What's the Communist solution to the incel question...

What's the Communist solution to the incel question? This seems to be a growing problem and I want your guy's thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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They'll be made to go outside and talk to people instead of jacking off to lolicon and listening to The Right Stuff on their erotic mlp FBI channels.

good effort posting

Unironically eugenics. Also this I suppose

Forming actual communities that talk and work together

State enforced resocialisation.

Unironically, inceldom is 100% just the result of young men secluding themselves into their rooms or small communities of young men who do the same thing.

How do you explain school then?

Public school is literally babby's first prison.






All the bourgeois feminists that proclaim that prostitution is liberty for women, are signed up to be supplied by the temporary ministry of jiggles based on need to incels. Basically this solves two problems at once, we get to find out that prostitution isn't progressive after-all, and you know some lonely guys get some.

After that transitional phase we organize society in communities, so nobody ends up on an isolated social node, where they start inventing words like "feeeemoid" or invent scull-shape philosophy. But rather learn some rudimentary queues for interacting with other people.

In the long run everybody gets a bio-tech enhanced body, because at some point this will be a mature technology, and we will have overcome eugenics tendencies and can apply this within reason. Besides there are super wealthy people that claim their wealth is genetic, so basically if all the people in the future will get their wealth genes, everybody in the present is going to become a descendant of an oil baron, industrial tycoon or become major shareholder of some gigantic tech corporation, owner of a hedgefond,… so that in the future everybody inherits lots of genetic wealth. The temporal ripple is inbound prepare yourself.

Mandatory mixed-gender youth service after secondary school, roughly ages 18-20. Service includes, defense, construction, social work, etc. Encourage collaboration and collective involvement within communities as well as providing ample opportunities for healthy group leisure activities. Feeling like you have an active part in your community and that you are accepted and wanted by your peers is the best possible incel repellent.

Does this "resocialization" include telling women to lower their standards and shaming them when they enter into a harem for Chad's pleasure?

We're plenty socialized. And rarely cooped up. The ones who do become shut-ins only do so after living in a university dorm after an extended period of time, which is pure suicide fuel if you're a sub 8 male.

Resocialization won't change my height face or frame.

All this will do is form harems for chad more efficiently.

This board still remains full of brainlets. At the very least you could say plastic surgery would be free under socialism.

But no. You're all retarded.

This. As always, central planning is the solution.
shut up liberals

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Lol wtf. Just go outside and talk to girls. The incel worldview is warped by selfloathing and liberal individualism. Quit wasting our time and go fix your anxiety with exposure therapy you sad faggots.

Unironically kill yourself.

Unironically leave the safety of your room and put yourself in social situations. Go make yourself happier.

Unironically eat a bullet cunt.

Join a group activity, take a class, talk to cooworkers, practice small talk. There are plenty of women that would love to talk to you. Quit feeling sorry for yourself, get off the internet, and start rebuilding your social skills.


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Holy fuck, if there is no hope why not just die. This shit is retarded, I get that you have a mental illness that stops you from thinking rationally about sexuality but jesus christ this is pathetic. When I was a fat, sad, self loathing virgin, no shit no one wanted to be with me. I wouldn't have been with me. You can make small changes to become a better person. Your looks have almost nothing to do with your ability to attract a partner. Just look at all of the ugly people in long happy relationships. Your sad and I pity you, hopefully you do what you have to do for yourself. You can be better, especially if you stop determining your worth based on sex.

I was never fat, but it's nice to see how unassuming you are. You also reverse cause and effect, you are literally an idealist. It's always the from-rags-to-riches types that are the most reactionary.

Mental help, and mandatory depending.

Not rags to riches, literally just getting your shit together.

this. NEETs wont be a thing