Ways Australia could very strongly benefit from Socialism?

What other ways do you think Australia could benefit from a Socialist system?

Two ways especially I can think of are:

*Rapid Industrialization as done in Russia (This is highly needed by Australia)

*Effective building of infrastructure and transport that can take you almost anywhere including work especially or study, as of now cars are required highly to get around

What Australia does have in common with Russia back then in a few ways is having a large region inhabited by a population that's smaller than the region. Some of the major challenges are the lack of industry, infrastructure in some places and getting around.

Its a third-world country in terms of 'down to core' with first world living conditions gained almost solely due to its relations with the USA and China.

Aside, cultural and social-wise it seems like almost the perfect place to implement it and where it could work the best if you could choose atleast one country to 'turn socialist' in any scenario. Even the design of Canberra itself makes it look like an ideal candidate on the surface.

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And of course, the housing crisis could very easily be resolved via socialism almost immediately.

Its general population is already highly secularized also so there's little to no issue for Socialism in that area such as if you're instituting values as part of building it.

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The gulags would be an absolute must to clear out the degenerates and politicunts.

There's a good amount of empty space in some parts where infrastructure and housing could be built or for rapid industrialization to actually take place at without damaging the environment?

Does the socialists support the nuclear technology? Australia has enormously big amount of Thorium and can support the massive national automated land, air and space transportations with no problem, but the stupid pollies aren’t interested in the nuclear technology even if it will transform Australia into a superpower.

Isn't Australia heavily dependent on imports? Not saying socialism wouldn't benefit Australia, but strong allies and/or a stronger navy, they'd be completely cucked by the imperalist powers in no time.

but without*

Socialism probably will benefit the rural people as long as the price isn’t regulated. The prices is different in many different local areas and people will be mad if the price is regulated and ends up endangering the local economies. Many Aussies are pro-localists so the socialism ideology may have to change in order to implement the policies without messing the things for everyone. Voluntary farm nationalisation may be helpful.

I would unironically support desert gulags in the nullarbor.

Just ban the imports unless the things cannot be produced in Australia. Australia is very rich in resources so I am sure they can achieve autarky status.

In socialism everyone (except natives) will be forced to leave Australia. It will be a net benefit to the environment and everyone involved.

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Natives will likely become extinct in the future if everyone abandon Australia but what you said incredibly unrealistic so it will never happen.

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Well the aborigines wouldn't be getting completely fucked over and continuing to suffer genocide and colonialism for a start.

We are unlikely to have a big population boom which is something Russia and china took advantage of.

Australia is one of the most "trade exposed" developed countries in the world. But in practice this means we are reliant on china. So if we had good relations with them it wouldnt be a problem. If we didnt it would mean you would need to build up our industrial base from scratch. Or we could also reevaluate exactly what we need out of life and live less consumeristically. Lets not have coffee riots ala eastern germany. If we didnt need to work full time we wouldnt even need coffee anyway.

Im so fucking sick of the fact we cant have a leftist discussion without paying lip service to the aboriginals. The best thing to do is give them a hard dicking of paternalism and raise their living standards to ours. It has to be either that or let them go back to being hunter gatherers which even they dont want. This indecision on their part is killing us and them.

FUCK OFF! Is there no escaping you cunts? The only people pushing for nuclear power is the nuclear industry looking to get subsidised by government mega bucks.

lmao no. The fact is nuclear energy is THE SAFEST energy source and one of the cheapest.

Most of the world's uranium is found in South Australia.

This. If you want to deal with the pollution and climate gases of the oil, gas and coal industries, nuclear energy is the only realistic short-term alternative. I'm sure other energy sources can pick up the pace on the long-term, but we literally don't have time to wait for that if we want to avoid a Mad Max future. Go nuclear or go home.


Fuck off. The only people who sell nuclear reactors are defence contractors who already have very cosy relationships with governments procurers.

the difference between nuclear and solar is that solar can find a private market. Anyone entity can buy into it. Only governments can afford nuclear plants.

Im not opposed to nuclear but you wont roll it out soon enough to prevent climate change and its more expensive than renewables. Other countries might need nuclear but we can get to 100% renewable by 2030 if we actually had a government that wanted to try.

solar panels are not economically viable without government subsidies, too. Only governments with ruling members with friendly relationships with solar plant producers are subsidizing it. This however doesn't mean that solar energy is bad or that subsidizing it should end. Governmental decision of supporting renewable or nuclear energy generation is always good, because it is green policy.

still better than doing nothing
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That's what nuclear weapons are for, Australia has huge amounts of uranium deposits enough to make massive amounts of nukes.

A very large portion of the world's uranium also comes from Australia so if it took advantage of this to build nukes, it could make enough to reduce any imperialist superpower that threatens it to a smoldering wasteland with the right technology.

And if a socialist Australia manages to establish a large nuclear stockpile, should Canada become socialist as well we could also join with them to form a union with regards to New Zealand too anyways.

But essentially as drone technology improves and if warfare becomes automated a socialist Australia could have potential if it adapts to that.

The jobs will available everywhere.

Free education for everyone.

Fixed Basic income for everyone and the money come from the resource profits.