Poll: idpol is the ideology of rich whites


TFW 97% of progressive activists are rich white people with grad degrees. political correctness is LITERALLY bourgeois ideology.

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We know. That's why we need to teach people that leftism isn't about idpol but instead is about glorious revolution.

Why don't we start handing out guns to everyone?

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We should with revolutionary theory on hand of course.

You realise 'political correctness' is a totally meaningless buzzword right?


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There are more guns than there are people in the united states, this is entirely possible.


Liberals want to take our guns away though

Political correctness is when weeping blue-haired undergrads tell me to be nice to other people, how can you not see this is exactly like a little country called Germany in the year 1936 or so?

We shoot them.

What? Were there sjws in pre nazi germany?

Yes, nazis

SJWs are exactly the same, as if not worse than, Nazis and present a real, visceral threat to mankind, or as they'd make me say (under compelled speech, which is a very real thing that is totally happening) "personkind". SJWs are NOT an almost non-existent strawman created by autistic right-wingers.

Stop gaslighting me

its for divide and conquering the masses, its obvious
everyone is pitted against one another because of their "identity"

And obsessive anti-idpol is an ideology for working class whites that refuse to acknowledge the way capitalism affects different groups of people, to the point that they basically sound exactly the same as the alt-right anyway

Inb4 all the “former” Zig Forumstards try convincing me this shit isn’t just them pathetically holding onto their reactionary ideology

id-pol is reactionary though, it's purely ideology of liberal pseudoprogressivism, you don't see it anywhere outside it. only in the US, where "leftists" are clueless about theory and marxism, is idpol even considered a leftist issue. look at the line of any of the european parties that were actually part of the 3rd international, and look at they have to say

Why you had to make it white thing tho?

cause that's useless. There are guns everywhere in america.
Whats useful is militia style groups, with training & organization, something the state know is dangerous and wont let you get away with
personal firearm is useless. Collective ownership and training with firearm is useful.

Kinda yeah. Fr’ex, Trump’s tariff policies are fighting to improve the income of the poor. Are they idpol? No. They’re not. Do they help the beneficiaries of idpol? Yup. More directly, i’fac. Idpol makes society less hostile to the poor, but to complete that approach we need to fight to enable, preserve, and ennoble the work of the poor.

Personal firearms are spectacular; collective firearms are useless. Collectives exert collective control. By centralizing control of firearms they provide central corruption opportunities and fail to protect vulnerable minorities as having a gun holstered at their side would do. Make your gym bags clank, people.

the people walking around with firearm with no good reason are precisely the kind of people that should not have access to guns. You don't protect your community alone with your gun, you do it by getting organized with others and getting guns FOR THE GROUP. The strength of black panthers were not that they were individually armed, but ORGANIZED and collectively armed.

Liberal idpol is reactionary, acknowledging that capitalism uses racism, sexism, and homophobia to control the white male working class is not, and to pretend that this is the fault of minorities, women, and LGBT people existing and discussing their oppression under capitalism is itself reactionary.

Are you gonna blame liberal idpol for the white working class siding with slave owners, fighting and dying for them, lynching blacks, and betraying worker’s movements time and time again? While the Red Scare did happen, a large part of why the destruction of socialism was so successful in America is because of its particular history, the racism of the white working class has always been weaponized by the bourgeois, this is not the fault of non-whites.

Anti-idpol doesn't state these things do not occur, if anything it just expands it to the entirety of the working class
Being anti-idpol doesn't mean this either. Do you even know what idpol is?
First off, whites are not the only group to do this and to claim that somehow always sided with slave owners and the bourgeoisie is incredibly dishonest. Second, what exactly do you mean by saying whites as an entire group betrayed the workers movement? If we are talking about the US, then the betrayal of the workers movement is not something exclusive whites and in fact involved coordinated efforts to divide the working class along ALL lines. For example, when COINTELPRO was targeting black nationalists, it wasn't white people who were denouncing individuals like Stokely Carmichael over singular comments or jokes. It was other blacks.
No one said racism was the fault of non-whites, and you're fabricating a strawman which does not exist. To imply as well that racism was and is somehow inherent to the white working class and that it was then utilized by the bourgeoise and not the other way around (that is, racism was pushed by the bourgeoisie to the working class by exploiting their fears and material insecurity under capitalism) is garbage and makes you sound like a retarded Sakaist. Anti-idpol is against ALL idpol you moron, including racism comitted by whites. Get that through your fucking skull.

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Unfortunately, for communists and gun ownership

theory =/= practice

This is THE #1 problem with real communist states

Hoxha's Albania had mandatory 100% firearm access in every household. You were obligated to be part of the militia and have your rifle ready at any time in your home.

Mao's China had no gun regulations until Deng.

Of course there are exceptions, but in general gun confiscation is the biggest inconsistency of communist theory and practice

Post proof.

USSR 1918

[email protected]

We could possibly use an international managed trade body rather than just leaving free trade to be the emblem of global inclusiveness. Free trade definitely enrich the super-wealthy, only probably enriches the middle class, and doesn’t usually enrich the poor. With a track record like that we shouldn’t consider it perfectly peaceful; it seems likely to destabilize societies thus in fact promoting war. The cases where it enriches rich and poor alike can be granted as exceptions - and in my intolerable center-leftism, I’d even grant the exceptions that increase wealth inequality, as lomg as they really do also still enrich the poor. Economists do good work sometimes, especially when reminded that they really should care about the bottom of society as more than merely a destabilizing influence to mitigate.

If you have a firearm and you aren’t using it, you are passively protecting from barbaric regressive criminals. Militias are garbage unless they’re just an aesthetic wrapper around a gun club or something.

Militias destabilize communities by promoting violent ambition and violent xenophobia. They punish pacifists, subvert safety, and corrupt culture; these things happen both by their direct conducts as well as by society’s reply to their direct conducts.

Try compulsory gun ownership alongside banning militias outright, perhaps.

From wikipedia

Okay, and?

t. seething lib

This is a really standard wartime procedure. I'm just saying


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this guy is unreal. I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA or someone actually used face recognition for someone who looked like the mutt meme just to put them on tv


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We need leftist militias

queer militias would be terrifying and thats why you should support idpol thats my pitch

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why even live?

Most of those are either in the hands of law enforcement (the US has way more cops per capita than the rest of the world) or collectors who have a bunch of guns. The most efficient way to arm the poor is therefore to win over gun nuts by showing them stuff like this and getting them on our side to help get people armed.

you don't say

IdPol seeks to divide marginalized groups rather than unite them which drastically reduces the chances of a successful revolution.

It is a first-class Counter-intelligence operation on the part of the establishment, break the working poor into dozens of squabbling tribes that have been whipped into a frenzy by the wall street controlled media that they hate other tribes more than their real enemies on wall street.

This is just the latest iteration of the middle-class white puritan saviour complex, except (mostly) shorn of all explicit Christian associations/expression. Except now the downtrodden aren't alcoholics, prostitutes, elavic meatpackers its gays, blacks etc

Fuck off.



Precisely so.

I've known this for years have you ever walked in a rich neighborhood of a liberal city??? Tons of rainbow and trans flags is what you'll see if you walk to a poor or even middle class neighborhood you won't see em at all.

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Reminder that Marx and Engels literally openly talked about genocide and unpopular shit. And that LGBT was created by the CIA to divide people along with Feminism.

This, but unironically.

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Feminism was created by the CIA and LGBT was done by the CIA and Frankfurt School was by CIA.

Fuck off. Anti idpol is by definition anti racist because racism is a form of idpol.

didn’t want to make a new thread but just look at this shit

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LMAO, will cointel/pol/ ever stop trotting out this unsubstantiated OWS story?

Yes, this was clearly outlined in "Capital Vol. 3".

the OWS story is unironically true though. if you can't agree with your enemies you are controlled by them.

Would it really kill you to just, you know, not be a dick? If you really want to succeed in revolution, you need the help of all the marginalized people, too. And you're not going to get that by calling people faggot, or autist, or whatever Zig Forums-tier shite you're saying. A revolution is one by a group that has each other's backs.