Best commie youtuber? Ya or Nay?

Tbh I think Prolekult is the best commie tuber, their documentary History is Marching is amazing, as is the monthly content output, they just released a new short film about the further disintegration of relations between the US and EU

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Are we talking about this prolekult?

It's the only one of its kind I am subscribed to, it really deserves a lot more viewers though.

Why do you guys keep shilling this so much? It's honestly embarrassing.

Because it's good

I think he uses too much in the way of stock music and weird transition animations. It's like its overproduced but with no production value, when I think the information presented would be better in a more documentary format tbh. Solid information and analysis otherwise.

Idk I just think he’s a good youtuber fam

Beats all of breadtube easily at least

The best commietuber is Sargon of Akkad and David Pakman.

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Unironically though, Sargon's stupidity (especially after Trump got elected) was the thing that disillusioned me with the "rationals" and made me apolitical, from which I then discovered HBomb and other "breadtubers", making me slowly radicalise and end up on Zig Forums while reading Marx. So, yeah, go comrade Carlgon


Did you know he's said communism is inevitable during debates with communists? His politics are fucking weird. I wonder sometimes if he's trying to appeal to everyone and failing awfully.

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He has no overarching structure or belief system to guide his thought; I haven't heard or seen anything the guy produces, but from the way he's described he's as clueless as every other middle aged technocrat-cum-worshiper

I'd rather people shill this than shitty breadtubers. They're not even really youtubers they're documentary makers, making clear concise Marxist Agitprop that is sorely needed.

Yeah, tbh I’m pretty sure they post their films on YouTube so they can be freely available for proles to watch, hell, they don’t even run ads

Not sure what you mean tbh, as far as I'm aware it's 2 british lads doing it part time off their own backs, I'd imagine one of them works in media. For what little they're working with I don't think you can remotely critique the production values, but I would say they would be better off with a producer with a bit more vision.

What's the breadtube canon currently? I don't know a lot of them. Obviously channels like PhilosophyTube and Contrapoints, some smaller channels like Vaush and Non Compete but I don't know a lot of them. They're hard to come by through the pile of shit which is reactionarytube.

This, but I dropped Sargon when he first started supporting Trump. It was obvious that he didn't know what he was talking about when it came to feminism either. After the Kristi Winters "debate" there was no way around that.

Contrapoints, HBomberguy, Philosophytube, Shaun and Jen, NonCompete, Innuendo Studios… is the list promoted by the subreddit. There are a lot of decent leftist YouTubers on there as well.


Also I want to shill the list on Marxistwiki:

More what I mean is that the vision they are trying to achieve is failed by their lack of production values, not that their production values is inherently a bad thing in and of itself. And given that they are limited by their production values, a style more similar to a documentary film would be better, imho.

That is a very long documentary.

It’s broken into seven parts


It's a very long documentary.

Honestly just gonna go watch the new Godzilla lol

Get a better attention span loool.

Those are some very liberal channels. Hbomberguy supports Corbyn, a two-state solution, is highly anti-communist and earlier today dunked on a

The video editing and narration style is awful. His twitter is OK though.

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I’m sick of retards shilling their Youtube channels here. If people here on Zig Forums spent even half as much time not obsessing over teenagers making badly researched videos and the newest products to consume the world would be already in a less dire situation.

t. doesn't know what prolekult does
They don't do any of that shit lmao, they just make documentaries from a Marxist perspective.

Truly saving the working class.

Yeah as opposed to genociding them with CIA funding amirite? Dickhead

Top kek, fragile urbanite detected. Documentary-fags on suicide watch. Your documentaries don’t do shit, keep thinking the proles are gonna wake up because you edit together some garbage. Also nice job believing there was a Cambodian “Genocide” when it has been debunked for years

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nice b8


All praise be to Brother Number One.

Every. Single. Time.

No one yet has been able to debunk it. There was no genocide, full communism was achieved and that is why the porky class and western pseudo-communists have an interest in slandering the achievements of the Angkar

Yeah I'm sure shitposting on an imageboard is going a long way towards digging ditches for all those peasant corpses. Maybe if you just kill all the people who don't agree with you instead of trying to educate them, we could achieve primitive communism for the 2nd time in thousands of years!

There’s nothing wrong with shitposting on a Sunday morning but this argument right here reveals your ignorance of the years between 1975-1979 before the Vietnamese betrayed Kampuchea:
This was never a policy of Pol Pot, as you would know if you read the book which compiles Kampuchean government documents called “Pol Pot Plans for the Future” (you can find it online). Industrialization was planned, autarky was a goal, rice production would be stabilized, all as part of a collectivistic road to communism. As usual pseudocoms know nothing about what they’re arguing against

Communism is when you abolish Classes by throwing people back to the Bronze age and the further you go back the more Communist it is

Keeping living in your world of bourgeois lies

Tfw you try telling people an interesting YouTube channel and a struggle session starts because larpers on an image board are mad that you aren’t assassinating trump or some shit

Yeah the CIA declassified all those documents almost 40 years after the fact to complete own the brilliant legacy of Democratic Kampuchea. It's all Bourgeois Lies!

Just saw Godzilla was fucking gr8 lmao

Tankie Talk

I don't doubt he Pol Pot was genuine, but the idea to first destroy all of the productive forces to then build light industry and then heavy industry is putting the cart before the horse and completely un-marxist. Especially when there is a military threat around.

The idea to completely kill everybody who could in any way have been part of a capitalist society and then to build communism with peasants from the ground up has more to do with utopian socialism than with Marxism.

The "stock footage" is stuff you need to purchase via a subscription to Ruptly or Reuters. It costs money. To complain about production value when you have Patreon millionaires like Shaun who are a voice talking over a picture about culture war is really inappropriate.

I agree the narrator could use a different inflection, and that the transitions shouldn't be the same movie maker effect, but other than that the guy is pretty much polished.

The imagery he uses is pretty good. To start with the completely bombed out Aleppo, then to show 20s strike scenes when talking about Marx, and then to show Manhattan when talking about imperialism, then cutting to the mass graves of WWI and II, and to then show the USSR in colour on a sunny day is how you make good propaganda.

Seriously, History is Marching is honestly what radicalized me and opened me up to Vladimir Lenin and the Soviet Union instead of the BS phase where you still believe all the propaganda about the SU

That is amazing considering he doesn't even talk about the USSR except for one minute or so. Sometimes all you need for a push is a little perspective.

In the comment section you can see many normies had a similar experience although some were a bit confused because I assume they were never confronted with a ML perspective before. With this, the guy has done more than most IRL communists sects who hand out leaflets.

Yeah but remember fam, they're not calling glasses bourgeois or leading a literal revolution so they're shit. There is no such thing as Agitation or Education.

There’s Z E R O proof of CIA help. Urbanites like you never provide the proof, they only speak mysteriously of it.

You can’t build socialism with those who have been for their entire lives influenced by bourgeois milieu. Their material conditions make them through-and-through class-enemies. Clay is moulded when it is soft. Past a certain age these people can’t be reformed and it’s better just to kill them. If you leave the roots of weed, it can always come back.

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I see

Please don't reply to vile shitposters.

We only need a million good revolutionaries to carry on the revolution. No more, no less. Revolutions are bloody, but no one is talking about killing the proletariat without cause. Class-enemies need destroyed, and if you feel upset by this, it is likely because you are a target

That's how we get more of them showing up.

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This but unironically. Why would you not try to destroy your enemies and establish supremacy? Political pluralism is bourgeois
They're in here somewhere

Simply lol

Yeah I'm going to waste hours of my time looking through CIA archives to "debunk" an arch-reactionary. Fuck off anti-communist.

More proof that there is no proof of Pol Pot’s CIA collaboration

None of those people are left wing youtubers. Hbomber is the smuggest asshole who has ever gotten in front of a camera I wouldn't recommend his videos to anyone.

it's GIULI1936

His video on Extinction Rebellion was pretty based, checking out more.

I've been thinking about doing this as well however just looking at the current Leftist Youtubers they all produce the same entry level marxist stuff then they run out of content

I honestly wish his audio quality were better. Right now it just sounds like some dude with a microphone as opposed to a professional filmmaker.
Besides that, I would like to be able to show his work to some normies but a lot of the logical conclusions he makes, while true, are hard for normies to swallow.

Overall great channel

Go home imperialist proxy

Their first goal on patreon is upgrading equipment, they only get about $120 a month currently. Honestly thinking of contributing a few bucks monthly even as a poorfag. It's literally just two guys putting this shit out it in their freetime it seems and it actually enrages me looking at the views and patreons of popular breadtubers.