Are there any interesting Marxist perspectives on the work of HP Lovecraft/the Cthulu Mythos or does anyone here have...

Are there any interesting Marxist perspectives on the work of HP Lovecraft/the Cthulu Mythos or does anyone here have any of their own? I've been reading his work lately and also understand that many modern pessimists are influenced by Lovecraft so if anyone knows or has any Marxist analysis or critique of pessimism I would much appreciate it

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watch this one:

Every time I trip I think about feeding HP Lovecraft tons LSD and telling him he can communicate with Azathoth.

This is a /leftytrash/ topic tbh. We shouldn't be making threads about Lovecraft.

Whatever man, this board always needs more content. I don't really mind tbh, a lot better than another "I'm a nazi, change my mind XD" thread.

ironic considering lovecraft was a quasi white supremist

Oh he wasn't quasi

His stories are basically just an incel being afraid of sex and brown people. Still one of my favorite fiction authors.

Lol. His cat says hi.

>quasi white supremacist
OK well I guess I'm gonna have to link Chapo Trap House on this because they went in on Lovecraft's racism.

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Wait is that word filtered? european.

And yeah, that's only ONE point of his racism that I brought up facetiously.


H.P. Lovecraft read the Communist Manifesto and was Marx is Right actually. He was into State Socialism because he hated the lost of MUH TRADITION that was happening in Russia because he thought it was too radical.

When I say too radical he thought that the whole deal was too radical for America. The guy was a New Englander.

Why the would they filter nígger to european

What does it have to do with Lovecraft? It's about the "black pill." When did Doug start hiring some shill to constantly link his videos here?

These groups have mutually exclusive takes on gender politics. If you try to analyze them as a single group you are going to produce incoherent nonsense.

Cosmology went from a kindly priest or nun teaching children that "you are the special, important masters of the world at the center of the universe, made in God's own image" to H.P. Lovecraft screaming about how tiny, frail, and insignificant we are and how little the universe cares. Geology pushed back the age of the Earth by six orders of magnitude, meaning that even on our own world we're not that much. Diseases went from divine punishment to tiny, squiggly things you can see with a microscope. Warfare went from men in brightly colored, fancy uniforms honorably facing each other on the field of battle to, well, WWI. Mechanization of industry and transport upended the entire economy three times in eighty years, and it was in this ground that Marx wrote his Manifesto that Idealism is false and that in the end all your life is based upon is what shit you own.

You sound like a retarded monarchist.

Lovecraft's racism almost never factors into his stories tho

Are you joking? Lovecraft wouldn't be the same without racism and a general obsession with heritability. The Horror at Red Hook comes to mind in particular as a classically racist story.

His core theme is barely even an allegory.

If you read his later life quotes however, his racism pretty much goes from "abnormal even for his time" to "pretty much in line with his time with some takes that could be considered better than those of his contemporaries"

he grew out of his stormfag phase

It's also worth noting that he wasn't the humourless autist he sometimes came across as. Some of his stuff is very funny and even pokes fun at his own 'muh unspeakable horror, muh nameless evil' schtick.

Which is the most autistically racist Lovecraft work?

Lmao Chapo was pretty spot on when they said the stories could be called “Eek an Irish dude” like, lmao, it’s pretty obvious the stories are about his fear and hatred of non-whites and various ethnic groups

Shadow Over Innsmouth is literally about miscegenation

Literally "Heidegger was a Nazi therefore phenomenology is inherently anti-materialist" tier

I suppose every alien invasion story written by people who aren't racists is actually secretly racist cuz r/ChapoTrapHouse thinks so

'The reason why Arthur Jermyn’s charred fragments were not collected and buried lies in what was found afterward, principally the thing in the box. The stuffed goddess was a nauseous sight, withered and eaten away, but it was clearly a mummified white ape of some unknown species, less hairy than any recorded variety, and infinitely nearer mankind—quite shockingly so. Detailed description would be rather unpleasant, but two salient particulars must be told, for they fit in revoltingly with certain notes of Sir Wade Jermyn’s African expeditions and with the Congolese legends of the white god and the ape-princess. The two particulars in question are these: the arms on the golden locket about the creature’s neck were the Jermyn arms, and the jocose suggestion of M. Verhaeren about a certain resemblance as connected with the shrivelled face applied with vivid, ghastly, and unnatural horror to none other than the sensitive Arthur Jermyn, great-great-great-grandson of Sir Wade Jermyn and an unknown wife. Members of the Royal Anthropological Institute burned the thing and threw the locket into a well, and some of them do not admit that Arthur Jermyn ever existed.'

- Facts concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family (1920)

Somehow I don't think reading racial tones into his writing is really stretching the truth.

Yeah when most people read Lovecraft those are the two stories they start with right lol

Capitalism functions like a lovecraftian entity when you really think about it, it’s this powerful all-consuming entity that rules the world and kills millions every single year and yet most worship it like a god, in the relative near future it is set to end human civilization in a torrent of madness and blood

Isn't this something Nick Land believes but he also thinks the ruling class will ascend to some new global Fuedal lordship under a techno monarchy and become godlike as well?

I have never read land but I've cribbed as much from my few convos with Nrx fags

The correct description is noospheric cannibalism

Lovecraft + Marxism = Nick Land's flavor of Accelerationism.

Also, trips checked.

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Isn't Nick Land a neoreactionary, or, isn't there at least a neoreactionary movement based around his work? Why is that? Is it a "if you can't beat em join em" kinda thing?

he went full hegelian, and the future he sees is a techno dystopia like the one envisioned by leftcoms

2012 akshually

Fanged Noumena and his earlier work is written more from the perspective of a heretical Marxist, where capital detaches itself from the human subject and is/has been co-opted by a future AI essentially projecting it's own creation into the past - manifesting itself within our technology, essentially.
-It's weird stuff, but pretty fun. Very reminiscent of Lovecraft if read through the right lens.

He went on to become a sort of central figure in neoreactionary circles after he published the dark enlightenment paper, but there's a pretty profound schism between his early accelerationist work and his later NRx work.
-I suspect that this is due to his copious amphetamine use as well as his sort of excommunication from academia.

Now he just shares boomer memes on twitter, but his earlier stuff is really quite intriguing, imo.

I have this sort of headcanon where Land doesn't actually hold NRx views, but rather acts them out so as to be an antagonist for the left - i.e. forcing us to raise new ideas against his critiques and positions. Mark Fisher had said at various times that Land was the Nietzsche of the CCRU, and that he was the sort of antagonist that a new, or perhaps rejuvenated/modernized left would need to rise against. My headcanon is that Land, who was friends with Fisher (they were both early CCRU), acts out this NRx role to be the best antagonist he can be for a new leftism to emerge through.

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You're on the right path, if you read the poet, Georg Trakl he quotes all the time and follow it up with Karl Rosenkranz "Ästhetik des Häßlichen", you get a very very interesting eroguro angle on dialectics and history.
And that includes the role Land sees himself as playing, and I have this nagging suspicion that his late boomerism is just a deep very honest Faust reference and other things too, and he can be tedious but in Fanged Noumena there were hints of genius and I'll give you one more example.

If you remember the essay about the rats, it's expected from Land that anyone opening this book has also read Thomas De Quincey and Keats and all that shit because Brits can be elitist too and they like their canon even if they pretend.

So if you notice the language and the surrounding essays it deceptively hangs around veiling the famous quote from Confessions of an Opium Eater that of course rats don't pay rent, and it's a very smart reference and gets from showing how the Black Death ended feudalism while tying the strings to the postmodern precariat and trying to assign them a despooked not exactly revolutionary but at least insurrectional character and he was and remains decades ahead of most other hacks in that issue.

And there are other examples too but the conclusion is that for all his faults this Land fellow is a solid if heterodox smart materialist person who likes Germany too, like those smart leftist people, and he doesn't only talk about the clear, ordered rooms of Kant's mind or Hegel's intricate delicacy but also about the dirt and the cockroaches, and in the end really Rimbaud is the folk punk of another timeline and maybe we'll go there too.

tl;dr: misunderstood fellow mostly, worth reading if only for his beautiful writing style

Have some moe abandoned factory instead of a shitty meme

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This is a fascinating bit of analysis! My knowledge of Brit. Lit. is sorely lacking and this is quite helpful - thank you for sharing these references.

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Also if you starting get into the concept of what a fanged noumenon is it wraps itself around all stages of cognition and ideation and apprehension but he uses Wahrehmung and Vorstellung and other words too and there really is a smart linguistic interplay , a shadow translation if you want and that ties in his general description and ideas really come to life through the actions they influence sometimes, and it sounds antimaterialist but syphilis and MRSA are material as hell, as are fiber optics and maybe Lenin should have had more Stem friends.

And you get interesting questions too like
Did Goethe only write Werther to preemptively csncel the video from Infinite Jest in writing, or just try as hard as he can to write a book that would make someone kill themselved.
Not knowing about it of course but if you've read Marx and Prigogine you know that bibliography cancels time because there is only the eternal now and you're back in plain materialism, it's just that the plants cultivate human corpses and they feed their corpses to us in the form of books as revenge for us having the gall to make tools and cut their brothers, and the very copy of Fanged Noumena you hold in your hands is a bomb from the Carboniferous, and this and other books are making mankind smart and crazy enough to end it all , by mistake of course, and the physics books helped too and now that silicon has joined in the Universe is trying to make us smart enough to kill ourselves but it also taught us Ghibli and Marxism because it loves us so much all it ever wanted was a double suicide.

Post thermal formal universal logic machine socialism with eroguro characteristics for all possible dimensions soon comrade.

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Wait so is this Land guy good or is he a reactionary shithead? Because a capitalist society where the capitalists used tech to turn themselves into eternal psychopathic god-like beings sounds like the wet dream of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos so it’d make for interesting reading as long as it’s not retarded reactionary shit

I don't really get it.

Also read the Strugatsky brothers, they wrote the book that became STALKER of course but they also promised me that socialist superscience will build a transdimensional moneyless society before the 22nd century so yeah.
They have many books translated in English too, so maybe we should make the thread a Soviet SF thread.
So you should also read Monday starts on Saturday, if you like a light hearted SF comedy with referenced to Russian folklore.
And never stop listening to folk punk of course, the problem of elitism and cultural capital among bitter leftists almost presupposes authority and Land's book is a very oblique self critique about that too, he deploys his elitism to try to help the luben because he knows that art and aesthetics are stratifying concepts, and as the Spectacle tries to erase everything into a false happiness, we have to break the world whole again.
But fuck bourgie moralists, and the Party would hang because I'm a bum so maybe fuck the party too.

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The final, far out goal of communism is to keep destroying and recreating material universes over trillions while annihilating human suffering for any and all, only to overcome noospheric capital and finally abolish the categories of knowledge and being, and yes I'm such a fugging anarkiddie and I don't apologize but I first read the Three Critiques at 12 and maybe I have autism too so fuck you ablists.
This is all so that after being free from labour, society, class and all those primitives, we'll have a society where people have read 5000 novels or written their own operating system or [insert here] because profit motive has been made superfluous by advances in computing and piratebay was a babby step and see how they shit their pants. Then we can get some real physics shit going on, build computers out of accretion disks, but seriously the existence of culture outside the profit motive will unleash all sorts of new knowledge and ways of order and thought and so on, and it has already begun and the cappies get mad and maybe the depersonalisation of identity isn't such a bad thing because have you ever worked at a Foss project before?

I really would like someone to give me references about ideological influences in software design, I've always suspected Von Neumann was just a shitlord smd ternary is the way to go, and othet things too and sorry but I'm just a bum in the end and I prefer folk punk and of course Shostakovich to those fucking hipsters

Ironic considering that has absolutely nothing to do with the quality of his work

He's a Stirnerist with Ghost in the Shell characteristics, so not that reactionary, no.

Early Land is a fascinating take on turbo-cybernetic-Marxism. Late Land is NRx and Moldbugian (not that Patchwork can't be an interesting concept). An (intentional?) antagonist of the left.

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Unironically the smartest content on Zig Forums right now XD

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Land is a "former" Marxist, now he's a reactionary shithead who unironically wants Terminator-tier techno-monarchist capitalist dystopia.

Still a good read though.

You haven't read Musil, Heidegger, Broch, Hoffmann or even Faust II not to mention Marx or Heisenberg in the original German and made a comment on Land's sense of humour.
~2000 hours of cancer have been added to your life by a Snarky Brit Singularity's social credit from the far future, Deng Approved.

Delivery as soon as the pipes clear up.

But really Germans have the best humour in the world, you just have to be psychologically damaged to enjoy it.

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I wrote that shit and some sperg banned me for saying Taiwan should become a multiethnic democracy instead of a settler colony, really makes you think

Can you copy it from the ban log and repost it?

The Landpost was mostly about the concept of the fanged noumenon and noospheric cannibalism and how it is in a sense the reverse engineering of cargo cult thinking, landing you an heterodox materialism through what seems like genre kitsch at first glance.

And also a reference for anyone interested in a very very hot take in dialectics is the book Ästhetik des Häßlichen, it's in German grotesque aesthetic so if you then pick up Hoffmann you'll get the world historic spiritual jeebies, and maybe Hans Henny Jahn after that, Georg Trakl too. And there is such a thing as elliptic and overreferential writing and Land's book is also a bomb deep in the heart of cultural capital and so on.

tl;dr: Land is /ourguy/, little crazy and now plays the boomer only because he likes German literature and medicine too much. Worth reading even if only for his sense of style.

And what got me banned was

Taiwan has spent more time under Dutch than under Chinese rule, it is already independent and should change its constitution to reflect its status as a multi-ethnic democracy with enhanced Aboriginal rights, spread the teaching of their languages and really don't dare defend the Xi Jinping dream of a revival of Qing Dynasty settler colonialism as some sort of leftist position.

Ultracappy mainlanders should fuck off from muh Fair Formosa and let it be a little island of happy rainbow bourgies and the PRC can go full Pol Pot on the Uyghurs if they want, that's their choice because vae victis and it can also build Chinese Dream made in China and really I wish them the very best, I admire what they've done and of course 白猫黒猫 and I can understand Deng's position, really, because I've read Lu Xun and Sun Yat Sen and I know that even in the bog of capitalism there still are people working for communism inside the PRC, even if they're sidelined.

But really hands off 台灣 and I've never even been there

Bit touchy innit

OP is a colossal faggot.

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