mexican t-rex.

Indiana has one of the best designs as is. I want to murder the idiotic congressmen who added an idiotic "INDIANA" just so they could pretend they're useful instead of following the original artist's vision.

imho plaette swaps are kinda boring. Chicago's flag is one of the best in the US anyway, I wouldn't really try altering it.

relax gringo, this is just for fun.

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Not the most aesthetic, but the Virginia state flag literally depicts revolution. Just change the background.

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