For any esoteric socialists/communists out there? Have you ever tried 'contacting' Lenin?

Was just curious of how it went or what you could manage to get him to say (Whether you used 'mediumship' or ingested any substances), I know many here are materialist and all that but still I wanna know.

If you did get anything I really wanna hear what are the responses from those such as Vladimir Lenin or Marx/Engels and others including what they think of today's world especially.

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Or for any mystic socialists/communists and leftypols on here*

I've contacted Mayakovsky, we fugged some chicks in his Caddy and then went off to the Mausoleum and made Lenin look like he's masturbating over a copy of Road to Serfdom

ngl i think if you did contact Lenin he'd tell you to stop being a fucking idealist for trying to contact him.

The answer you would get is nothing to do with what he actually believes, its all in your fucking brain. We are alone. Get your new-age hippy shit out of here.
If I was gonna meet Lenin on a DMT trip he would probably say "LEARN LEARN LEARN".

Hi OP!
I just made a contact to Vladimir Ilich, through my spiritual ergregor.
Here is what he said:
Ебать ты дебил братишка, мир тебе пухом.
Also him
Абстрактной истины нет, истина всегда конкретна

His second revelation is shit. Our subcounscius is very abstract, read more psychoanalysis critical theory and do more drugs bro.

20 years Chatanga, no right of correspondence

Wtf i thought Lenin would speak in English i cant understand any of this

Yeah I contacted him. He said he hated both Stalin and Trotsky and if Bukharin had been GS we would be living in full communism since the 1970s.

He said people are batshit stupid and to bring on the DOTR.

I didnt see Lenin but I did see Jesus (same person) and he said to me that love is the answer and that he died for our sins (God bless our LORD). He then got a 100 dollar bill and lighted it on fire using telekenesis and then used it to light up a Joint. I then opened my eyes and saw that my SO had a joint, I then realised he was Jesus (and lenin) and told him he is the second coming. He was shocked but then he believed me so now we are collecting funds for his second coming (which will also bring on the world revolution), our bitcoin wallet is 1HesYJSP1QqcyPEjnQ9vzBL1wujruNGe7R

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Yes alex jones, the gay faggot kikes in silicon valley are taking dmt and striking inter galactic deals with tranny aliens to subvert the faglaxy. Now back to pol, rehtardo

let me just liquidate all my assets into your honk fund real quick. 10/10 seems legit

I feel like DMT works to solidify the bullshit people believe, and most people who take DMT are into bullshit.

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You clearly know fuck all about chemistry and history to say something that edge tier. Do i think putting dmt up my butt will result in a one way phone line to lenin or some shit? No. Of course dumb fucks ruin everything good, that’s rule #1 of why we can’t have nice things. But just read science of psilocybin and tryptamines whose chemical structures are very closely related.The protein in dmt is in fact in every single living cell of every living thing and bacteria. The protein handles the movement of iron in the body, which is essential for us to grow. We theorize that dmt is produced in small quantities in the brain when you dream, and in larger quantities when you’re born and when you die. Mushrooms producing psilocybin are also the oldest chemical structures on our planet to date, dating back to the dinosaur days. I could go on and on and on about the science forever but i’d actually reccomend you delve into yourself as it will never have the same effect just coming from me. Anyway here’s my nuclear take for lols: maybe the machine elves people talk about are really the little chemical people doing the good work of nature inside your cells

Didn't Lenin talk english like an irishman?
I read it on Zig Forums nonetheless.

Ive done DMT. I wrote that post because I see that people who I know in real life and people in the internet have revelations that go according to their view. So like for example; a Christian may see God/Jesus, someone into new-age shit will have a revelation about their archetype and their chakras (or whatever the fuck they believe in). And I can make more examples but my point is that in a DMT trip your believe in the big other (a point of reference that gives you meaning) is solidified. The entities you see are a clear manifestation of the big other, however the reality is that they are completly virtual because you made them. Its interesting that when a DMT trip starts everything is too abstract to even understand, however little by little you start seeing things that you can understand; I theorize that this is a clear demonstration of subjectivization.

I think the best way to look at DMT is trough the lenses of psychoanalysis. Dreams reveal us our subcounscius and I think the same is true for DMT trips, they are live changing experiences because after them we understand more about our subcounscius desires, our symptoms and the root of our personal psychological problems. DMT can be a very powerful tool and hopefully more research will be made into it because right now it's very lacking.

I lived in russia for four years and can read and write and have a base normie level of the spoken language. I’ve never heard lenin speak out loud, russian or angliski for that matter. Russians roll their r’s though and make a lot of “ey” and “aye” sounds. If that’s the extent to which you can say oh yeah sounds like irish, i mean i guess bro. And every time i cough i’m speaking a dialect of arabic, i guess.

Btw this was easily the most hilarious post on this entire thread. I highly reccomend using google translator, dibiloid.

And for the record, i’ve never done dmt. Although i have done several doses of psilocybin, being the closest i’ve gotten i guess (don’t flame me). You have a very terrance mckenna take rooted in psychology, i see. I’m curious however, to what your thoughts are on a kilindi lyi for instance? A mycologist who has spoken at universities claiming to have experiences under the plank length. A man who openly discusses quantum entaglement as part of his experiences. Or what about medical professionals in mexico who have left their careers to become spiritual healers? All this to say, i’m curious on whether or not you see any scientific validity in the experiences themselves? Or if not at all? Here’s a purely anecdotal example but i for instance, have had very different perceptions of time on various substances, and i understand that is very common amongst trippers. I’ve seen plenty of people discuss the phenomenon. Would you say that’s is just the individual’s abstract perception of time? Since you seem to know your shit, share with me some thoughts on my poorly phrased proposition. I’ve always been of the mindset that we need to get all the brightest astrophysicists in one room to trip dmt and write down their thoughts on notepads post experience.

No, that man is all pseudoscience and mystic new age shit. My point is that everything we see in the DMT experiences is confined within our counscius, there is no conenction with any methaphysical entities.

I believe the experiences should be researched but from a psychological prespective, particularly psychoanalysis. All of the connections between quantum physics and DMT I have seen just scream of bullshit, no different from all the quantum woo garbage that new-agers like to cite to prove their beliefs.

As for time I believe that is to do with how we percieve time. Time goes much more slowly when you stare at a clock, It goes fast when you are having fun, etc. During a psychodelic trip your brain works in a vastly different way so its safe to say that your perception of time changes. I do not think its likely any quantum physics revelations can be achieved with DMT.

The way that psychodelics can indeed help researchers is that they make you think of questions in a different and new way, and that is a very useful tool.

And here i was thinking terrance had a degree in psychology this entire time. I’ve never read any of his books but i do know his son Dennis said that his father Terrance emphasized the study of psychology before taking any mind altering substances. For whatever that is worth. Anyway. I guess you answered my question with a no. I’m not claiming you’re going to trip and come out the otherside with a new theory for gravity. But to your last point I do think there may indeed be some experiences whether they be abstract thoughts or full on visuals that may cause you to think in a new or different way about something. You can call it woo but I think i’ve learnt a fair bit about the electro-magnetic spectrum on shrooms. Not in any empirical way sure, but just stare at a lightbulb on psilocybin and tell me that science isn’t there to be plainly seen. If we can at least acknowledge that symptoms of for instance increased visual and sensory acuity do in fact exist under the influence of these substances for example, then it’s not far off to say that you may literally, tangibly, observe light differently than you did in your sober state. Fair or not?

What the fuck does this even mean? "Quantum entaglement is part of my experience"? What the fuck?

How about it's part of everyone's experience- since we can't actually separate quantum systems from each other (how the fuck do you stop an electron form interacting with anything?), and things that interact with each other become entangled.

It's also impossible for quantum statistics retain their characteristics in complex systems (ie not a single electron/two electrons etc), meaning they actually behave like classical probabilistic systems. In physics we say there is no "coherence" between the system's possible states.

Please don't spam this new age cuck shit about "quantum mechanics", the person who said this probably doesn't even know what a fucking Hilbert Space is. Use ur brain morans.

You’re misunderstanding. I mentioned a well acredited mycologist who is a frequent university speaker who mentions scientific properties or truths as things he experiences or witnesses under these states, if you will. What the fuck does it mean? I don’t know dude, i’ve never taken 30+ grams of psilocybin, nor have i ever taken dmt. I’m just curious. I’m not the one claiming these experiences. What about “quantum mechanics” is “new age cuck shit?” Are you a phd phsyicist? You listed the most basic fact about entanglement and then proceded to continue with “in physics we say.” How about what the fuck phsyics says. What did you contribute to the field of physics to be able to start a sentence with “in physics we say.” I have no idea what to make of your asspained jambalaya. Are you a reknown physicist? Have you ever ingested psychoactives? Are you simply the most enlightened and based person to ever walk this spinning ball of dust?

he's referring to the fact that lenin supposedly spoke english with an irish accent because he was taught the language by an irishman in london

good poster

a) Arguement by authority.
b) Even if you take that the arguement by authority is in any way shape or form valid, a mycologist is not qualified to talk about quantum mechanics. We are at the point of specialisation in science where climate physicists don't reach the level of depth of a relevant course to what we are discussing (Quantum Information). A mycologist has about as much expertise in quantum mechanics as a physicist in medicine, ie none.

Completely unrelated, ad honinem, and again in essence a plea to authority, but I'll bite. I don't have my PhD *yet* (I am pursuing one in a related field), but I have a degree in nuclear/elementary particle physics, yes. But this is beside the point, a degree is just a piece of paper. The important part is that I've taken several relevant courses and actually studied the subject for a few years.

What worries me is this fetishisation of "experts" that you are promoting here, while also ignoring how compartmentalised scientific knowledge is in our age, and as if my arguement would be of less value if I was some kid who read a shit ton of physics and math books for fun rather than a slightly more privileged shitter who managed to get to un i.Notice you didn't actually argue anything apart from my expertise against this persons.

< If you are legitimately interested about quantum theory, and want any technical clarifications, nothing would give me more joy than to answer any questions that you have (and that I can answer).

Yes, multiple times. While these experiences have been important to me, in understanding myself, and also forging strong bonds with people who are close to me, I know full well that this is, and it's chemicals in my brain, just like everything else I experience. This is actually quite a funny coincidence, I had a conversation with a friend yesterday about how though I value those experiences I am happy that I don't still use such substances.
Please remember to trip responsively, in safe environments and with people you trust, and that it's all in your head.

This is the most important point in this post for me:

< "Enlightenment" is a dumb concept, and through a realisation of how dumb it is, I escaped my retarded drug use and general state of mind. I always expected that by doing some psychedelic that I would suddenly be "enlightened". Bang. Just like that, suddenly, I see!
This is never the case. Even moments of "eureka!" are based on studying and hard work. This has applied to my academic life, my political thought and personal life, and it was this that was the most critical thing that I took from dabbling in psychedelics, and perhaps the most important thing I have learned in my adult life in general.

If I sounded aggressive in my previous post you have to understand that my frustration at reading sentences with "quantum entaglement" and "experience" or "consciousness" is the same as what I experience when hearing "karl marks killed 9999 gorrillions with his bear hands".

I came into this thread hoping for some good Lenin ghost stories, instead I got covered with piss.

DMT entities are posadist aliens. You get literally transported into the 5th dimension. Posadist entities that use the sacred chemical to share their beliefs with the primitive societies in an attempt to lift them from their current limited perception into inter dimensional oneness (ultimate communism). Also when those who die exit this stage of reality, they are reabsorbed in the one consciousness that existed before the creation of the universe and will exist again when ultimate communism withers away into final communism (absolute oneness)

Here's a diagram I made a while back to help visualize

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Had to check if I was on Zig Forums. The fuck, OP.


i DEFEND woo.


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You clowns have no place in the real left. The materialist, scientific socialist left has no place for woo woo nonsense like this. On top of being bullshit, you faggots make us look like the strawman Zig Forums uses for us.

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This. Bukharin always felt like the most orthodox Leninist out of all the Bolsheviks. Like Lenin, he wouldn't have cut the NEP short as Stalin and Trotsky favored.

I preferred the blue ones.

And my personal opinion is that attaching any of that meaning or spirit shit to trips is really one of the most reliable markers for insufferable retards, but I'm just overreacting.

Drugs are great of course but don't get spooked by chemicals.
Diamat magic and all that.

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It is funny you knock people who see jesus and other mystical figures whole on drugs for their surety of their deductions based on partial knowledge and limited experience but you are doing the exact same thing with your "muh chemicals in my brain." Material reductionism is as pseudo scientific and faith based as the most fantastical religious beliefs. I'm not going to try to try to explain experiemces out the realm of accepted mainstream science in the terms of and understandibg of mainstream science because that would be a fools errand even if I was the most educated mainstream scientist in the world and I am not. I will tell you know to be true based on my own personal experience and that the western scientific  understanding is wildly incorrect because it all hinges on unfounded assumptions, and no matter how much correct observational data inputted into a model built on false asdumptions will yield a clear understanding like the geocentric believing astronomers of centiries past.

That’d be based as fuck, he just tells you to get on your feet, quit groveling at his, and understand that revolutions are not built by individual men.


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waste of time tbh, you'd have better results by contacting marx, and have him dictate to you the rest of the volumes of capital he couldn't write

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What were the subjects of the vaunted unwritten volumes of Capital? I know there was one that was completely drafted about the history of economic thought (Theories of Surplus Value) and that he apparently also wanted to write on imperialism and the world market. Also what the hell was he doing in his last 10 years of life, it appears he wasn't even taking notes of what he was reading. Too sick? Performance anxiety from his newfound fame?

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