What's going on with FARC?

I'd love our Colombian poster(s) to share their views on this subject.

A few years ago FARC got tired of the massacres of their unarmed supports, so they laid down their arms and tried to become a legitimate political party. Yet the military and right-wing paramilitaries still keep assassinating them and their supporters.


They are even killing the babies of former FARC fighters.

Was it a mistake to lay down their weapons?

In other news, the Colombian Supreme Court ordered the release of a FARC fighter facing extradition for alleged drug drafficking. Can a Colombia user shed some more light into this situation?


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I can totally understand that people hate FARC. Drug dealing, hostage taking, murder and so on.


FARC was formed as a self-defense force against right-wing massacres of farmers. The "hostage taking" and "murder" is purely defensive in nature.

Is it really a bad thing to prevent 100% of the drug profit from going into the hands of right wing narco-paramilitaries and corrupt gov officials?

Maybe they should just flee to Venezuela or Cuba. You can't make peace with capitalists.

The base didn't lay down their arms.

This, for all the attention dissident IRA Cells get there's about 100 times as many FARC dissidents and growing, whether they'll take the coke trade back from the ELN I don't know

So did FARC and ELN get along for the 60 years they've been fighting the government and kulak militias?

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government is systematically genociding farc and all their members, like they did in 80s, and like they have attempted to do with anyone left of pinochet since the creation of the country

also the paramilitary is an unofficial part of the state sort of like the brown shirts

watch these videos with subtitles, they are made by a liberal, but i think you people have perfected the art of deducting the truth based on the slanted view of liberals


as far as i know they have joined in the past, but have largely fought amongst each other, here is a relevant document about it in spanish (google translate it or some shit)

any other questions?

So why have 60 years of protracted People's war not led to the seizure of power by any of the guerrillas?

bourgeoisie: if you lay down your arms we promise fair and equal engagement in politics and amnesty for former insurgents proud freedom fighters
FARC: i dunno you've said that before
bourgeoisie: no but for real this time
FARC: alright, let's work our problems out democratically
bourgeoisie: lol sike

Sixty years of cia backed counter insurgency might be a factor.

Smell that? It's Libtard

It's always wrong to lay down your weapons, even after victory.

By that same token, it's not a bad thing for revolutionaries to engage in market competition with porky just to cut into their profits.

Duque´s goverment is basically Uribe 2: Electric Boogaloo, so their rethoric and usage of paramilitary forces isn´t a surprise for anyone. However, some of the FARC dissidence, EPL remnants, ELN dissidence and New M-19 are joining forces on a new guerrilla called "Front United Force of the Pacific".

FARC is like the Jews that stayed in Germany after Kristallnacht. Its on them for staying.

This is a super idealist and leftcom argument. Every current or former socialist state engages in trade and exports of sugar/coal/whatever.

There are plenty of differences between a socialist state trading and drug-dealing to finance a guerilla movement (or starting a business to compete with porky). The latter doesn't become a good thing just because the money goes into leftists' hands instead of elsewhere, it's bad for optics, forces you into an undesirable situation (trading in a black market while giving too many excuses for state-financed cartels and civilian vigilantes to shoot at you) and invites opportunists and more drug-dealers to join you. Besides, it's not like it has ever actually worked.


A bunch american bourgeois degenerates will overdose on cocaine. So what?

*farc cocaine

I hope you understand proles aren't only high on religion

American bourgeois degenerates are far from the only demographic that does coke. Sad, because otherwise poisoning then selling it would be the highest form of praxis.

They're back youtube.com/watch?v=v8qIsaVn8wA

Big reason is airpower. They didn't have helicopters back in Mao's time. Every time FARC advances, they get pushed back by airpower they can't really deal with effectively. If Venezuela gave them some anti-air weaponry maybe the pendulum could swing the other way.

I heard they were anti-drug but it would please me to know that they werent because how else would they fund themselves?

This is one thing I really worry about with a lot of "read these 70 year old books on revolution praxis," warfare has seriously advanced in that time

The Taliban probably has better experience with this.

Thats why we need to get things rolling now. If we cant make it happen before warfare robots become widespread you can give up on socialism and welcome barbarism.

Drug dealing works for the taliban so i think youre just an ignorant with the infantile disorder.