Culture War

Why are the alt-right winning the culture war?

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its just a backlash cos the left libs have been winning for so long

It's convenient for their masters to have a bunch of idiots who believe that boss and them are on the same team due to sharing each other's race, rather than someone who's views on outsiders are more cosmopolitan. For all of it's faults, and contrary to what Zig Forums and r/stupidpol believes, shitlibs are more likely to turn to the actual left than conservatives reactionaries are.

Culture wars mean little in the long run and tend to go in cycles of 10-15 years depending on material conditions.
Most of the time they're backlash and reaction reacting to previous changes. It's literal dialectic.

What are you basing that on?

Because radlibs are obsessed with trannies and abortion

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this, liberals dominated the from mid 90s to the first half of the 2010s, before that Regan culture dominated to 80s, and so on and so on.

you are a brainlet

Where the fuck do you get the idea that conservative chuds will become communists rather than fascists? Are you just fucking dishonest? How often do these people turn to the left in your warped mind that people that are more or less fash are closer to us than the radlibs?

Oh yea I forgot, this board is only nominally leftist and despises anyone that isnt white straight and male, which is why I hate you all

And no this isnt even idpol shit, y'all are just fucking red fascists and I mean that truly

Tell me more about why intersectionality is not liberal.

Fuck off. That's not what I was talking about. I'm just saying that the average 4chan autist has no real reason to ever turn left, and has a whole bunch of their own cultural pressures to stay a reactionary, while even in shitlib circles you'll hardly find anyone who gives that much of a shit about say one of their own turning into a communist.

Lol no we just hate people who say divisive shit like that. Its counter revolutionary

"Idpol is when you dont pretend that the white working class engages in racism, homophobia, and sexism that caused pretty much every worker's movements in America to fall apart"

This is why i hate you red fash pieces of shit, I swear to God if it comes to it I'd happily fight a war with the red fash once the bourgeoisie is gone

Because fascists drive liberal ideology to its conclusion, they beat the liberals at their own game. They do not need to based in material reality, while liberals at least need to pretend, which gives them an advantage in the war of the spectacle.

We are (former) 4chan autists, libtard. Also remind me of how the democRATS treated the yugobomber again.

i didn't say care i said obsessed
you are retarded

Its a cycle. Basically all Trotskyists from the last Century are NeoCons now.

Trumpians will become MLs in 20 years or so.

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Yea we know you're 4chan autists, it's why you're still white supremacist scum despite being nominally "communist"

This is why former fash should be vetted at gun point

Stop pretending fashies are communist just because they crib socialist talking points and LARP after being genocidal monsters

No you fuck off. That doesn't help anyone.

I'm saying that the vast majority of 4chan autists have no reason to become communists. The majority of them are about as middle class as any shitlib.

Aw did I hurt a 4chan autists fee-fees? Sorry you aren't welcomed with open arms after being a genocidal fascist and remaining white supremacist scum

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Go back to your CIA cubicle farm you fucking drone. My point is that the cultural pressures inside of 4chan, and active manipulation by intelligence agencies of all types makes it very difficult for any sort of class consciousness to be found within that hellsite. Being a communist or even just a normal non-idpol (the vast majority of actual liberals) liberal is seriously frowned on, and you're more or less pressured into becoming a reactionary because there are more than certainly a bunch of FBI groups that promote right-wing thought and shut down any counters through vast spam and shitting everything down.

They aren't get off the internet.

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Man, I really pity the poor white males, they literally have it worse than the rest of the working class that you people utterly despise

Fuck off, half this board are open white supremacists and homophobes, as if I should fucking pity you lmao

Anti-idpol loses my sympathy when it shifts into calling Africans europeans and asking why they're inherently inferior, once you're there you aren't a comrade, YOU ARE A RED FASH

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Lmao when it shifts to calling Africans n*ggers I'm fucking confused by that edit

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You are why nobody takes us seriously, die in a fire. We will never prevail if our ranks are made up of your band of misfit trannies lol no thanks

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Like I said, you people are just red fash and deserve the exact same fate as every other fascist

If you call yourself a communist yet want to genocide trans comrades and enslave Africans you get the bullet all the same and fucking deserve it

Good job shitting up a mediocre thread, and derailing the original point that I made as the first post. You did a real good job fucking up the discourse. If you go back to your boss, tell him that user wants you to get a raise! Maybe you're wife will love you again after you give her that Toyota Corolla that she vaguely wanted 5 years ago.

I dont want genocide, but they shouldnt be on the front lines you absolute retard, people like you infest the ranks with people who look like shit and then wonder why our side is thrown into the mud every time. and i never said anything about europeans, i was talking about trannies.
Get swol
Represent your comrades in a way that looks respectable you absolute beanpole

Yikes, sorry that I asked you to provide some sort of reasoning. Didn't mean to make your butt sore.

People on the right who have already rejected mainstream politics and who want to tear it down are, in my experience, more likely to turn to leftism than liberals who just think we need to tweak around the edges. Socialism offers these angry people a better analysis of why things are fucked. Horseshoe theory has something to it IMO.

how do i delete a post?

That poster wasn't me.

I mean the person who you asked the question for wasn't me. It was just some deranged lunatic who wanted to make it that he was the one who wrote up that first post.

Well he still didn't answer the question.

Shit I'm sorry for being so confusing, but I am the first poster and the one who you asked the question for, but this lunatic impersonated me. My point is described here.

Sorry for being kind of a spastic here, but I don't really know how to handle being impersonated like that.

not fascists but conservatives

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I did, the people you defend most of all are the ones that go to the fash in droves while the ones you denigrate the most are the people that suffer worst under capitalism

Like I said, red fucking fascists

You're an absolute fool if you think that every single black or mexican person is a perfect angel who wouldn't want abortion to be banned, or for gays to stop being gay.
The reason why I said that conservative reactionaries on the internet aren't likely to fall towards the left is simply because of the fact the fact that it simply isn't very profitable for the Mercers, the Murdochs and company for any sort of leftwing or even moderately liberal activity to go on, because they more or less just want to rule over the world like a bunch of feudal kings through the power of capital.
However conservatives in the midwest or even in the south are probably speaking actually rather open to shit like medicare for all. Most voters, and even the socially conservative types, aren't actually that fascistic.
So stop trying to hijack my point you fucking crank.

What does that even mean? If by 'the people I defend' you mean the fascists (although I'm not defending them), how can they 'go to the fash' when they're already fash? And who are 'the ones I denigrate the most'? Fucking word salad.

They always have betrayed socialism in favour of fascism. They only sided with communists when fascists were out for their blood

I was mostly talking about the average liberal turning over towards the left because one of their idpol flavored politicians backstabbing them and thus radicalizing them just a bit further. While the cultural online right only really wants to fuck over the libs and also whatever minorities they hate at the moment. Social democrats and the like aren't, to be trusted, but the rank and file liberal is about as much of a well intentioned deluded fool as the rank and file conservative.

those conservatives are more likely to be working class, and hence, more susceptible to the natural conclusion to their material reality

This thread is great dialectics. I want to see more of this shit.
Mods please don't touch.

Not true at all. People on this board are all fully in favour of liberating women and minorities. Lurk more.

This is ceding way too much ground to fascists. "Misfit trannies" shouldn't be excluded from the movement just because some reactionary idiots think they're "cringe." Be a fucking adult.
We should just stop framing the people who dislike trannies as evil transphobes. They're just fuckwits who freak out because they're asked to be respectful to other people.

They're not hijacking your point. They're building their own point on top of it. Stop being such a baby about it.

This shit is tired as fuck. Liberals aren't a monolithic block. There are plenty of liberals who will side with us against fascism when it comes to it.

Maybe, but the way that they responded to as made me think that they were some asshole who is trying to make me look bad. Granted my point is criticizable, but I don't want to be associated with someone who thinks that "everyone who converted to the left from the right should be held at gun point and be made to confess all of their sins against all POC".

Trannies are a symptom of late stage capitalism

blessed mods taking this thread down

Why do lefties need an anonymous imageboard to communicate? You are free to tell people that you are a Commie in public without losing your job, unlike National Soycialists.

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too many hammer and sickles

So what? Communism is also a symptom of late stage capitalism.
There have been men assuming female identities in many different cultures throughout history. Often religious meanings were attached to such people because they didn't have the scientific materialist understanding we have today. Now we understand it as a harmless psychological variation.

Mods fucked up. This thread addresses unresolved issues within the Zig Forums community. We can't deal with culture war bullshit, and therefore don't know how to relate to progressives and conservatives. This makes our politics impotent as a whole. I get that the mods think this shit is trashy and unimportant, but we gotta move through it. There's no other way.

This is what Zig Forumsfags actually believe.

You use an anonymous messageboard for reasons other than expressing your 'wrongthink' opinions? Are you scared of talking to people in real life or something?

I use a message board because in the south you dont get a job by saying your a commie :^)

so what? that doesnt mean its a good look

White male here

i will never turn communist

i will never accept PoC as my equals

I'd rather die ten painful deaths than be ruled over by a council of screeching reggaton latina pocs


I mean, if you insist.


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just be a ☭TANKIE☭ already jesus

Do you honestly think anyone here gives a fuck about disabled PoC transfluid polyqueers? Remember what website you're on. We are all here after the same "leave me and my community alone" you are.

I'd rather talk here than getting brain rot by using twiter or facebook or reddit.

because the left-culture-war is using a Double dabble method to abolish itself.

Meaning they tell the hard-left , we want to abolish discrimination for women, LGBT,… minority groups, and they also tell the liberals they get to hate on poor people, via the "respectable hate frame work" where liberals get to hate poor people if they can provoke them to say something socially reactionary (1) about one of the discriminated groups. Which is usually easy to do because of educational advantages.

Now it becomes possible to punch down while appearing to be fighting against discrimination for minorities. It also becomes possible to appear as a oppressed victim while actually being a bully.

This opens up the door for neoliberal purges, where basically all the people on the left that want to improve the economic conditions, can be slandered and excommunicated.

We now also have the confusion of "minority rights" a right by definition applies to everybody. When it only applies to a specific group then It's a privilege. So now we have usually people that are better off economically using this for retaining their economic privileges by masquerading cold-blooded interest driven politics with social issues. Given that this is about relative wealth distribution, where only a minority can be better off, this can only become a minoritarian movement hostile to the interests of the masses. Which in a cultural battle puts you at a disadvantage.

As example would be bourgeois feminism whose primary focus was on breaking the "glass sealing" to change the ratio of male to female for CEO positions. Very few women are in a position to become a See-ie-oh regardless of male to female ratios, meaning that this has no benefit to them, making this a minority movement. The political direction of closing the income gap would likely also be opposed by older women who no longer aspire to have a personal career but would have a reduction in household income because of reduced earning potential of male spouses. What we got was an alliance with misandry (scape-goating men for the effects of capitalism) to bolster the ranks, both alienating pro equality men, and energising the counter reaction who now can legitimately criticise misandry and start linking it to lower life expectancy and higher rates of homelessness for males, scape-goating the effects of capitalism. (2)

Culture war in capitalism, is based on getting people to act against their economic interests via hate. The right hates based on who you are, the left hates based an what you do. Meaning that these shady tactics backfire on the left but not on the right.


(1) provoking somebody to say racist, homophobic, misogynist, …. things, is going to result in an increas in racist homophobic misogynist sentiment. Doing it just to be able to put somebody else down for the kicks of having power over somebody makes you a reactionary, doing it with the motivation to hate on poor people makes you proto-fascist.

(2) For all the feminists I just have putt off, consider the following wager, the "economistic" Communists want to pay people based on labour time, this is at the core of the accounting systems. It's not going to be possible to wage-gap anybody with this.

Why are you on Leftypol then?


Jewish jews