God, why the fuck is Jordy B so fucking braindead?

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Jordan Peterson admitted he had only read the Communist Manifesto in the debate with Zizek.

He’s “brain dead” because he’s a narcissist who gets off on his guru status, but is probably aware that his whole career is based around pandering to a specific demographic of young white men who enjoy him being a sanctimonious windbag who doles our self-help platitudes and nuggets of Anglo-Protestant wisdom. The crux of this is treating the left in general and Marxism in particular as a Great Satan corrupting our society. Anything his audience doesn’t like must be Marxist in some way, and Marxism in turn must some muderous historical aberration that teaches people to turn their backs on whatever he considers to be natural law, so he can give some weeping speech about how using people’s preferred pronouns is condoning the deaths of the billions and trillions personally murdered by Karl Marx.

If this isn’t the case, if he educated himself and espoused an opinion that was more nuanced and less pandering, his career would be over.

He gets tons of money and an ego boost for being for being a low effort demagogue and stands to lose everything if he stops being one, so why change? “Muh vuvuzela” is a dumbass take, but it’s easy and exactly what his audience wants to hear (you can even hear them laughing and cheering in the background), so why do anything different?

imagine if he became a commie after reading capital vol.1 instead of being an utter brainlet when it comes to marxism.

His cult would you defend it by saying that he isn't a real communist.



you have to admit, that would be hilarious lol.

pic related

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Made me chuckle, user

He claims inequality is a part of every system but only capitalism brought wealth and higher living standards with it.
How do you reee at it?

Is this general Illiterate Dork Web cringe thread?

If so, here's Dave Rubin talking about how he used medical marihuana, shrooms and acupuncture ON HIS DOG.
It's surreal.

If you want to skip the uninteresting ramble giving context about his dog: youtu.be/UMI-yrseHhU?t=3334

What do you mean? Counter-act it? If so every system before it brought wealth and progress. Capitalism just did at a faster pace. When it comes to soviet socialism I would compare it with cheese. And more cheese you have the more rich you are. Capitalism would be your normal cheese, soviet socialism would be swiss cheese. I would say capitalism was certainly superior to it. Not that it's a good thing.

Then you are delusional. The USSR brought faster industrialization than the west, with much better working conditions. are you even a socialist? You clearly are too well off to care about the very real improvements the Soviets brought to the majority of poor, largely illiterate proletariat. Narcissistic navel-gazing intellectuals like you and Zizek are worse than fascists. Wolfs in sheep pelts.

Jesus Christ imagine being a neoliberal and a woowoo hippie at the same time, literally taking the worst of both sides of the spectrum.

Indeed it did. Nonetheless it was considered the least industrialized of the industrialized nations.
That it did. Considering it had to wage a bloody war around the same time, there isn't that much room for critique.
Yeah, I would say so. If not for Cockshott I would have been a suc-dem Dengist though
I actually wonder if there's any worth in making a thread over this. After reading a bit I've come to the conclusion that Leninism, with all it's snowflake forms, is simply wrong. Now my position is more nuanced than just that but I don't want to write a blogpost about this. I believe that Warsaw pact dissolved because it couldn't outcompete capitalism and the vanguard party, how necessary it is during revolution, doesn't have much place beyond that. The vanguard slowly denegrates into a capitalist class. Before you ask; no I don't believe that USSR was state capitalism.

The mistake was to compete in the first place, at least on the terms of the capitlists. It is obvious that they could offer more to the young, educated urbanites that formed the basis of the colour revolutions, since they could share a portion of the wealth they stole from the lower classes with them, while the soviets could not without becoming capitalists themselves. They should not have given ground to liberalism and individualism.

Oh yeah, i bet the plebs that didn't starve to death and weren't sen to the gulag gossiped like crazy in the bread line about how proud they were of the space dog and nukes.

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Your post is dumb.

this is literally no different than the average burgertard making gommunism memes. Plus the mass majority of people wanted to STAY in the USSR.

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JP has said it himself that you need religion to keep society function in the first place. He probably hates communism for the reason most Christians do.

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You trust those numbers and survey and think that question is somehow indicative that the people who are still afraid of crimetought and never had any other options want to be in socialism?
Ok then.

If this was people being afraid of crimethought, why would 25% still vote no? Wouldn't it be a lot lower?
autism detected

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How's you flexibility? It must he high with such mental gymnastics.

If you think in 1991 people were afraid of crimethought, you are illiterate.


user, you're not just a brainlet, you're openly anti-intellectual. There's literally no conversation to be had if you insist any empirical evidence and statistics are fudged.

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from 2018 btw, I guess the commies are still holding them at gunpoint though

lets recap what you said: "You trust those numbers and survey and think that question is somehow indicative that the people who are still afraid of crimetought and never had any other options want to be in socialism? Ok then."

The USSR was being disbanded, why would they be affraid of the USSRs evil thought police?

they obviously did and the no was tallied to be 25%

70% of the population want Stalin back themoscowtimes.com/2019/04/16/stalins-approval-rating-among-russians-hits-record-high-poll-a65245

This is some seriously high energy posting, i'm genuinely spooked.

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I feel nothing except infinite smugness when even anarcho-communists are defending the soviet union from your brainlet tier post

Communism is retarded in all ways

>'''Collective'''''' population ruled by tyrannic state

Regarding Ancom, I'd very much like to have a reason to work. You fucking think I'm going to work for the collective when I can sit around on my ass all day not having to worry about dying? If I had to work to get my free gibs then you're enforcing that onto me through your totally not hierarchical voluntary police.

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Did I ever mention individualism?

This is your brain rn user

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Ancom is a society based on mutual aid. You don't work, you don't eat.

A lot of words only have meaning in relation to their opposite. "Collectivism," in the context you used it, is one of those words.

Collective work, collective aid, et cetera.

you said it eliminates diversity. literally the same thing

Diversity of thought—different political ideas, and therefore no possible criticism because everyone must agree to the ideas of Ancom for the society to even begin to function.

How is it any different with capitalism?

Because money doesn't care about what you think as you are but a possible consumer. What does however care is personal bias and culture.

Meaningless unless you put it against individual work.

Not true. You don't work, you don't eat. As simple as that.
Do you have any idea what ancom even is?

Neither do the people in your favourite commune. If you're not ready to help them, they won't be ready to help you.

According to you, I don't. But according to the masses of Ancoms? I do.

Well, rather than some unidentified "masses of ancoms," I prefer to base myself on the authors who founded the anarcho-communist movement.
Peter Kropotkin in The Conquest of Bread (i.e. the "bread book" ancoms never shut up about):
>All is for all! If the man and the woman bear their fair share of work, they have a right to their fair share of all that is produced by all, and that share is enough to secure them well-being.

Anybody who says this post is ableist is COINTELPRO and should be gulaged.

Low Tes and Autism Level

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have you ever worked in exchange for something else before? why do you need to be brainwashed in order to do that?