Cambodian Genocide Truth Thread

When did you stop falling for Vietnamese atrocity propaganda? It’s not really that surprising looking back that this just didn’t happen. The numbers don’t add up and Porky is barely hiding it

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People are waking up to the lies

You aren't

I bet you can’t debunk the infograph

I've already solved it.

Post yfw when you see a "leftist" (radlib) condemn the khmer rouge

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I’m glad you’ve woken up to capitalist lies then

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Still dreaming bud

I'm glad no one in the left supports Pol Pot, that guy was not a socialist at all.

He was a socialist through and through

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Name one thing wrong that in the quote

What is wrong with it is pointed out in the second half of the image

It was necessary


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Literal reaction.

Pol Pot wasn’t that bad. The who anti-technology thing was stupid, but everything else he did was pretty cool.

The anti-tech shit is a meme, look up the book “Pol Pot Plans for the Future” and it shows all sorts of documents talking about industrializing, upping production of rice, etc. You can find a pdf online

pol pot looks like hes cuming in this picture.
anyone else agree?

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The sole measure of any "revolutionary theory's" validity is its ability to preserve itself and to deliver military victories even as it affects revolutionary change, the right of conquest.

Pol Pot was conquered by Vietnamese socialism.

They abolished personal property, the Soviet aligned Vietnamese themselves witnessed the monuments of this ass nigs insanity.

“Pol Pot Plans for the Future” and it shows all sorts of documents talking about industrializing, upping production of rice, etc. You can find a pdf online
They still banned western medicine in favor of esoteric pseud shitFUCK GLASSES

So not socialism?


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I got one word for you: why?
What even is the point of defending (or going as far as defending) Pol Pot and the retardation that agrarian socialism is?

Because when some retard starts spouting claims about genocide to denigrate communism you have to know your facts, and the fact is that the Cambodian Genocide didn’t happen. I’m not even trying to be edgy, the numbers don’t add up

Thats when you know thats the new Zig Forums fad

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that is so practically unrealistic, in your fantasy world you explain the facts and people aknowledge truth (not true btw, burgers backed that piece of shit). But in the real world noboy gives a damn about that shit there is overwhelming information about the genocide happening, truly happend or not (it happened), you are just going to sound like a holocaust denier and this is not an opinion, this is what 100% is going to happen. Even if you are a LARPer retard ML or Maoist or whatever your shitty stalinist flavour is, you should act as if you denounce that shit if you want to see ANY result in the political sphere (youre welcome for the OC btw)

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Why was it necessary to force everyone out of the cities? You need to have cities and industry in order to produce tractors, fertilizers, etc to increase food production. Making everyone a farmer seems like a reactionary move that actually makes food production decrease.

Because there were refugees flooding into the cities due to the US terrorizing and bombing the countryside. They couldn’t feed a population that had more than doubled in Phnom Penh alone. Plus cities are clear signs of imperialist domination


HAHAHAHAHA sorry we prevented you imperialist proxies from creating your backwards, reactionary dream from occuring.

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Propaganda or not, it's just realpolitik. The fucking thing I hate about the shitshow between Europe-Soviet-China-Vietnam-Cambodia is that it's capitalist roaders such as Deng, Gorbachev, and the US capitalist empire who were benefited the most.
Somewhat similar to Taiping Rebellion, all under the heaven wasn't conquered yet, but they were still wasting time for infighting. Damn it all

get this tumblr furry bullshit off my board. at least Stormfags and Asserists have the excuse of Inbreeding/Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. What's your excuse?

this. uphold socialism with water buffalo characteristics

And this plan includes selling cheap rice for imperialists like Taiwan, Thailand, the US and the UK (through Hong Kong) in exchange for US dollars and agricultural equipment. Too bad he’s a fucking retard that pushed the hard work on the fields for urban people while elevating the rural folks to the status of nobles with him at his cliques at the top like kings (really really communist praxis here folks!!!). This then led to the rice output crashing hard to the point that our Zig Forums Poy had to attack Vietnam not only to stop the real communists that he once purged taking back their country but to also not let the entire country starve to death.

In every single piece of propaganda, the DK keep pushing for going back to a “more innocent time” when the monarchy and Angkor Krom was a thing (unironic we wuz kangz ‘n shitz arguments) and the Khmer being the master race of Asians. Is that what true communism is?

Wait, there are more than 1 Vietnamese lurking this board?!?

Not to mention the invasion and occupation of Kampuchea plus the subsequent sanctions from multiple countries is the final straw that caused Vietnam to go revisionist in the first place (this is not giving a free pass to Duan, who fucked up the process of collectivizing the then recently reunited South and haft way ruined the entirety of Vietnamese’s post war economy).