I hear that a lot of the people here used to be Zig Forumslacks and other sorts of right wings...

I hear that a lot of the people here used to be Zig Forumslacks and other sorts of right wings, but has there ever been anyone who used to be an SJW or at least someone who was at least somewhat orbiting that culture, but then decided that it wasn't worth it?
It might be a boring topic to some, but I wonder if there is any way to snap some of the more idpol poisoned liberals out there over towards the left.

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being anti idpol is literal white privilege

you may not be interested in idpol but idpol is interested in you! the boon people smell blood in the water and they are coming to eat you. your race is your uniform in the coming rahowa

Hail Hitler

Idpol is a vague term to begin with. Is being opposed to racism considered idpol? Or is racism idpol? Is it considered idpol to advocate for equality between men and women? Is it idpol to advocate for putting women in the kitchen?
I was never right wing, was a socdem before I opened a book, and while communism is now all that really matters to me, I'm still disgusted by communists holding "conservative" idpol positions.
That said, if sacrificing every jew/black/homosexual on earth would magically lead to communism, I would do it.


When people declare their disdain for idpol, they are saying they don't want to discuss at any length positions on the former in the belief that if a racist and an antiracist are class conscious enough. they will ignore the powerful ideological indoctrination they both have and be buddies and save the world with gommunism.
Anti-idpol is a mouth breather talking point.
Almost everyone here are lumpenproletariat from Zig Forums who made a rational decision to become a socialist by seeing it as a more logically sound position; nevertheless, they see feelings and experiences of other humans as unimportant, detrimental to the cause, and hindrances to their violent power fantasies. They simply moved from one pathological outlet for their rage and insecurity to another.
This is not a reasonable position. If you killed all those people to create communism, it would by that very criteria not be communism. Dying for the cause is a fascist belief, not any sort of ethic rooted in Marxism.


Off yourself, jesus fucking christ, you worthless piece of shit. If you aren't ready to die for communism, then we have no use for you.
We have nothing to lose but our chains, our lives under capitalism have zero value.

Imagine being that fucking retarded, idealistic, and stuck on reactionary thinking that you bring it with you into diamat analysis.

you deny genetic differences and human biodiversity

black people can't run a lemon aid stand without chimping the idealist is you

"Lose your chains!"
"Except that obvious thing- your life and health- capitalism already asks of you every day!"
Marxism isn't a religion.
Right, but I wouldn't expect you to see the difference between a strategic death and one entirely based around eagerness to be a religious martyr. If you are eager to die, then you're literally doing it wrong. You should be eager to live, only willing to die when its unavoidable.
What you describe is fascist suicide cult militarism, and it's totally childish and idealistic.

Lemonade, it's spelled lemonade. Why can't reactionaries spell? Are you just uneducated and ended up this shitty because nobody ever treated you like a person?
Go suck your dad's dick, fag.

You’re a literal nazbol and should be hanged in a tree

Back to Zig Forums with you

More like

Lmao I’m not gonna lie I fucking hate this board and would purge all you fuckers and enjoy every last second of it

This board is sickening, how the fuck can they be open to nazbols when every single nazbol deserves to die in pain?

it's lemon aid. as in "aid of lemons"

go dilate tranny

He might be a radlib in need of some re-education, but you nazis will just get the wall

you're not a communist go back to reddit

You’re a literal nazbol and deserve to be shot, you’re a traitor by definition and should have your existence ended

shut up tranny

It's just Zig Forums bait. Provide his IP-address to your nearest chekist troika and move on

Being ready to die for communism=/=wanting to die for communism.

fuck you

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you guys need to stop

Nazbols don’t deserve to live, they don’t even deserve to speak, you’re a fucking traitor and any “communist” that would stand by your side is also a traitor

That's just not very helpful at all. I'm sure this thread is being raided, but the average Zig Forumsfag doesn't really care that much about LGBT and color issues. That being said I doubt that the average person from that group would sell out those groups either, since there is little benefit to gain from fucking around with idpol fuckery to that degree and we were raised in a modern age where homosexuality and shit like it, aren't seen as degenerate shit.

Nazbol is when you’re identical to a fascist because you are a fucking fascist and deserve the bullet but you dress your fascism in the language of Marxism like most fascists have

I fucked up on multiple things in this post
I put the sage in the subject field and I meant to reply to not

I sympathize with many ☭TANKIE☭ positions, I just don't think you have to go full Stalin. Focusing on class as humans gives them too much credit: the rich man is a victim of capitalism. He has been given a great ego, wealth, and power without earning it. Just as this reactionary never earned being illiterate; they are all victims, and we will make them see this in hard labor. We will make men out of animals.
it's actually lemon grids, which is what you have, dad kisser.

s'ok comrade

based and breadpilled


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Why is this place infested with radlib chapo fags now? They are in every fucking thread.

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Because most people who post on the chans are mentally ill.

A lot of the people who post things like this don't seem (to me) to have read much Marxist-Leninist material let alone from the heydey of it in the 1930s ala Stalin and the national question. I was recently reading a communist pamphlet (I live in the SW U.S.) about Mexican-Americans that was written in the 1930s by a state central committee member and if I posted it here people would be like "blah blah idpol"


I want to add, mr. Nazi, that if sacrificing every whitie on earth would magically lead to communism, I would do that too.

You deserve it! The next best stance to what you get here a lot with "apathy masking disdain" is "not caring because it's a hot mess." The big difference is who people (read: rat snitch informant shitters in the making) are willing to sell out to the feds… amazingly, they jump to declare their reactionary intents easily when prompted. The good comrades declare openly their disdain for these strategies, since in the end they gain Marxist movements no ground and make us all look like rats and cowards.

There's a difference between letting people do the work themselves and being the authority figure that people hide behind. Mao is in a way, far more responsible for the Cultural Revolution than they give him credit for, while at the same time Stalin gets credit for every individual kill streak NKVD men did and those who died in famine, and even people dying from old age. Stalin should've made the purges seem more chaotic and decentralized… it helps class consciousness to enable the tenant to have a direct hand in liberating themselves from the landlord. The directer that hand, the better.

Post it if only for the annoyance value. We are Marxists, yeah? It is scientific and revolutionary to confront that discomfort and our own incorrect views; we should avoid being conformists and pissy baby idealists who leave things unquestioned and not interrogated.

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I'm socially libertarian, I don't give a fuck about any of those things.

Ah, and yet I’m the one you attack and not the genocidal nazbol? Not convinced tbh

All of those things are identity politics, though.

Nazbol is an idiotic meme ideology. While you are the active face of the left, if nazbol was the king of ideologies in the left, we would be shitting on that too. We're still critical of shitters such as Tucker Carlson, AfD and other fascistic groups because they're about as trustworthy as social democrats are.

It's just boonposter. Most posters here have just grown used the resident shitposting nazi. He's a good mascot for infantile right-wing ideology IMO


It's pretty fascinating if you live in the U.S. because this is the old-school Marxist-Leninist line and published in 1939, and argues using Stalin's analysis that Mexican-Americans are a distinct nationality, advocates for their full political, economic and cultural development and full labor and political rights of migrants; bilingual education etc. It also argues against the liberal line of LULAC which called for assimilation into Anglo culture, and how the Third Reich were sponsoring fascist newspapers in Mexico to try and pit different nationalities against each other.

Bump for Count Duckula

How did he get out relatively unscathed by the whole UKIP collapse?

I definitely would fall into the category of "former sjw-ish". For a long while, I called myself a "post-left anarchist", which I believe was code for "I don't want anyone to tell me what to do, ever", i.e. typical teenage edge. At the same time I was involved in Tumblr and that whole Judith Butler-esque pomo feminism shit.

After a while I grew the fuck up, read some Lenin and Mao, and now I'm much better. Mind you, I'm still firmly anti-racist, anti-sexist, pro-LGBT etc. but I'm just not gonna be a fucking liberal idiot about it.

(I still like H***stuck. That's one point on which I won't budge.)

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extremely based

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It's good to be principled.

How did reading Lenin and Mao challenge the positions influenced by Butler?

I was a lib but all the bull made me look for an alternative that wasn't right wing. I thought communism was a dead ideology at first, but I found some reddit circles that were honestly just liberals+ and then this place. That was about 2 years ago.

The only good thing about Homestuck are Fantrolls

I've noticed that whenever a semi-popular left-winger/milquetoast radlib gets cancelled over dumb idpol bullshit, the aut-right lovebombs them to try and get them to change sides (see also when Contrapoints was going to debate Blaire White and twitter shitlibs lost their mind). Can/should the anti-idpol left do the same?

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Yuri Bezmenov

coincidentally he is telling the john birch society exactly what they want to here
I don't buy the muh subversion narrative
i do however believe that the kgb had contingency plans to round up and sexecute all the sympathetic radlibs journalists and academics in india if ussr friendly communists ever took power

Fuck off Zig Forums, radlibs are useless to us. Your "useful idiots" shilling won't magically make sjws into communists.

Is that a thing even?

It's just a discussion of the tools of subversion though

Why would they, though? Its much easier to be a Leftist and still spout off SJW talking points, except you just add that capitalism is responsible for white people/men sucking.

Racism is itself a form of idpol, so no. However, "anti"-racism can take the form of idpol
pic related

IDpol is making your politics revolve around identity, to take identity a priori as the root out of which you form your policy and world analysis. This is as opposed to taking something like class as the root of your analysis, which is not inherent to a person like being black or white, or gay or straight, or being of a certain ethnic group. Class is something that is imposed on people by the people, not something people are out of themselves. You dont have to actively identify yourself as a worker to be one, you are one even if you and everyone else is brainwashed to think otherwise.

Or to view it from another angle, policies designed do something to a specific ethnicity never correspond fully or even closely to the material reality. Not all blacks commit crimes and not all criminals are black, not all jews are rich and not all richs are jews, not all poor people are african american and nor all african american are poor. But all criminals are criminals, all rich people are rich, and all poor people are poor. Idpol is targeting the perceived identity of some group, rather than the undesiriable symptom itself. You do not arrest all black people because they are disproportionately criminals, you do not kill all jews because they are disproportionality wealthy, you do not make policies to help black people specifically because they are disproportionately poor. You make policies to solve criminality, you attack capitalism, and you eradicate poverty, not the wrongly perceived ethnicities that embody those things.

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Fucking based.

It happens, a lot.

But it should be


idpol IS racism. Judging the individual for the group or vice versa is always going to be either an ecological or compositional fallacy and is thus bigotry.

But idiots don't realize this, so they think they can be anti racist while using identity politics. In fact, it wouldn't be inaccurate to define this as exactly what makes an SJW - the abject failure to recognize that trying to use idpol to fight racism is self contradictory and makes zero sense.

For instance "There aren't enough black people in this company therefore the company is racist." Is a standard false dichotomy that assumes a collective group must always be present or else some form of discrimination exists and all other possible explanations cannot exist because *insert magical fairy dust reason here*. It only beings to make sense if you assume everyone in said group is exactly the same - which of course is racist, but sadly SJWs have a very difficult time wrapping their heads around the reality that "positive" racism is still racism.

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Spoiler that shit fam