Marxism is implicitly referenced in this episode of Danger Mouse with farm animals revolting and seizing the means of...
Marxism is implicitly referenced in this episode of Danger Mouse with farm animals revolting and seizing the means of production ala Orwell. At first it seems to be a fairly "Harrison Bergeron" style establishment critic of Communism with the always conservative super heroes reestablishing the old order at the end.
However, the source of the uprising, a sort of Necronomicon book here, rather than being destroyed at the end is 'lock up somewhere nice and safe." With this in mind I see the episode as a Leninist warning against revolutionary adventurism. Am I being too charitable or are Communist really spreading propaganda in children's cartoon shows?

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Why can't they just stop? Fuck Adorno was right wasn't he?
For the record, actual Danger Mouse is basically a feverdream.

tfw it's a satire of anti-egalitarian dystopian function but it's been recuperated as precisely what it meant to critique

I forgot how good the original one was.

Urgh one of these days I want to actually do a video on this and shove the right wingers faces in it.

Also lowkey, did they just let Terry Gilliam write & animate like a 1/3rd of it or am I just crazy?

Vonnegut always played coy with the meaning of that story. I thought it was a good comparison to this episode of DM with the villainess not wanting to liberate the farm animals as much as to bring down the anthropomorphized animals that populate their cartoon world to the level of their domesticated counterparts.

Did I mention they actually use the phrase "seize the means of production" in the show?

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You think this is woke?
Anybody else remember the Recess episode where they explain capitalist circulation?

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You think Recess was woke?

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No, but knowing Recess that would make sense. Do you have the episode number?

The reason I want to abolish capitalism is basically so we can start making cartoons like this again.

This cartoon was made under capitalism m8. You're being nostalgic for a better era rather than looking for socialism

That just makes me unbelievably angry tbh. I know it was probably just some jaded tired writer who jammed it in because it's an epic twitter meme, but still.

But why tho?

I just have a compulsion to type it in whenever i write something that's not an effortpost, mb

So I'm confused is this the new Danger Mouse or the old one and is it bad or good?

Isn't that the one where they monopolise water?
OG Dangermouse is the fucking shit.

never heard of it. Looks shit

What episode was this m8s?

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This, I think:


so it wasn't monopolized water but stickers (money). Ironically under the linked video the people comment about how the monopolization lead to collapse and was thus a demonstration of the free markets invisible hand… when in reality it was a demonstration of capitalist collapse when resources are expended and how monopolies need some sort of false competition (like Comcast v Verizon) to juggle the 'market' and extend the life-span of the system.

can anyone think of other such analytical cartoons/episodes of cartoons in Western media?

why you say that?


There is no ethical consumption under capitalism. Ironically to your statements, grow up.

Is it just me or are story standards for animation dropping?

standards for everything are dropping

bumping with recess

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bumping with thundercats

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kids watch anything and porky realized that he doesn't actually need to put any effort into children's media. Look at stuff on youtube that's made for children and infants. It's low effort, low quality, and frankly it looks like it causes permanent brain damage. Bur it brings in them franks so they don't care.
Don't get me wrong there's definitely still some really high quality children's media, but the garbage that's out there is either cheaper, more easily accesibble or both. Zoomers are braindead enough as is, I wonder what the next generation is gonna grow up to become.

well not exactly. Little kids watch everything and older kids just put up with shitty shows because there is nothing else on, or because they don't know better.

I best you that any kid who watched the original Ben 10 or Godzilla the Series or Clone Wars or Transformers Prime will be unable to watch stupider shows like Steven Burgerverse and other shit.

Honestly the only thing people can do is raise their children in slight isolation, showing them older or more niche and high-quality media and keeping them away from shit, so that they have higher standards.

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Why is it that every time we have a conversation about cartoons Gwen and Ben 10 come up? Is this just a coincidence or something because it's been happening for at least a year and I know for sure that its not all the same users because of trip-fagging and other shit.