Are people able to be "okay" with being slaves...

Are people able to be "okay" with being slaves? Like mentally they are happy to be a slave or somehow process their position differently and think they are taking part in something bigger than themselves?

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Yes. Beware the power of brainwashing.
Actually, i could give you a step-by-step guide on how brainwashing occurs, if you want. I have it saved on my thumb drive, which i'll have to retrieve.

I think I've got it figured out myself but I'd love to give a read on somebody else's take

look up Lifton's Criteria for Thought Reform. it's based on what the Chinese used for soldier prisoners to convert them during the Vietnam war, but it can be applied to almost anything cult-like.
Emotional Intelligence is also good.

Here's my screenshot. It's based on MKULTRA techniques, chinese torture, sex slave trafficking industry, and cult brainwashing techniques.

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Shit, how often do we see these techniques in the world around us?

From birth. In the USA your entire public school childhood is this.

Post for science

a really interesting one is Amway>>2905726


The only purpose of art is to break this, and only this can be called art, even if it means firebombing cathedrals in the name of Zhdanov.
And maybe Lenin was a bourgeois moralist fag too and maybe Stalin was a bit semiliterate because bragging about how much you read is the clearest marker, so the left is not free of indoctrination either.
Also Hegel's entire point was making Prussians feel happy that at least they could think whatever they want, America's mental management systems of course are but Prussia with a republican paintjob of moderate quality and what Hegel really saw in Jena was the logical endpoint of history getting its bowels splattered by some fucking frog peasants and everything he wrote after that is just displacement activity, I've read VüdPdG twice and it's what Fukushima will write after America get its Diem Bien Phu in the 2020s, but at least people read a lot in those days, Plato was right about the neccessity of a rigid class structure to maintain what gets called culture, and of course kicking the artistes out.
And of course most modern art of any brow is pure glow in the dark.

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Fascists actually actively want to be slaves. Full subordination to the nation. I get the psychology though. At least slaves are afforded some meaning in life.

This will get you killed, people are capable of faking submission, while waiting for an opportunity.

Imagine taking internet instructions for "brainwashing techniques" seriously.

To me, these "brainwashing" techniques are too vague to really mean anything. Look at the main points from thought reform:
1. Control communication
2. Manipulate experiences
3. Use shame
4. Constant monitoring
5. Not allowed to question narrative
6. Loaded language
7. Your personal experience subordinate to dominant narrative
8. Group decides who is valid and who is not
This could just as easily apply to neoliberal America as it does to Chinese Communist prisons, its not very useful. And the Amway one is even more vague, the "marks of a destructive cult" in that link could apply to Jonestown and a high school clique at the same time. I think the main point is people need/want things (food, water, sex, money, fame, whatever) and if you can convince them (either through a mixture of torture and reward or just subtle mind games) that the only way for them to get these things is through your group, then they are brainwashed. And I mean convince them on an unconscious level, as in the group's ideology becomes the way they look at the world, since that seems to be the most important aspect of "brainwashing"–the subject sees the world how their handlers want them to.

It’s an inherent property of intelligence that it can jump out of the task which it performing, survey what it has done; it is always looking for, and often finding, patterns. For example, a human being who is reading a book may grow sleepy. Instead of continuing to read the book until it’s finished, he’s just as likely to put the book aside and turn of the light. He has stepped “out of the system” and yet it seems the most natural thing in the world to us. Or, suppose person A is watching television when person B comes in the room, and shows evident displeasure with the situation. Person A may THINK he understands he problem, and remedies it by exiting the present system (ie the television channel) and change the channel knob to a better show. Person B may have a more radical concept of what “exiting the system” means—namely to turn the television off!
Of course there are cases where a rare individual will have the vision to perceive a system which governs many peoples’ lives, a system which has never before been recognized as a system; such people often devote their lives to convincing other people that the system really is there, and that it ought to be exited from!
- Hofstadter, Douglas R. ‘’Godel, Escher, Bach’’

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There is a deep need to serve something else, be it a cause or a person.

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I saw that GoT ep too

I come here to read what you guys say, but for once I may be able to contribute.
I do enjoy my life in what you might call "slavery." I could possibly similarly enjoy my life in whatever you might find to be an ideal society, but I know I do now.
I am a voluntaryist or ancap if that matters. Essentially, I am an existentialist and derive my happiness from living a life in line with my values and beliefs, and I am able to do that now.
If anybody wants to ask further question feel free to, I'll probably have this thread open for a while and will respond. There's probably others like me here too.

May not do what it be but it do.

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Was that broken english?
I'm confused, a question was asked and I answered it.

i want guide too

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I have genuine curiosity yet some major confusion as to how you have that (if you do)

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I ca 't find the in-depth guide, but it's basically this

Combined with social pressure and suggestion in a group atmosphere.
They use these techniques in sex trafficking. One way you can tell if someone has been brainwashed is if they focus on one thing most of the time and can't form complex thoughts. They're also more susceptible to being ordered around and listening. You need to do some research yourself; there was a post on 4chan/x/ years ago by a guy who was given the job by some bourgeoisie to zombify captured people (he mostly captured men and raped them too) and turn them into slaves for the black market, and that's where these techniques come from. I'm not sure if you could pull up a screenshot of it or not, though.

Because your statement was retarded brain aids. Read Camus, or really any other existentialist for that matter.

I mean you could just read on emotional and classical conditioning. I know both are pretty primitive techniques to be used on humans, since we are capable of thought, but if you go along those lines I imagine you could actually create a dependency.