Some people are superior.long live the hierarchies

even if leftism succeeds,it fails,because want the left wants is evil.
It wants equality,which means that the overlords,the ubermen,the Superior will have equality with the queer,the masturbator,the sickly and weak and the dumb.

I Revel in hiearchies. I embrace my place,as as commanded by Natura;we will never be equal.
A bunch of obese or skinny dumb men, of poor sickly men, will never overthrow anything. left alone to survive in the wild,the leftist dies.
in the city,the leftists does not thrive. We will show our luxury in your faces. and you will sit bitterly and watch,

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A thread died for this.

Read this and fuck off, liberal.

im sorry op. people like you are incureable. all I can do is take you out back and put you out of your misery.
leftism will never work for you because you will be 6ft under when it happens.

a REFUSE to fuck either off or on

i REVEL in your comment.

Just wanted to call you a faggot before the thread gets removed

i Laugh.
im richer than you.

Some people are superior. Long live hierarchy.

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You are obviously mentally ill and now I feel bad about my comment. I hope you get the help you need.

Hierarchies are fine but you are clearly inferior, OP.

Threads like this are good to spot idiots who respond to low quality bait.

I'm bored on a monday. Just blowing off some steam.

Responding to shit bait is our bread and butter, comrade.

At least some of us remember to sage when calling OP a faggot

Shit, you are right.

Even if communism succeeds, it is bound to faliure because want the left wants is evil.

Communists wants equality. This means that the superior men will have equality with the lesser men.

I revel in hiearchies. I embrace my place as commanded by "Natura". We will never be equal.

The lesser men will never overthrow anything. Left alone to survive in the wild, the leftist dies.

Even in the city the leftist does not thrive. We will flaunt our affluence in your faces and you will sit bitterly and watch,

is this copypasta or are you just incapable of reading anything but tom clancy novels and the Wikipedia page for ayn rand?

Spotted the bot

Based. On your knees and start sucking.

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*because what the left wants

I have noticed that the mod said I'm not white. Although I am white, such things do not greatly concern me.

Leftists will never taste the "Nectar of the million".

I'm so greatly annoyed at you that I've dedicated some of my time to trying to make your posts readable.

Are you brazilian by any chance?

Yeah we know fam, but could you perhaps shout it a little quieter?

Your entire post is literally just
Fuck off you subhuman faggot

You have never even seen a forest outside of picture book you absolute faggot
The closest you have been to anything nature related is your suburban neighbor owning a dog